Dear Springtime,

Brandi is a fourteen year old Yellow Retriever. She has been using Springtime products for three years. I know that without them she would not be able to walk. Brandi suffers with severe joint problems every day. However, because of Joint Health Chewables, Fresh Factors and Bug Off Garlic Granules she is able to walk up and down stairs with little trouble and continues to enjoy playing outside, short daily walks and visiting with our neighbor's dog. Brandi's quality of life has been greatly improved because of using Springtime products. Our family looks forward to a few more good years with our sweet girl. Thank you, Springtime.

How could you improve on perfection? No matter how I place my order, it is always delivered promptly. The customer service staff is outstanding. I hear your phones ringing like crazy in the background, but I feel like the only customer you have. The individual, personal treatment is wonderful. All of my questions are answered with care and consideration for my dog's special needs. The staff listens to everything I say and responds accordingly. You can't ask for more.

Joyce Barnes, Maryland