Dear Springtime,

I have a 13-year old Black Lab mix named Layla who I got from the Burlington Vermont Humane Society on April 13, 1995. I noticed a limp within one week of getting her and brought her to my vet. He took x-rays of her front left leg and gave me the bad news that she suffered from a birth defect… It turned out that the radial bone stopped growing while the ulna bone hadn't…making one bone shorter than the other. My vet explained that Layla would end up with joint problems in her back as a result of putting all her weight on her good right leg.

I started her on Fresh Factors and eventually added Joint Health Chewables to the mix and she is still going strong. I would like to thank you for your great products and for also giving me added years with my best friend. When I first started Layla on Fresh Factors, I thought it made a huge improvement in her mobility, but I also thought it may have just been wishful thinking on my part. So, after the first bottle ran out, I waited to see if her bad limp and muted mobility were just my imagination - but, no, they weren't. Once back on the product the difference after one week had me convinced. Layla was so improved she kept up with the healthy dogs at the dog park.

Thanks again,
James Albanese, Florida