Dear Springtime,

Our brown Standard Poodle, Mocha Lola Latte (better known as Lola) has been taking Fresh Factors for many years and she was healthy and doing well. Several days a week we take her and our two year old black Standard Poodle, Monty, to a local park at 6 AM and meet with a big Lab and a small Terrier type. They have fun with lots of smelling and running. When we first began to meet with this group, there were days when Monty would go without Lola as she was not up to running around even though she wanted to! Other times she would come home limping for the rest of the day and sometimes for several days after.

As suggested by a friend, we ordered your Joint Health Chewables. We started her on two a day. After a month or two, Joint Health Chewables kicked in! Lola is almost 10 and she has not missed a day at the park since then. The other two dogs at the park are both three year old boys and Monty is two. Our gorgeous grownup lady keeps them in line and on their toes thanks to Joint Health Chewables!

Again, this is a letter of thanks! We appreciate your quality products and for keeping our furry friends feeling good!

Bill and Debra Gershen, California