Bee Pollen

Pollen Power: The Benefits of Pollen

Pollen supports energy, digestion, immune health, and more.

Bees collect more than honey! They collect granules of flower pollen as a food source for the adult bees in the hive. Bees would not have their famous reputation for staying busy without flower pollen. Bee-collected pollen is densely nutritious, and it has been treasured for its health properties for thousands of years for both people and animals. The benefits of bee pollen include:
• It helps support healthy muscle condition, essential for strength & endurance
• Live enzymes support healthy digestion
• It supports a healthy immune system
• Contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

The key benefit of bee pollen is that it contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein, and live enzymes. Because of its dense nutrition bee pollen uses include supporting energy needs, muscle strength, healthy digestion, and immune support. Bee pollen is taken as a supplement in its naturally occurring granule form, ground into a fine powder, or as part of an ingested supplement, such as a pill or chewable tablet.

Pollen is the part of the plant that contains enzymes. Scientists state that enzymes are essential for biochemical functions of the body. They are completely destroyed by high temperatures (130 degrees) - cooking! Enzymes are the essential triggers for the metabolic machinery of living things. The enzymes in raw foods are important because they help support the body's own enzyme systems. Enzymes are the life principle of every living cell.

Bee Pollen for Seasonal Support

Bee pollen supports the immune system. When the immune system is functioning properly, it is less likely to overreact to non-threatening stimuli, like seasonal allergens, with annoying sneezing, coughing, and itching. Typically it is not necessary to consume local bee pollen to achieve the health benefits. This is a common misconception. The immune system benefits of bee pollen operate with a biological mechanism in which the origin of the bee pollen makes no difference whatsoever.

The Secret to Our Success...

Bee pollen is the foundation on which Springtime was built. Our founder, Dennis Hampt, had been using bee pollen for his own health for years when he discovered the positive impact that it had on his dog. This gave him the idea to sell bee pollen for animals, specifically to horse trainers, whose careers depended on the optimal health of their animals. The trainers were skeptical at first, but the performance on the track was all the proof they needed that bee pollen was a difference maker! The company that became Springtime Supplements was born. Bee pollen would end up being a key ingredient in other Springtime products for horses, and then dogs, and then for people. Today Springtime has a wide array of natural products, but Springtime Bee Pollen is still enormously popular, and bee pollen remains a key ingredient in some of our most popular and effective products.

  • Bee Pollen for Dogs
    Bee-collected pollen is a superfood that contains protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and live enzymes for optimal health and vitality.
  • Bee Pollen for Horses
    Flowers are a natural food of horses, and the flower pollen they contain can help sustain a healthy springtime bloom all year long. Live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals support breeding, digestion, muscle, hooves, and coat.
    $126.50 - $444.50
  • Fresh Factors® for Dogs
    Fresh Factors are tasty chewables that support healthy joints, coat, and digestion with natural ingredients, including chondroitin sulfate, bee pollen, yeast culture, kelp, biotin, and beef liver.
    $25.50 - $263.00
  • Longevity for Dogs
    Powerful supplement blend, including chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine HCl, spirulina, and bee pollen, in a powder formula, to support multiple health functions.
    $59.50 - $363.00
  • The Combo for Dogs
    An economical combination of two of our best products: Fresh Factors for wide-spectrum nutrition, plus Joint Health Chewables to support joint health.
    $51.00 - $263.00
  • C-Complex for Dogs
    A powerful vitamin-C powder formula enhanced with bioflavonoids and nutrient-rich bee pollen. Excellent for immune support, for promoting tissue, joint and capillary health, and to aid their natural anti-inflammatory response.
  • C-Complex for Horses
    A full spectrum of accessory nutrients to support a horse's immune system and overall health.
    $90.75 - $163.50
  • Longevity + Skin & Coat Oil
    Starter Kit
    Powerful Pair! Longevity, our most comprehensive supplement for dogs, together with Skin & Coat Oil, will have your dogs looking and feeling their best.
  • Fresh Factors® + Skin & Coat Oil
    Starter Kit
    Customer favorite! Fresh Factors, our best selling chewable for dogs, together with Skin & Coat Oil, provides support for healthy joints, digestion, energy, coat, and more.
  • Fresh Factors® + Joint Health Chewables + Spirulina Chewables
    Starter Kit
    Powerful trio packs a punch! Our 2 best selling chewables, Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chews, are great for supporting healthy hip and joint function, digestion, skin, energy and more. Add Spirulina Chewables for immune support.
  • Bee Pollen for People - OUT of STOCK
    Bee-collected pollen is a superfood that contains protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and live enzymes for optimal health.*