Dear Springtime,

I have two dogs, Macho, a German Shepherd, and Danny, an ex-racer Greyhound. Macho, at two years old, was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. It took a lot out of him. Everyday it was something. He's a very strong, active dog. He is shown in conformation shows, has obedience titles and sheep herding degrees. He is also a registered therapy dog. So he is always busy.

I lived in New Jersey on a small farm all my life. About three years ago, I moved to south Florida. Both Macho and Danny have been on Fresh Factorsall their lives. About one year ago, I saw Macho having a lot of problems. I also saw the new Joint Health Chewables. I put Macho on it and wow! What a big change in him. He was a lot stronger in his movement. Danny is on the Fresh Factors and doing well. He races around the yard like a nut. He is in such wonderful shape!

Macho is now seven years old and doing great on his Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. Danny is also seven years old and doing great! I think both Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewableswork very well together. I recommend them to everyone. Thank you all so much. These two are my life and I look forward to many more years with them.

Thank you,
Stephanie Horvath, Florida