Dear Springtime,

You can just imagine how thrilled I was to see my Boomer's picture in the catalog and on the website. Oh my, I posted it on my Facebook! I lost my boy two days after this Christmas. He was a remarkable 15 ½. He was just fine and during the night had a stroke from old age. You can't imagine how many of our friends said that now, every time they add their Longevity, they will think of Boomer. I was so broken hearted for so long, then after three months I put in an application with our local Golden Retriever Rescue and they called and asked if I would take two that couldn't be separated, and I said of course. So now I have Polly (7) and Annie (6) and put them on Longevity first thing. I just placed an order for my next shipment. I knew this would be difficult to write as I still go to pieces over him, but the girls have brought me new joy. I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you to you all. Now my Boomie is a legend in print.

Here is a picture of me and Polly and Annie. We were at a birthday party. As you can see, I had to have their coats taken down as they had years of mats and dirt embedded. Their new Longevity coats will be magnificent.

Warm regards,
Patty Cook, Nevada