Dear Springtime,

Our seven year old Yellow Lab, Harley, was starting to show signs of stiffness and would stagger upon rising from laying down. He also had developed some joint swelling and a bony growth on the inside of his right ankle joint. He is otherwise a very energetic dog who loves to accompany our trail rides. Harley is also a performer and does an assortment of tricks. We put him on Fresh Factorsand later added Joint Health Chewables to his daily regimen.

As you can see from this newspaper photo that appeared on the front page of our local paper, Harley took first place in Best Trick as he jumped through a series of declining hoop sizes at a local dog show. Thanks to Fresh Factorsand Joint Health Chewables, we expect to be auditioning Harley soon for a spot on Pet Star.

Joe and Linda Sperie, Ohio