Dear Springtime,

Kolby is an 80 lb, three year old, intact male, Black and Red, Longhaired German Shepherd. He is a K9 model and his picture appears in three nationally available German Shepherd 2011 calendars, on four different months. He is an active K9 Blood donor, donating a pint every eight weeks. The next time he donates, he will earn his Gallon pin! Kolby has no special diet requirements or issues. He receives minimal vaccines, and no chemical flea or tick treatments. He is on monthly heartworm prevention.

I am a dog groomer and Kolby goes to work with me every day. During flea season he is exposed to fleas from clients' dogs, and some do hop a ride on him. And that's why I'll use the Bug Off Garlic Chewables and Bug Off Garlic Granules along with Brewer's yeast and Garlic. In the summer and fall, I increase the Springtime Garlic.

We also have a swamp in the lower yard. Great breeding ground for ticks. I go over him daily, and last year found three. I DON'T use Frontline. I do have him vaccinated with the Lyme's disease vaccine.

His exercise levels vary from just going out for bathroom breaks and a quick spin around the backyard, to six mile hikes on the local canal towpath and hours of swimming.

Kolby receives compliments on both his behavior and his good looks where ever he goes. I attribute his great health, amazing stamina and gorgeous hair coat and pigment to your products (Bug Off Garlic Chewables, Longevity, Omega 3-6-9 and C-Complex).

I also recommend your products to my friends and clients on a regular basis. Thank you for helping me keep Kolby to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Lorrie L. Koch, Pennsylvania