Our Tibetan Mastiff, Jack, came to us at six months of age, given to us by a neighbor who had found him running loose in our rural neighborhood. He had been tied up in 90-degree weather for at least two weeks before we got him, and was weak from confinement and lack of exercise. He couldn't climb stairs without falling, had no coordination, and little energy. Because Tibetans are a giant breed, we knew that we had to find a miracle not only to reverse the damage already done, but also to ensure that growth and joint health could be maintained as he matured. A Newfoundland breeder recommended (praised) your products. We immediately ordered and began giving him Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors. Within four months, Jack went from 63 lbs to 110 lbs and is still growing. His muscles rapidly strengthened, he quickly regained mobility and is now the dog he was meant to be. You were indeed our miracle. Jack has thanked us for your products by becoming one of the sweetest, most protective dogs we've ever owned.

Thank you,
Joan Secord, Michigan