Dear Springtime,

Your product is awesome. My dog, Braxton, was diagnosed with hip problems about two years ago. He is a Cairn Terrier born in 1994 and has always been a runner. We used to jog daily. But about two years ago, he slowed way down. We play ball a couple times a day, too. Anyway, I noticed him slowing down and I started carrying him upstairs with me. He also could no longer jump up on the bed and would just carry his ball around and cry. I heard about your Joint Health Chewables for him and ordered immediately. He is 360 degrees different. He jumps, runs and plays ball until he is exhausted. I am so happy and appreciative of your product. He is my boy that I love to watch play. I am telling everyone about your product. Amazing results...thanks so much!

Malisa and "Braxton" Wacker, Missouri