Dear Springtime,

I am so grateful for your products and the quality of life it has provided our very loved, four legged members of our family. Kiya, our Akita, has been having a lot of breathing issues (my vet said it is similar to COPD, and we don't smoke). It was breaking our hearts to think of putting her down, but it had gotten to where she had been having accidents, and was unable to make it outside because the cold took her breath away. I began giving her the Fresh Factors ground up in her food with a couple of raw eggs and some of the Bug Off Garlic Chewables. She was also on some prednisone from the vet. In less than two weeks, she was able to get up and willingly go outside on her own! Amazing! She still had some trouble with labored breathing, but she hadn't collapsed and I didn't see her tongue turn blue. I then ordered more Fresh Factors and added the Joint Health Chewables. I also decided to chance a try at the Breather Powder, as the vet said her symptoms were similar to heaves in horses. Kiya is 100 pounds, and I gave her about ¼ teaspoon mixed in with her dinner. Now her breathing seems less labored, and once again, she got up and out. Her eyes look brighter and she is more alert. She was sleeping so much more before.

Spirit has had problems with chronic yeast infections in her ears, and had been a nervous chewer, gnawing on her front legs, which she has stopped since taking her Fresh Factors. She takes them like a treat but Kiya won't, so we crush them into a powder.

I didn't want to make this so lengthy, but I always tell my friends about the summer when Spirit was attacked by bees. She had been on her Bug Off Garlic Chewables since March and the incident happened in late August. My young son was walking his "puppy" and hooked her leash to a log on the wood pile. None of us had noticed bees there before, but when the dog pulled they swarmed her. Fortunately, we had the hose on, as we were watering the horses. I called the vet, who advised us to give her benedryl, and to watch her for seizures or shock. I picked several bees out of her fur, and noticed that while she was covered in bees, there were no welts, and no evidence she had been stung. I later looked on the internet and read of several instances where dogs had died from similar events. All I can say is thank God she was on Bug Off Garlic Chewables!

My husband and I use and love the joint health for people too.

Thank you for the wonderful products and great service!
Paula Carroll, Illinois