Dear Springtime,

Want to thank you for your wonderful products. Our German Shepherd, Tawney, who will be 11 years old, started about a year ago with a limp in her right rear leg. She had a lot of trouble getting up after she got laid down. I tried different things from the vet to get her better, but nothing seemed to work. Then, in the first of the year (2008) I got your catalog in the mail. I looked it over, read about Fresh Factors and ordered some in May 2008. I started giving Tawney these and in a few months I could see improvement.

Then I ordered Joint Health Chewables. Tawney has been taking the Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables since the end of June, and now I see a lot of improvement. Hardly any limp now. From now on she will always be taking your products.

Thank you,
Chuck Grubb, Ohio