Dear Springtime,

We started our beautiful, precious pups on Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factorsa few months ago…after reading the testimonials in the catalog, I knew I had to place an order, especially since the prices were so reasonable compared to other supplements (of lesser quality) that we had checked into.

We have a large, mixed breed male named Willem that we rescued…Then there is our "maximum diva," Chloé, a full-blooded female Bassett Hound, who…was born the same day we rescued Willem. Both dogs are four years old and were starting to have stiffness and joint problems – especially the Bassett Hound. She was limping around on her back leg/hip area… We were worried that she might require surgery.

What a godsend to get your catalog. We ordered both supplements listed above immediately and received them right away. We started both dogs on two a day each and the results have been fantastic. Within a week, there was no more stiffness or limping. Their eyes are bright and their coats are gorgeous. They also seem to scratch less. In addition, they seem to be more affectionate, have happier dispositions, and run around the backyard like puppies. We are so grateful to have found your products and tell all of our friends and family about how wonderful they are…

Thanks again for your wonderful products.
Carolyn and Charlie Gard, Texas