Dear Springtime,

At six months, my Field Spaniel, Emma, could hardly walk because of hip problems. The products prescribed by her vet made her ill and did not help her hips at all. I contacted a friend who told me about Springtime. After two weeks on Fresh Factors, Emma was like a new dog. At 1-1/2 years, her condition deteriorated again and I added Joint Health Chewables. Her orthopedic vet says she is doing so well at 2-1/2 years, he is not doing the surgery he felt was inevitable. I have now added Bug Off Garlic Chewables also. My Welsh Springer, Maggie, also loves Fresh Factors to help with her allergies.

I have recommended your products to many people. I love your company – both the service and products.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Kathy Townsend, Virginia