Dear Springtime,

First, let me say – Thank you! Your product helped our 10 year old Lab/Australian Shepherd/Spaniel mix gain his mobility back. At age 9, Bliss tore his ACL, and never really recovered from it. After surgery, the vet recommended glucosamine/chondroitin, and we gave him that for about six months without any noticeable improvement. Our hearts were very heavy with having a "young" dog that was miserable and didn't want to move. A neighbor, knowing how this dog loved to walk, saw me basically pulling him just to give him some exercise. She recommended your Joint Health Chewables and I ordered them that night. We got it several days later and notice an immediate improvement within a week of giving him the first chewable! He'll now "jog" with us and runs around the yard. Truly, we feel that you gave us our dog back!

I thank you for creating a product that really does WORK and improves the lives of aging dogs.

Janet Hammersmith, Ohio