Dear Springtime,

I have been a customer for over a year now. Enclosed is a photo taken this past December 2008 of our 8 ½ year old, 110 lb. Chesapeake Bay Retriever, "Bruce." You can see he is bouncing with joy chasing snowballs.

Early last year, he had become so stiff and sore most of the day—he just hobbled around and whimpered whenever he tried to get up or lay down. He could no longer go on two-three mile runs with me as he had always done. He stayed in the yard and would start howling when he realized I had left him behind.

A friend (who is a dog trainer) recommended your product, Joint Health Chewables, since it had given her older Shepherd relief from pain. Within a month of starting the tablets (four per day), there was noticeable improvement with Bruce and no sign of the previous pain or discomfort with movement. He began accompanying me on my runs again.

Early this summer, I procrastinated on reordering the chewables on time, and Bruce was without them for two months. All his soreness and stiffness returned and he was back to his miserable state.

Once I started him back on the tablets, it took a month or so for him to resume his bound and "joy." By September 2008, he accompanied me on a week of horse camping in the mountains and logged 50 miles of trotting behind my horse, Shadow. No problems. He is once again my faithful running companion and I don't intend to let him run out of his pills again. Many thanks for your excellent product.

Barbara Sullivan, Washington