Dear Springtime,

Brutus, Chloe and Luke would like to thank you very much for your wonderful Joint Health Chewables. We ordered these for Brutus, who has very dysplastic hips. He used to limp and have a hard time walking at just the age of 2. Since we have been giving him the Joint Health Chewablespills, he can run, play and jump and has absolutely no problems with his hips. We have been so amazed at the results of your product. Chloe has hyper extended shoulders and was starting to limp, so we started her on the Joint Health Chewables pills and she no longer has any problems and is able to chase squirrels at the spry age of 6. Luke, our most athletic bully and our proud rescued bulldog from On The Rebound Bulldog Rescue, loves the extra benefit that the Joint Health Chewables have given him. He has no joint problems, but loves the taste and we know that the pills will help prevent any problems in the future. Thank you so much for making my babies feel so much better on a daily basis. We love your products.

Kelley Fouché, Virginia