Dear Springtime,

I just had to write to say 'Thank you!' for making our Bernese Mountain Dog, Bella's life pain-free. She was diagnosed at seven months of age with hip problems in her rear right leg. She would waddle and do some bunny hopping when running around. Sometimes at night when she laid on her back and tried to flop her legs from side to side she would yelp in pain. This broke my heart and I knew that she would probably need hip surgery when she stopped growing. I did some research and found that many dogs can live with hip problems simply by managing it with supplements, weight control, and limited exercise. I then searched around for the best supplements I could find, desperately wanting to keep her from hurting.

I found great reviews of your products and ordered some Joint Health Chewables right away. After about two to three weeks I noticed that she had a little more mobility in her back leg and she didn't need to bunny hop (both legs together) anymore. She's now almost two years old and has not yelped once! Thank you, thank you, and thank you for sparing our Berner the dreaded need for surgery. I recommend your products to all my dog owner friends and am now a long time customer!

Diana Crane, Massachusetts