Dear Springtime,

I wanted to tell you that K-9 Stray saved and adopted out almost 500 dogs in 2009. And these dogs were not all highly social butterflies... some were fostered and rehabbed by volunteers to correct undesired behavior. A lot of high work went into these precious lives.

I think that I told you about my foster dog, Jada. She is maybe a Bohemian Shepherd mix. Nicest dog in the world. She came to me with deteriorated hip and joint issues. It was discovered by a slight lifting of her hind leg, and confirmed by x-ray. I fostered her for a year. In that time, she received Joint Health Chewables every day and saw amazing improvements in her quality of life! She finally found a perfect home for her this past Thanksgiving, where they will care for her "special needs." The family could not believe that Jada had the words "severe hip issues" in her file. They did not notice any favoring of the leg, and Jada pranced around their yard with no problem.

Anyway, Jada went to her new home with Joint Health Chewables that your company donated to us. And I highly recommend that the family stay with that brand of joint help. Your product definitely helped Jada find the perfect home, and experience a more comfortable "best life."

Thanks again for being a supporter of K-9 Stray Rescue League. We appreciate you considering our small kennel worthy of assistance from your products.

Kind Regards,
Maggie Gdula
K-9 Stray Rescue League, Michigan