Dear Springtime,

My Jaco had a nasty ear discharge from the day we rescued him. Just the one ear had black tar-like goo that would eventually harden into black clumps. It stunk and it irritated him. He would shake his head a lot. I tried all sorts of washes and drops, as well as professional cleaning and prescriptions from the vet. Nothing seemed to work, including changing diet. Years of effort went into trying to help Jaco, but no results.

Then we started using your Joint Health Chewables and Bug Off Garlic Chewables, and I received a bottle of Stress Free Calmplex as a bonus. I didn't think I needed it, so it sat on the shelf for a while. When I did get around to using it, simply adding a tablet to his breakfast, the ear problem went away within a few weeks. Hooray! His sweet little ears smell good and there's no more head shaking. Just lots of time for playing ball!

Thank you for such great products!
Arita Trahan, California