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Real Stories Grey wolf, Apache. Real Stories Rex, the red fox. Real Stories Bonnie, the coyote.

Springtime does wonders even for wildlife...

Dear Springtime,

My name is Kara Chester and I am one of the Animal Caretakers here at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge, MT. We have been using some of your products for over a year now. The products that we use every day are the Fresh Factors and Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables. We currently have two Coyotes, two Red Foxes, and one Grey Wolf and all of them are on Fresh Factors. Apache, our geriatric Grey Wolf, receives the Fresh Factors along with the Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables every day with her meal.

The wildlife surely does appreciate it. Thanks and have a great day!

Kara Chester
Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, Montana

Real Stories

"We will definitely be customers for life."

Dear Springtime,

"I'd call their first Springtime Bully Sticks experience a success! We also love the Fresh Factors here! Copper has some hind leg issues that seemed to be getting worse. A friend recommended Fresh Factors so we started adding it to their breakfast and he has really improved! Nora (in front) didn't have any issues, but I'm sure Fresh Factors will help prevent some!

We will definitely be customers for life."

-Abbey Mercer, Ohio

Nora and Copper love their Bully Sticks!

Real Stories Rolling Rusty.

"We've taken to calling them miracle pills…"

Dear Springtime,

My mom uses Fresh Factors for her 14-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, Rusty. Before they started on this, they had taken him to the vet because he was moving slow and clearly in a lot of discomfort. Rusty had previously had a stroke and it left his head permanently cocked at an angle. The vet had recommended putting him down, but my mom and her husband decided to try a few things to see if they could improve his quality of life.

Well, they tried your Fresh Factors. Not long after, he was feeling better and moving around better, getting up off the floor easier, eating more. All in all, Rusty's health was noticeably improving.

Fast-forward a few months and here he is a photo of Rusty now. Hard to believe this is the same dog, now rolling around on the ground, tail wagging.

Since then, my sister has bought them for her dog and noticed his dry skin and itchiness reduced drastically. We've taken to calling them miracle pills, and I'm about to start my 5-year-old Greyhound on them because I want him to live a long and healthy life!

Best Regards,
Garret Archer

Real Stories Sara, Nanner & Ghillie.

Dear Springtime,

Nanner and Ghillie have been raised on Fresh Factors for seven and five years respectively. They LOVE their morning "treats."

Much appreciated,

Sara Kirkwood, Oregon

Real Stories Elizabeth’s Goldens have beautiful coats!

"…will not run out again!"

Dear Springtime,

I found out about Springtime over 20 years ago. We had a 12-year-old Golden Retriever that had started getting stiff and didn't want to do stairs. Our friends that run a kennel/training center told us about Fresh Factors. After about two weeks, he was like a new dog. He was playful again and went up the stairs like a puppy. He lived until he was 15-years-old.

We still use the Fresh Factors and now, also the Bug Off Garlic Granules and Skin & Coat Oil. I ran out of the Skin & Coat Oil a while back, and my husband asked why the dogs were itching so much. He didn't know I had run out and hadn't ordered more. I will not run out of Skin & Coat Oil again! Thanks for great products.

Elizabeth Steckel, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Baby Banks all cuddled up with big brother Roman! Real Stories Banks feeling & looking great in his beautiful brindle coat!

Fresh Factors for Malnourished Rescue Pup: "In just two weeks, I couldn't believe the improvement!"

Dear Springtime,

I have a rescue Pitbull/Boxer mix that I got when he was only 4 weeks old and on death's door. The woman that I got him from was headed for the dumpster with this puppy in the box she was holding, saying he wasn't worth the time anyway. I couldn't let this happen, obviously, so I scooped him up and did my best to save his life that he hadn't even begun to live yet.

I work in my local animal rescue as a foster coordinator, so working with sick puppies is nothing out of the norm for me. I started treating this puppy for his severe parasite infestation, muscle development issues, and skeletal problems. We almost lost him many times. My plan was to get him better and then find him a forever home through the rescue I work at, but he took so much work to keep alive that he ended up winning us over with his amazing spirit, infectious smile, and will to live! We named him Banks.

When I first started treating Banks, he had intestinal parasites that were so bad that he had very thin, patchy hair, he could hardly walk, and his belly was so very bloated. Since the parasitical worms were taking all of his much needed nutrients, Banks' glucose crashed many times due to anemia and hypoglycemia. I decided I had to give him some sort of supplement in addition to the food he was on to really set him up for success.

I started feeding Banks your Fresh Factors when he turned about 6 weeks old and could finally eat solid food. I started with the maximum dose because I knew he needed anything he could get to help him. In just two weeks, I couldn't believe the improvement! His hair started growing back and he finally started gaining appropriate weight and muscle mass--no more rounded belly! To my amazement, we discovered Banks has a beautiful dark brindle coat, something we could never tell because his coat was in such bad shape when we first got him. He now had energy like never before and was finally starting to act like a real puppy. I cried tears of joy.

At about 3 months old, he was being his new-and-improved normal self and running around being a farm puppy, having the time of his life. Being a tenacious, strong willed pup, Banks started chasing the horse and donkeys we have on the property. Somewhere in the midst of this chaos, he was trampled by one of the equines, crushing his shoulder. I was so angry and worried for him - we had just gotten him to be a normal puppy and there he goes getting himself trampled! Thankfully, he had no severe bone breaks, but he now walked with a limp. After all the work I put into him, I could not stand for him to be limping for the rest of his life. Enter Joint Health Chewables. Again, two weeks of the maximum dose and he was back to himself! No limp whatsoever! I was in awe.

Now, Banks is 3 years old and gets 2 Fresh Factors and 2 Joint Health Chewables daily (and he adores both...which is amazing since he is NOT a fan of most treats). He goes on hikes with me with no limping, and his coat has never looked better. Banks has never been healthier! He never gets sick (and he is exposed to many illnesses weekly), and everyone comments on how his coat is so soft and shiny and how his feet seem to be attached to springs!

I can't thank Springtime enough... I honestly believe your Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables had a huge part in how my pup's life turned out. All of my animals are now on Springtime supplements, from Roman, an 8 year old mastiff with arthritis, to Abby, a 20 year old Appaloosa that has heaves. I recommend them to anyone that will listen!

Thank you for all you do,

Jill and "Banks" Chubbuck, Washington

Real Stories Trixi and Tiger Toones!

"It has made such an amazing difference..."

Dear Springtime,

I just want to thank you for Fresh Factors! Since we have been giving it to Trixi, our 12-year- old Shepherd/Lab mix, she has gotten back her spunk. She gets out and runs and plays like she used to, and she is not stiff when she gets up. It has made such an amazing difference, and we are so thankful!

We also buy it for my brother-in- law's dog. He is from the same litter as our girl Trixi, and it has made a world of difference for him too! We have a 5-year-old rescue Lab mix named Tiger Toones, who also takes Fresh Factors. We recommend it to all our doggie friends. This is the best product we have found. Thanks so much for helping our babies.

Amy Kuntz, Tennessee

Real Stories Michael and Pepper after a good hunt on opening day!

13 Year Old "…is a happy pup again…"

Dear Springtime,

On July 31, 2016, after having a horrible night, we took our 13 year old Brittany, Pepper, to the emergency vet because she was hunched over and could barely walk. Last December, she had torn her left hind ACL while bird hunting and it had been healing slowly, although she had many instances where she would splay on the floor due to limb weakness. She was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her back and hips and was administered a shot of pain meds and given two types of opioid medication that she would be on for the rest of her life.

We took our little zombie home and proceeded to tell some of our friends about the experience. One of them shared that a friend of theirs raises and hunts Beagles and uses Fresh Factors to keep the dogs in top health for several additional years of hunting beyond the norm. We knew that being drugged for the rest of her life was not a good option for our Pepper, so we decided to order some and give it a try with the thought that "it couldn't hurt."

We got the Fresh Factors two days later and gave her a double dose. We have continued with that dosage ever since and she is back to her alert and happy self. I can take her for walks again, and she exhibits some of her puppy antics from days gone by. She still does her "skippy" thing with her hind leg every so often, but doesn't fall on her face or trip like she had been. Her coat has become softer and shedding is at a minimum--I wish we had known about this product when she was young. She is a happy pup again, and we are so grateful for this wonderful product. We have told everyone we know (and also people we do not know, but who have dogs) about Fresh Factors. Thank you for giving us our girl back!

Michael and Bernice Kotza, New Jersey

Real Stories Cory and Nita. Real Stories Sweet Lily. Real Stories Handsome Sherman. Real Stories Clever Wilbur.

"Even our cat, Wilbur, likes Fresh Factors!"

Dear Springtime,

We currently have four rescued dogs, two rescued cats, and a flock of 17 chickens. We are longtime fans of Springtime's amazing products.

Our introduction to Springtime's Fresh Factors came in 1999 when they saved the life of my mother's dog, Honey, a German Shepherd mix. Honey's pain level had increased to the point that the vet recommended euthanasia if she did not improve. An acquaintance of Mom's suggested Fresh Factors. After several weeks of taking them, Honey was acting like a different dog. The vet was amazed and told Mom, "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" Fresh Factors gave Mom another four years with Honey.

After seeing Honey's remarkable change, we started our Labrador, Remington, and our English Shepherd mix, Mollie, on Fresh Factors too. Remi had stiffened some with early arthritis, but after taking Fresh Factors he was back to bouncing and fetching at full speed. As both Remi and Mollie were about 80 pounds, we wanted to help them live healthy, happy lives for as long as possible. Remi, despite having major health issues for half of his life due to abuse suffered before we rescued him, lived to be almost fourteen. Mollie lived to the ripe old age of seventeen years and three months, needing only occasional arthritis medicine the last year of her life.

As other dogs joined our pack family, they too, joined the Fresh Factors fan club. Lily, our Springer Spaniel mix, is now fourteen and our Shepherd/Doberman, Sherman, is thirteen. Both are starting to slow down a little, so we added Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables to their Fresh Factors. Despite his age and size, Sherman still manages to keep up with our newest pack members, Brigid and Bee, two Labrador mixes who are now six but run around like pups. Even our cat, Wilbur, like Fresh Factors!

Our animals are not the only ones to benefit from Springtime products. We love Boswellia Extract! My husband likes how it helped heal his injured shoulder and decreases his recovery time when he overdoes it. I am especially grateful for the way Boswellia Extract helps me in my fight against late stage/disseminated Lyme disease. I am using it as part of my healing protocol and am getting better every day!

Thank you, Springtime, for helping keep our family whether four-footed or two-footed healthier and happier. Although there are cheaper options for sale, it is actually more cost effective and better all round to get the excellent quality products Springtime delivers. Keep up the good work!

Thank you many times over from the entire Olson household!

Nita Olson, Ohio

Real Stories Tanika is a Springtime girl!

13 Year Old "…getting around so well."

Dear Springtime,

Thank you Springtime for offering such wonderful products! My Cocker Spaniel, Tanika, has been taking your products for years. She will be thirteen in January 2017, and is getting around so well. She is currently taking Fresh Factors, Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables, Bug Off Garlic Chewables, Spirulina Wafers and Skin & Coat Oil. She is a Springtime girl! :) I just took this photo today. You can see how well she looks for being over twelve and a half years old. Thank you many times for what you do to help improve the lives of our furry friends.


Grace DeLong, Ohio

Real Stories Naptime for Captain and Angelina the cat.

No More Sores or Rashes!

Dear Springtime,

Just dropping a line to let you know how well the products worked for my dogs. Lassie is 15 and about 1 1/2 years ago had many lipomas or lumps all over her, scabby sores on her skin, and was barely walking and worst of all, smelled so bad that I could hardly stand to be near her. I started her on 3-4 Fresh Factors a day, which she loves. Now she has a shiny coat, the lipomas are smaller and the sores are all gone. She is walking better too.

My other dog, Captain, is four and had been doing well on Fresh Factors plus Bug Off Garlic Chewables. Then, a few months ago, he started itching and getting allergic type rashes. This cleared up after only a few days on the C-Complex. Thanks a lot, Springtime!

Elizabeth Markovich, Florida

Real Stories Lori and Rev. Real Stories Rev feeling young!

13 ½ Year Old "…more energy than a two year old."

Dear Springtime,

Just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE Fresh Factors! We started using them several years ago with an older dog that had been retired from competitive events because he was showing his age, and just didn't seem to be feeling up to it. After a couple weeks of Fresh Factors, he really perked up and was able to go back to training and competing! It was amazing, the difference it made.

We are currently giving Fresh Factors to my 13 1/2 year old Border Collie, Rev, who now has more energy than a two year old. I can definitely tell a difference if he misses getting his Fresh Factors.

We recommend them to a lot of our clients as well. The remarkable effect Fresh Factors has had on several of our dogs has made me want to try them myself!


Lori Herbel, XP Ranch, Oklahoma

Real Stories Darby is no longer itchy!

No More Itching & Biting!

Dear Springtime,

My 8 year old Cockapoo is doing so very well after taking the Fresh Factors and Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables. I started her today on the Bug Off Garlic Granules and so far she loves it! Thank you for helping my girl Darby not itch and bite herself or get ear infections and have so much more energy!

Thank You!
Linda Miscavage, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Sweet, handsome Duke.

"…an additional 10 years of happiness…"

Dear Springtime,

At 6 months of age, my black Labrador, Duke, was given three years to live. His severe dysplasia in elbows, knees and hips was supposed to leave him crippled. After much success with administering Fresh Factors to my mom's Lab and Golden Retriever, I decided to try it out on Duke. We lost my boy last month at age 13. He far exceeded the initial estimate and lived a long, happy, healthy life. He started off every single day with Fresh Factors. My whole family has witnessed the success of this product and swears by it. Thank you for giving me an additional 10 years of happiness with my best friend.

Vicki Norman, California

Real Stories Leia is a happy dog once again!

"This product gave me back my dog!"

Dear Springtime,

I have a 7-year-old, 55-pound Labradoodle named Leia. Every August she gets terrible ragweed allergies, to the point where she takes two extra-strength Reactine, four Benadryl, plus cortisone shots and spray. She wears a cone all day, every day and wears a T-shirt to lessen the damage she does to herself by constant scratching. This dog would rub her eye sockets on the concrete patio to scratch herself until all the fur was gone and they were bleeding (hence the cone) from late August until the first frost!

We have tried everything under the sun to help her, including changing her food multiple times, even trying kangaroo food. Three weeks ago, a coworker recommended your Fresh Factors for dogs. I was reluctant to order ... however, being at my wits' end and left with no further options, I decided to try it.

I am happy to report that after 6 days on this product I took off her T-shirt. After 7 days, the cone went as well. After 2 weeks, I stopped giving her both the Benadryl and the Reactine and cancelled her cortisone shot. Her wounds have scabbed over. Leia is no longer chewing her paws raw, and she does not scratch herself to the point of bleeding. She no longer destroys her eyes on the concrete, and she has stopped panting constantly.

I have no idea what this product does, or how it works, but it really works!

I give her three chewables in the morning and three at night. The cost is much less than the drugs and vet visits costs I previously incurred (allergy pills alone were about $3/day). I never ever write reviews, but I am amazed. This product gave me back my dog! For three months a year, Leia was an itchy, infected, bleeding, miserable mess. Now she is back to being a dog. Thank you!!!

Karina Zwaan-Fragomeni, Ontario, Canada

Real Stories Bentley and his Aussie brother, Ari, playing in the snow.

11 Year Old Loves Winter!

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. I've been giving Fresh Factors to my Bernese Mountain Dog, Bentley, for the past 5 years; he is now 11+ but still manages to go out into the winter wonder land that is Wisconsin in February with his 10 month old Aussie brother and have a good romp. I know for a fact that this would not be happening if not for his daily dose of Fresh Factors. All the dogs and even our cat look forward to their daily dose.

Thanks again,
Lilia Barlow, Wisconsin

Real Stories Squeaky no longer limps!

No More Limp for Boyfriend's Dog …

Dear Springtime,

My boyfriend has a Maltese mix called Squeaky, who had a bad rear leg. He told me his vet said a lot of small dogs have a limp like that and it's just something they live with (Huh??!!). Since I've had previous experience with Fresh Factors, I told my boyfriend that I knew how to help his dog.

After about two months feeding Fresh Factors, there was an obvious difference. In the morning, the dog didn't run out of the bedroom holding his leg up every other step. The limp was only obvious at more random steps. After six months, the dog didn't hold the leg up anymore, and the leg was growing in size and strength. After a year, you can't tell the difference in size between the "bad" leg and the good one, and Squeaky had returned to normal mobility.

Thank you for making me look good to the boyfriend! ...and for making such an awesome product.

Lisa Duntley, Alaska

Real Stories The Fresh Factors’ gang at play!

"Peace of mind and much lower vet bills…"

Dear Springtime,

I love your company, that's all. Fresh Factors have been a great help to me and my dogs over the years. And I have turned on many of my friends to your products. You help us humans as well, of course. Peace of mind and much lower vet bills are just two of the benefits! You are the best!

Holly Chabbott, New York

Real Stories Phyllis and her devoted companion, Shadow.

Vet Amazed - Diabetic Dog "…not gone blind and is really thriving"

Dear Springtime,

Thank you! I was just at the Humane Society getting our 11 year old black Lab/Border's blood sugars checked (he's been diabetic and on insulin for two years.) Our life time Vet can't believe how well Shadow is doing, as he has not gone blind and is really thriving -- it's the Fresh Factors. While there, I also recommended it to a woman with a dog she'd just adopted who had a leg that had been broken and set twice. I shared with her that our Humane Society adopted "lame-legged" Louie is completely fine, with no leg problems and runs like a pup-champ with a smile!

Thanks again, from our family & our three beloved pups!
Phyllis Nodler, Idaho

Real Stories Beloved Amoke.

"…extended her life and her comfort."

Dear Springtime,

Amoke was the fifth dog we've given Fresh Factors to, and I'm certain it extended her life and her comfort. She was adopted from the city pound as a six to nine month old pup in June of 1994. She'd been on Fresh Factors since she was about six years old.

She was extremely devoted to my husband who spoiled her with many treats and she generally ignored the rest of us. We thought she would pine away when he succumbed to lung cancer in 2009, but she didn't. She continued to go up and down the steps to the back yard until the day she died, at the end of April 2013. She was 19 years old, or as the veterinarian told us, 106 in human years.

Phyllis Rude, Alaska

Real Stories Still hiking! Peekaboo, the 15 ½ year old “puppy.”

Near Death, Recovered, Now 15 ½!

Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you for making a wonderful product. My wife and I have a 15 ½ year old Chow Chow named Peekaboo. A little over two years ago her veterinarian thought she had just a few days to live. She had stopped eating for over a week and after some x-rays he told us that it looked as though she had stomach cancer. She was vomiting and passing blood. Things looked really bad for our girl. We had tried so many different things trying to get her to eat with no success.

After trying everything I could think of, I remembered Fresh Factors ... Something unbelievable happened when she got the nourishment from the Fresh Factors – our girl wanted to live again!

Now, over two years later she is still doing very well, getting two Fresh Factors per day ever since. She is over 110 years old in dog years and still doing well. She acted like a puppy last summer when we took her to the Bighorn Mountains for a week. There is nothing like seeing your very old dog enjoy life like she did in her younger years. I don't know how much more time she has, but I know for a fact that Fresh Factors has given us nearly 2 ½ quality years we almost didn't have.

You folks make products that give so much more than you know. The extra time we've had with Peekaboo is something we will cherish forever!

Thank you!
Mike, Alta & "Peekaboo" Ludlow, Wyoming

Real Stories Jax taking a break from playing in the yard.

"His comfort level is so much better…"

Dear Springtime,

Josh and I adopted Jax on July 7, 2013 from Wisconsin Rottweiler Rescue in Madison, WI. In the few short months that we have had Jax he has been an amazing addition to our family. He does so well with all of our nieces and nephews and they all can't wait to see him when he visits or when they visit us.

We knew shortly after we got Jax that he had some issues with his back legs and took him to the vet to have it checked and they monitor him. We then enrolled him in puppy school with Cindy Steinke at K9 Elementary who noticed what we had about his leg problems and recommended that we check out the Springtime website and maybe try starting Jax on Fresh Factors.

I saw results with Jax's ease of movement within the first few weeks of him taking Fresh Factors. His comfort level is so much better and he is acting like the 2 year old dog he truly is instead of being sore and stiff all the time. I'm so glad that we were recommended Fresh Factors for Jax. He is doing so much better since being on Fresh Factors that we are going to continue him on them in the future.

Thank you so much,
Megan, Josh and "Jax" Spatz, Wisconsin

Real Stories Libby loves her Fresh Factors, look at her go! Real Stories Joneen and her new bestie, Libby.

"I love Springtime products…"

Dear Springtime,

I have been a customer since the '90's, lost my dogs in 2009, and now I'm back with a new puppy, Libby, a tripod. I love Springtime products and have sent you so many customers over the years. Every time a friend would tell me her dog was getting stiff, slowing down, etc., I would give them a small bottle of Fresh Factors and a few weeks later they would be thanking me profusely.

This action photo shows what a terrific stride Libby has with only three legs.

Keep up the good work!
Joneen Calhoun, Washington

Real Stories Sprocket & KaTie M. – master mischief makers!

Less Shedding & Itch!

Dear Springtime,

I want to let you know that I had my doggies on these supplements for a while now (Fresh Factors, Bug Off Garlic Chewables and Omega 3-6-9) and I ran out about a month ago. The budget was pretty tight and I didn't reorder until now (bad dog mom!). Within a few weeks of stopping their "goodies," both of my dogs started shedding heavier (I have Siberian Huskies – so that's a BIG deal!) and have gone back to their former itchy selves. It's not quite as bad as it was before because I am feeding an ultra-high quality dog food now, but the difference in them when they are on your products versus being off your products is very significant. They still have beautiful coats when off, but they also have less shine.

I am sold, and I won't let them run out again!

Dixie & Ken Brooks, Georgia

Real Stories Sam enjoying some personal time.

Fresh Factors – Not Just For Dogs!

Dear Springtime,

Springtime service is excellent! You order stuff and get it in just a couple of days! I have a young cat named Sam that injured himself somehow and obviously had back, hip, and shoulder pain. He either fell out of a tree or off my second floor porch, I'm thinking. He got a little better, and then got sore again so I ordered Fresh Factors for him - a product I have used in the past with great success! After a couple of days taking Fresh Factors he is like a different cat! Great products, great service!

Diana Reid, Tennessee

Real Stories George Burns relaxing!

"…I'm so proud of your products…"

Dear Springtime,

I wanted you to know that after 20 years, I'm still a Springtime friend and customer. I've told so many people about Springtime, and I'm so proud of your products.

I have attached a picture of George, my sweet boy. Isn't he the best? He's a gorgeous 5 yr old brindle and white Bulldog, and has always been so very healthy. He has been on Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables, and Bug Off Garlic Chewables since they were each 10 weeks old.

Thank you, again, for being who you are. Much love to all our friends at Springtime!

Kate Mulderig, North Carolina

Real Stories Ms. Muffin with Riley & Casey.

Fresh Factors for Skin Allergies

Dear Springtime,

I started our Golden Retriever, Ms. Muffin, on the Fresh Factors and Bug Off Garlic Chewables last fall. She had suffered from severe skin allergies and her bowel movements smelled awful! Remarkable is all we can say… This has been the best summer she's had in three long years, and our weather here has been really hot. I would recommend these products to anyone!

Sandy Pearl, Kentucky

Real Stories

"He isn't limping at all anymore."

Dear Springtime,

I have a rescue Schipperke, Bono, who was diagnosed with a mild case of degenerative joint disease in his front right elbow after I got him. And these Fresh Factors have worked wonders for him. He isn't limping at all anymore.

David Andersen, Indiana

Real Stories Woodrow

"...whenever anyone says 'hot spots,' I say 'Fresh Factors'..."

Dear Springtime,

I just got my UPS Quantum View notice that my order has been shipped. You guys are fast! My Corgi, Woodrow, is on his last few days of my supply of Fresh Factors and so I appreciate the fast service.

Just gave your info to my neighbors here in Plymouth/Manomet, Massachusetts – their Collie, Duncan has hot spots for the first time this summer. I originally found you many years ago via my daughter, Jenifer, of The Pawsitive Dog in Boston. At the time, my deceased Golden had terrible and recurrent hot spots. She suggested I try Fresh Factors. They helped him immensely. Since then, whenever anyone says "hot spots," I say "Fresh Factors" and pass along your catalog or web address.

Woodrow isn't bothered by hot spots (perhaps because have given him Fresh Factors from the first day I adopted him) but I still give them to him for his coat and general well-being, even more important now that he has joint problems.

Thanks again,
Kathleen Vickery, Massachusetts

Real Stories Gracie sitting pretty now.

Hot Spots – "...she is not licking anymore"

Dear Springtime,

Last December, I took my little brown dog, Gracie, to my vet at least three times for a treatment for terrible lick granuloma that she had on her rear leg. She was put onto a protocol of antibiotics and several other drugs to help her heal. Unfortunately, none of them worked.

I decided that going natural was the key to our success. I adjusted her diet cutting out corn, wheat, soy and dairy, and I added Fresh Factors and Omega 3-6-9. Today, almost a year later, she is not licking anymore, and her leg has healed (and she has great skin and a beautiful coat)! I'd love to say that it is a miracle, but I am more convinced that you simply provide a good product that does what it says. Thank you – I look forward to shopping with you for many more years.

Charis Gaines & "Gracie, the Super Monkey," Florida

Real Stories Yukon and Heidi with Marty’s wife, Sheila.

Healthy Hips for All Dogs -
Young & Old!

Dear Springtime,

Just got my order, boy, you are fast. Springtime Fresh Factors makes my dogs healthy and is great for their hips.

Thanks again,
Marty & Sheila Knapp, Kansas

Real Stories Sue, Ray & Elmo.

"…great improvement in my dog's walking."

Dear Springtime,

Our dog, Elmo, was born with many physical problems, which we have tried to care for. Fresh Factors was recommended to me by a friend for Elmo's joints. After a couple of months, I saw great improvement in my dog's walking. Thanks for a great product.

Ray and Sue Hopkins, Massachusetts

Real Stories Emmett and Bobbye.

Fresh Factors – Fast Recovery From Surgery

Dear Springtime,

We started using Fresh Factors when Emmett, our English bulldog mix, had a spiral fracture to his right leg in January 2008. Emmett had already had a total hip replacement and a TPLO on one knee when the accident happened. Texas A&M set Emmett's leg with a steel rod and an external fixture and advised us we were in for at least 14 weeks of grueling attentive cleaning and care to pull our sweet Emmett to mobile status again. After just 10 weeks the doctors at Texas A&M were amazed at Emmet's healing progress and removed the external fixture, FOUR WEEKS EARLY. They had to know what we were feeding Emmett. We explained that the week we brought Emmett home after they had set his leg, we received a catalogue from Springtime and ordered Fresh Factors to give it a try. The results were amazing. Thank you.

Bobbye Bolestridge, Texas

Real Stories Lavena and Old Kate, a renowned national hunt winner.

"The difference in these dogs is phenomenal."

Dear Springtime,

We have a kennel that breeds and trains Coonhounds. We have been using your products for older "gals" mainly just to give them that little extra boost as they age. The difference in these dogs is phenomenal.

We started using Fresh Factors for an older Shepherd/Rottweiler named Bandit, who was diagnosed with cancer and had joint problems pretty bad. Upon taking Fresh Factorshe had much more spunk and lived another two years with a good quality of life. He lived 14 years which is wonderful for a dog his breed.

Another wonder story is Old Kate who is a legend in the Coonhound breed. She won national hunts and as she aged she became just very, very special. When diagnosed with cancer in early stages we were told she had six months to a year. I immediately started Old Kate on Fresh Factors. She lived an active life for another three years and finally passed away of a massive stroke which was her second one. I doubled her Fresh Factorsupon the first stroke, and she not only pulled out of it but was romping with some puppies. She had her final stroke three months later, and I have to add it was the stroke, not the cancer at all, that finally took her life.

We have two other old gals that are quite special to us that are getting your Longevity now. Their energy, brightness of the eyes, their shiny coats and the general well being more than say enough for the quality of your fine product.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Lavena Spade Jenkins, Pennsylvania
Sharp Tooth Kennels

Real Stories Real Stories Terri and Lil' Bit volunteer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Therapy dog now a "soft touch!"

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for your product Fresh Factors - Lil' Bit is now a "soft touch!"

Terri Carruthers, Arizona

Real Stories Dakota.

Fresh Factors are Dakota's favorite treat.

Dear Springtime,

A year ago, my beloved Husky/Shepherd, Luna, died at the age of 14 and a half. I had had her since she was one year old. A friend, who is also the town Dog Officer, recommended Fresh Factors for Luna, as she always gives them to her dogs and rather liked the results. I really believed it enabled her to live a full and rather long life. When I adopted Dakota (a mixed breed Australian Cattle Dog and Total Unknown rescue dog) I started her on Fresh Factors right away. The big surprise is that they are her favorite treat. At bedtime, when I give them to her, she rushes to get into position, wagging and smiling. After she eats the tablets, she insists on licking my hand, apparently looking for crumbs or powder. It has become one of the high points of our day.

Sarah Dreher, Massachusetts

Real Stories Gracie and Samson playing ball.

"...she has so much spunk again..."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so much for making such a wonderful Fresh Factors. I have an eight year old, large breed German Shepherd named Gracie and this past winter she began showing signs of major joint issues. Since I started her on Fresh Factors she has so much spunk again and loves to play with our three year old Shepherd, Samson. What a wonderful product you have! Thank you for caring about animals and making a product that is so beneficial to them and to their owners. We get to have our Gracie back and Samson has his playmate again!

Terri Durand, New York

Real Stories Cindy's pack.

"I love the ingredients..."

Dear Springtime,

I am a Big Fan of Springtime, even got a few friends to get Fresh Factors for their dogs. All of my dogs are on it. (Oh, that reminds me; I need some Joint Health Capsules for myself, LOL) I love the ingredients in Springtime's products and fully believe that the company is "in it" for the benefit of our pets. That goes a long way with me...

Again, Thank You!
Very Truly Yours,
Cindy Fischer and the "pack," New Jersey

Real Stories Corky showing off with her Dad!

14 Year Old Dog Still Hunts

Dear Springtime,

I am so proud of her! Corky is a terrific dog and I really believe Fresh Factors has allowed her to stay with me as long as she has. The photos I'm sending were taken last week. She was 14 years old in July! By the way, she flushed and retrieved the two pheasants she's "showing off" with her dad!

Meredith Flynn, New Jersey

Real Stories Dan's Golden girl.

11 year old Golden acts like a three year old.

Dear Springtime,

Fresh Factors has made my 11 year old Golden act like a three year old. Other people in the neighborhood have asked where she gets so much energy from and I reply " Fresh Factors." I carry a picture on my phone and email it to them. Several friends have purchased your product.

Dan Hall, Illinois

Real Stories Bonnie Beagle.

Fresh Factors - Help for Bad Hips

Dear Springtime,

To our shock and amazement my ten year old female beagle has the same ailment as my husband. Both have bad right hips. Thanks to your company, we have been using Fresh Factors. It worked so well on the dog so now my husband is thinking about using Joint Health Capsulesfor his joint pain. Now this time we can't wait to try Fresh Factorswith Joint Health Chewables.

Thanks Again,
Jean Herold, Utah

Real Stories A smiling Elvis.

"...he has more energy and is in great spirits."

Dear Springtime,

We gave our daughter a Border Collie for her tenth birthday. She named him Elvis. He is now 14 ½ years old. A few months ago, he developed a growth by his left knee and was having difficulty walking. We took him to the vet, whom took an x-ray and said that Elvis probably had bone cancer and that his leg bone looked like a sponge. He was given less than two weeks to live.

About that time, I mentioned to a friend at work, Jeff Variel, what we were going through with our companion. He said he had these great vitamins he was going to bring and he'd like Elvis to try them. We were introduced to Fresh Factors. That was over three months ago. Although, we cannot take Elvis on long walks any longer, he has more energy and is in great spirits.

Elvis continues to eat his regular diet and takes two Fresh Factors vitamins per day; no prescription drugs. We just want to say, THANK YOU, for your wonderful product! You have changed our lives.

Mary Lesowske, Oregon

Real Stories Margaret and Kate.

" sign of any tear."

Dear Springtime,

I have an eight year old Norwegian mix, Kate, which suffered a partial cruciate tear two years back. She has been on Fresh Factors since that time and has not had to have surgery. A recent exam has shown much improvement, and no sign of any tear. She also takes Joint Health Chewables in the winter months only. Awesome products!

Margaret Massie, West Virginia
Veterinary Technician

Real Stories Faithful Maxx.

"He moves as though he is five years old, not 11."

First, let me say thank you on behalf of Akita Rescue society of Florida (ARSF) for your generous donation of Springtime products. The Akitas are very appreciative, especially the old dogs. They feel better already.

Also, I'd like to thank you for the interest in my Akita, Maxx. He continues to do very well on the Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. Within two weeks of my order, Maxx was a new dog. He moves as though he is five years old, not 11. Maxx and I thank you so much for your wonderful products and for helping my sweet boy have a new lease on life. He is such a wonderful old man. It's hard to imagine my life without him and thanks to Springtime, I'm hoping we will have more time.

I'd like to share a little about Maxx. I told you that I got him from ARSF, where he lived for eight years. He originally came into rescue at age eight months. He had run loose on a busy street corner for about five months and survived by local businesses trying to feed him and catch him. His owner, a seventeen year old young man had been hit by a car and killed; Maxx had been with him. In his rescue bio, Maxx was referred to as the modern day Hachiko. I'm sure you have heard the story of Hachiko, the loyal Akita from Japan. My Maxx never left the street corner, waiting for his master to return, until ARSF finally caught him.

As I said, he lived in rescue for eight years. People were interested, but Maxx was very fearful of people and would back away and bark at the ones who came to look at him. So he was never adopted. I came along and worked at building a relationship with him. It took a couple of months and then it happened. He is my best friend, and has now been my dog and fierce protector for almost four years.

So again, thank you for the difference your products have made to my friend's health and well being. I will be forever grateful.

Carolyn Money, Florida

Real Stories Kent and his brave dog.

15 Year Old Dog Runs Off Black Bears!

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for a fine product. My dog is 15 and without Fresh Factors, he has problems walking. With Fresh Factors, he runs off black bears and raccoons.

Kent Martin, New Mexico

Real Stories Delta Dawn taking the jump!

Six Year old Bulldog Still Competes in Rally.

Dear Springtime,

I was awaiting an order for Fresh Factors and comments made to me at a rally trial a couple of weeks ago came to mind. Several spectators were amazed that my six year old Bulldog, Delta Dawn, was able to compete in rally and still jump (eight inches is required for the jump for a dog her height) at her age. I attribute this athletic ability to Fresh Factors.

Delta Dawn's grandmother was seven when she showed signs of age-related joint symptoms and a friend recommended Fresh Factors. I immediately started her on it and there were no further indications of joint issues and she was able to romp around with her kids till the age of eleven. Her son showed some limping at age two and the vet talked surgery. I started him right up on Fresh Factors and he is now nine and a half and never had that surgery and is still keeping up with Delta Dawn. We decided to do preventive care with Delta Dawn and she's been on Fresh Factors since she was a little pup, and I feel it is due to Fresh Factors that we have those qualifying and placement ribbons we so proudly display. I always highly recommend Fresh Factors to fellow exhibitors.

Sandy Montuori, Connecticut

Real Stories Shannon and Leo love their Fresh Factors!

Her itching is gone, her skin no longer red..."

Dear Springtime,

After Fera died in October of 2009, (she was 11 and had a stroke) I vowed to have no more dogs!

Well, Dec 6th I took in a miniature Poodle mix that had been picked up off the streets of LA in July and spent two months at animal control, where she was three days from being euthanized when Poodle Rescue found her.

Nobody even responded to her photos posted on the web. Her condition was horrible. I looked at her picture every day for a week before I took her.

Her coat and skin were worse than "horrible." I didn't know what to do. Then I remember the box of Fresh Factors, in the closet- unopened. Fera's last order.

I began giving them to Shannon. Her itching is gone, her skin is no longer red and her coat is beautiful and luxurious. The furnishings on her legs have all grown back.

I rescued another full bred Miniature Poodle at the end of January and put him on Fresh Factors immediately!

Both of these kids look forward to their "cookies" every morning. So glad they are scored because they can't handle a full tablet, but gobble down one cracked in half!

We are sure on the right track once again.

Thanks so much,
Bonnie Price, California

Real Stories Leslie and her beautiful Samoyed, Cherokee.

Fresh Factors – Skin Allergies

Dear Springtime,

Fresh Factors are great! I have a Samoyed, Cherokee, who has skin allergies and had lost most of his beautiful coat. I started him on Fresh Factors and his coat is more beautiful than ever. The vet wanted to put him on allergy shots but we tried the Fresh Factors and it is like a miracle to us and Cherokee! Thank you for all of your products. I tell everyone that has animals to try it.

Leslie Rainwater, Texas

Real Stories Barbara and her handsome Cody.

"Fresh Factors really helped..."

Dear Springtime,

I have done business with you for many years. I feel Fresh Factors really helped my German Shepherd. He lived to be fourteen years old, and it helped his hind quarters noticeably.

I now have a 3 ½ year old golden Labrador named Cody and started him on them early. He is a beautiful dog, helped along by Fresh Factors. Cody is in great shape. Who wouldn't be at 3 ½ years old?

Barbara Rees
Fairfield, California

Real Stories Buttonhead feeling better and looking great on Fresh Factors.

"...gained weight, looks better..."

Dear Springtime,

I have all my dogs, young and old, on Fresh Factors. I use Fresh Factors to supplement a home prepared, all natural, raw diet that I am now using instead of (supposedly high quality) commercial dog food. Prior to the switch, I had a very itchy Poodle who scratched all night and kept me up, a Yorkie/Pom/Terrier type who vomited bile EVERY day and had cherry eye, and a black Lab who constantly gobbled up inanimate objects, and ended up needing major surgery to remove shrink wrap from her stomach. Since the switch of the diet and addition of Fresh Factors, the Poodle is no longer itchy, the Terrier, Buttonhead, never vomits anymore, has gained weight, looks better, and his cherry eye is about 80% reduced. And the Lab has stopped her bizarre gobbling of objects. I also have the Lab on Joint Health Formula. I absolutely love your products and feel I would never be without them. I think of all the money I have saved on my vet bills since I started Fresh Factors and natural diet. I love your products!

Susan Trapkin, Maryland

Real Stories Lucy and Molly.

"...her coat is so soft and she hardly sheds."

Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you for manufacturing quality products. My Lab, Lucy, has had severe allergies for the past six years. She has been on many different medications and injections and I was washing her with topical shampoos to keep the allergens off of her. She was tested at a doggie dermatologist and she is allergic to every grass and tree in Florida. She has been on a special grain-free diet and still had to take medications to keep her from chewing off her feet and skin.

A friend told me about the Springtime supplements. I have tried several others that were twice as expensive and they never worked, so I thought I would try ONE more time and what a miracle happened. I started Lucy on Omega 3-6-9 and Fresh Factors and doubled the dose for her weight. Within one month, I had her almost completely weaned from her medications. She is so much better now; her coat is so soft and she hardly sheds. She rarely chews on her feet, only with normal cleaning behavior. We now have a new Chocolate Lab, Molly, and I have started her on the supplements. Her coat and skin are looking fabulous. I am so pleased with the outcome of these wonderful products. I will be ordering the Bug Off Garlic Chewables since now the mosquito and flea season is here.

Thank you so much Springtime,
Deanna Geyer-Trier, "Lucy" and "Molly," Florida

Real Stories Simba and Denise.

"...Fresh Factors is what makes him a happy and active dog."

Dear Springtime,

Fresh Factors has been wonderful for my dog. Simba is almost four years old now, but at the age of two he started acting like an old dog. He was not running like he should, was having difficulty getting onto his couch, and watching him get into my car was agony. My dog trainer recommended this product and for the past one and a half years he has been taking them. What a difference it has made! He is like the young dog that he is - chasing squirrels, running when we go for our walks and jumping into the car with no problems. Great product! I truly believe that Fresh Factors is what makes him a happy and active dog.

Denise Corcoran, Massachusetts

Real Stories Playful Boomer.

"He is happy, bouncy and full of life."

Dear Springtime,

I mentioned with my last order that my vet discovered Boomer, my Lab, had problems in both his shoulders. I doubled his Fresh Factors. He seems to be doing great! He is almost eight years old and just as playful as ever! He is happy, bouncy and full of life. His coat is absolutely beautiful, full and it glistens in the sun. I feel it really makes a difference in his overall health and well being.

Thank you!
Kay Durant, California

Real Stories Karen and her Akita, Ben.

" more trouble with the itching..."

Dear Springtime,

I have been giving Fresh Factors to my Akita for more than a year. I was referred to this product from the owner where I board my horse. She was giving it to her Chow. I told her about how my Akita (now eight years old) was having a lot of trouble with his rear hips, even having serious trouble getting up and walking one night. She suggested getting Fresh Factors. Since starting him on this, he has not had any more trouble with walking. He was also on allergy medicine for itching. I stopped that shortly after starting him on the Fresh Factors. He had no more trouble with the itching after taking the Fresh Factors without the allergy medicine.

I recently started giving Fresh Factors to my nine year old Dalmatian because he was limping on his front left leg. I took him to the veterinarian who prescribed an anti-inflammatory to treat what they said was possibly something to do with the tendon. This did not do much for him. He also had a couple sores on his back end, his coat was thinning, and he was losing weight. He has probably been taking Fresh Factors for about a month now. The improvement is amazing – no more limping, no more sores, and his coat is very soft, shiny, and has thickened up noticeably. I am so happy with the benefits of this supplement that I started giving it to my six year old German Shepherd mix this week. She has no health problems, but I am anxious to see the changes in her coat and overall health.

My husband, daughter, and I are all taking Tonic Blend too.

Thank you so much for the wonderful supplements your company provides!

Karen K. Frost, Indiana

Real Stories From left to right: Cooper, Wolf, Jessie and Isaac.

"...he is almost NEVER lame..."

Dear Springtime,

Suddenly it seems we are a family of "elders." My little gal, Jessie, is twelve years old and was getting a bit grumpy and having trouble keeping up with us. I put her on Fresh Factors and once again she's swimming and running with the big kids. My second elder is Isaac, a white GSD who is nine years old. When he was a two year old, he broke a hind leg in several places, and thanks to a very skilled surgeon, he's all put back together. As you can imagine, by now his leg "should" be giving him some trouble, but, again, the Fresh Factors have delayed the onset of any problems. In fact, he's still jumping gates like a youngster! Wolf, my SAR dog, has been experiencing some back problems which led to joint problems. Fresh Factors came to the rescue again - he's moving beautifully and we don't have to retire him anytime soon! Many thanks there! And last but certainly not least is Cooper, a combination of, I'm sure, of little black bear and black Lab. She was a found in the National Forest one bright and sunny morning. Alas, she was most likely culled from her litter as she has very bad hips and elbows - those legs seem to go in all four directions when she walks. But Fresh Factors has made all the difference with her ability to keep up with her pack - she runs and plays with the best of them! So thank you for a superb product. I tell all my human patients (I'm a nurse) to go to your website for their dogs and themselves... I'm so happy to have found you.

Joanne Goodhue, South Carolina

Real Stories Winston, Norm and Tally.

"... very healthy dogs, great condition of the coat..."

Dear Springtime,

I just placed another order for Fresh Factorsfor my two dogs, Tally (Rottweiler) and Winston (Malinois). Then I thought about telling someone in my class at dog obedience training about Springtime and Fresh Factors. I am the instructor for two classes, basic and advanced, on Saturday mornings.

The message I sent is copied below (in part).

"I've been using Fresh Factors with both Tally and Winston for years. I give each dog four tablets with each meal. I buy them at this annual sale, where you can pay for two and get four containers. I get the 1,000 tablet containers. Sounds like a lot, but at 16 tablets a day, 1,000 are gone in 62 days...

I am happy with the results - very healthy dogs, great condition of the coat, and the dogs love the tablets. They can be used as training treats, but I just put them in their meals to make sure they get them every meal."

Norm Qualtrough, Virginia

Real Stories Joker, Judith’s first Greyhound.

"My dog's coat is super shiny, no longer dry..."

Dear Springtime,

I purchased my now two year old Greyhound one year ago from a rescue league. Although shy but friendly, he had ongoing issues with his skin. It was dry and balding in certain areas. He also had a broken front leg, healed when I purchased him.

He walks with a limp and is now diagnosed with degenerative joint disease.

The holistic vet prescribed him many different herbs in an attempt to improve his coat and degenerative issue. She even stated that his shyness and coat condition could be a sign of a thyroid condition.

My nutritionist's assistant recommended that I use Fresh Factors. She had two Borzois years ago and had much success using the product.

I purchased Fresh Factors three weeks ago - what a difference! My dog's coat is super shiny, no longer dry and the hair appears to be growing in. He has more energy, is not as shy and his lameness has improved.

After spending hundreds of dollars on my dog I now have a product which is affordable and works! I will continue to give my Greyhound Fresh Factors for the rest of his lifetime. I will also provide information to my holistic vet and the greyhound rescue league of my success in using this product.


Judith Reyes Bermudez, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Marianna and Little Sam.

17 Year Old Beagle"...he is back to being his old, active self."

Dear Springtime,

Several weeks ago my 17 year old Beagle mix's health went from amazing to poor. Little Sam seemed to barely be able to balance himself and lost his footing easily. I doubled his Fresh Factorsand today he is back to being his old, active self… Not long ago, he was in my back yard running around and jumping over tufts of grass and I was close behind in my bedroom slippers trying in vain to get my hands on him! I really thought I was losing him but thanks to Fresh Factors he is once again acting like a puppy! I am a HUGE believer in this product and would recommend it with no hesitation.

Marianna Rich, North Carolina

Real Stories No more itching for Charlie.

"...Fresh Factors saved my dog from a miserable life!"

Dear Springtime,

I just want to tell you that my dog Charlie has horrific allergies and I hated giving him prescription medicine which is really all that would control his itching and keep him from digging at his body. Then by accident, I discovered your company and Fresh Factors online. I was desperate, and nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I ordered the product. I have to tell you I was skeptical that Fresh Factors could help Charlie, and I really didn't notice a big change as the months slipped by. However, almost overnight, Charlie was almost free of any signs of lesions on his skin! I am so glad I stuck with the product because Fresh Factors saved my dog from a miserable life! I started with four tablets, and then I gradually increased the dosage to nine. Once Charlie started to respond, I gradually decreased the chews back down to four per day and he is doing great! Thank you so much, and please let other people know that it may take a few months for Fresh Factors to work, but eventually it will and their dog will be grateful.

Many thanks,
Carol Spurr, Nova Scotia

Real Stories Marianne and sweet Summer.

"After only two days Homer was running..."

Dear Springtime,

I have been using your Fresh Factors for many years with amazing success, and I'm finally going to share my stories with you. About ten years ago, one of our dogs was getting older and was suffering joint pain. The prescription given to us by our vet helped him only a little. After a month of frustration, I began looking for something else, and found Fresh Factors. After only two days, Homer was running up the driveway and chasing the other dogs in the yard just as he did as a youngster. We were stunned. He never again seemed to suffer any pain.

Since then I've used Fresh Factors for all of our dogs as they've aged, and found out something else that again surprised us. Each and every dog, there have been three, has not only aged without joint pain, but has outlived its normal life expectancy as well. One dog, a 65-70 lb female name Summer, shocked the vet four years ago when I took her to him to be put down, her heart had given out. He asked me how old she was, and his mouth dropped when I told him she was 13. He looked in his records and confirmed it. Normally, dogs that are Summers' size live to be eight or nine years old. We now have another older dog, nearly Summers' size, and he is 12. Without his tablets every day, he would be very lame. Instead he, just like Homer did, runs and plays outside with minimal signs of pain.

I tell anyone who will listen about my dogs and my friends' dogs. Anyone who wants their friend to live a long, pain free life should join us in our happy solution to the problems of their old age.

Thank you for Fresh Factors!

Marianne C. Stone, Georgia

Real Stories Sasha and Vega visiting Santa.

"...confident to go anywhere..."

Dear Springtime,

Our youngest German Shepherd, Sasha, developed problems in her left front leg when she was five months old. Our vet told us it could move to another leg some time later. She suffered with it for almost four weeks. I had her on an aspirin regimen and only one Fresh Factors per day.

On March 8, 2009, at 11 months old, she developed the same problems in her right front leg. This time I increased her dosage of Fresh Factorsalong with the aspirin regimen. After less than one week, the increased amount of Fresh Factors had such an amazing result. Her limping was remarkably reduced. As of this date she is completely limp free.

I want to thank Springtime for their great products. Stress Free Calmplex saved our Golden from going to a rescue center because of the damage she did to our house whenever we had a thunderstorm. Stress Free Calmplexalso made our now four year old Shepherd, Vega, confident to go anywhere without freaking out over city noise.

Thanks Springtime. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Mary Anne Johnson, Ohio

Real Stories A smiling Lance.

"The doctors and I were very pleased..."

Dear Springtime,

I have a male Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Lance with diabetes. For about one year his doctor has been trying to regulate his insulin injections to bring his blood sugar count down from around 350 to less than 200. March 10, 2009 his sugar count was 363. I called your company and the lady answering suggested I try Fresh Factors and Spirulina Wafers for him. We started him on your products around March 16, 2009.

He had a blood sugar test May 20, 2009 and his count was 168. The doctors and I were very pleased with that number. He also seems to have more energy.

This photo was taken about three years ago. He is nine years old now and we still walk twice per day for a total of a mile. Lance was retrieving dummies four weeks ago at our camp in Vermont on Lake Willoughby.

Thank you for all you do to alleviate pain and suffering by the products you sell and we feed to our animal companions.

Harold Wheeler, New York

Real Stories Duffy

"...he isn't limping..."

Dear Springtime,

I started giving my dog, Duffy, Joint Health Chewables after he tore his ACL a few years ago. He was doing really well on it. But, a few weeks ago he started limping really badly, could hardly walk or make it up the steps. I sent for your Fresh Factors and added that to the Joint Health Chewables. I also increased the dosage. It's amazing how in a couple of weeks he isn't limping and he gets up the stairs with no problems. He is nine and a half years old and he's acting like a puppy again. I am telling everyone about your products and how amazing they are. Duffy will be on them for the rest of his life, which I hope will be a long one. Thank you so much for your great products.

Connie Rizzotti, Connecticut

Real Stories Sweet Sam

" has been put on the FAR backburner..."

Dear Springtime,

We are writing to tell you that our one and a half year old Golden Retriever, Sam, has been using your Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables for four months now after being diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. We noticed Sam having difficulty walking, jumping, and generally being a puppy early on. Our vet diagnosed his condition and gave us two surgery options. Both were costly and came with no guarantee that Sam would come out with any relief. We were additionally told they would have to perform the surgery one hip at a time causing potential damage to Sam's knees. This seemed beyond unfair to put our sweet boy through. We were told about your products by a woman who cared for Sam while we were out of town.

I am happy to report that as far as we are concerned at this time, surgery has been put on the FAR back burner if it ever happens. Sammy now looks forward to his walks, jumps up on the chair for his nap and his gait improves daily. We plan to keep his regimen of Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables up indefinitely. An added bonus is that he loves the taste. As we watch his weight, we use them as treats!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your products and giving our Sam a new lease on life!

Steve & Tammy Roth, Iowa

Real Stories Buffy and Morgan

"...keep our pets happy..."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to add my compliments for such wonderful products you provide for us. It is nice to know they are a natural way of helping to keep our four legged friends healthy. I used Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables and Bug Off Garlic Chewablesfor my Rottie for years. She had multiple bone issues and no amount of surgeries would have helped her. I do not believe long term prescribed meds are the answer and so I turned to Springtime. The vet had given her six years, but she lived a comfortable life for ten years. She passed over the Rainbow Bridge October 11, 2006.

On November 18, 2006 I adopted a B/W three and a half year old Cocker Spaniel named Morgan. He was having mobility issues. He immediately went on your products and today at six he runs like a puppy.

On November 16, 2008 I adopted a six year old Cocker Spaniel named Buffy. She is also on your products as I know of the great results I have had.

Thank you again for giving us a healthy way to keep our pets happy and running free of pain.

Carol Rumrill, Rhode Island

Real Stories Karren and Shelby

"...she is walking again..."

Dear Springtime,

My wife and I have a 13+ year old English Sheep Dog and have been using Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables for some time now. We ran out of product for our Shelby and she became unable to use her rear legs and one front leg to walk. We decided to order the products again and see if that would help her before we made the final decision to put her down.

We can't believe what we see, she is walking again with little or no pain and we get to spend more time with her. We know that her time is limited due to her age but we will enjoy the extra time Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables has given us with her.

George and Karren Seefken, California

Real Stories Kathy and Kwanzaa.

"'s like he's been resurrected!"

Dear Springtime,

Excellent products! My dog, Kwanzaa, is a Chow-Chow. He snapped ligaments in both his hind legs when he was a puppy and now at 12 years old, they have set horribly. He could hardly stand, let along walk. I bought your Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables during the latter part of last year and it's like he's been resurrected! I thank God for your formula, and encourage you to keep up the good work!

Kathy Sheppard, Maryland

Real Stories Chester and Sam

" signs of problem joints yet!"

Dear Springtime,

My Golden Retriever, Sam (10 years old), has been on Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables the majority of his life. He's in great shape and because of Joint Health Chewables, he's showing no signs of problem joints yet! He's weighed 105 lbs most of his life, but now he's 97 lbs per vet's orders.

We've added a new little friend, Chester, a 10 month old Pomeranian pup. He's been on Fresh Factors since 9 weeks.

We love your products, they have made my dogs' healthy and happy. Thank you.

Lynda Slawter, Wisconsin

Real Stories Quincy at the dog park.

"He no longer has joint problems."

Dear Springtime,

My nine year old Yellow Labrador Retriever, Quincy, has been taking Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables for over a year. He looks great, is at an excellent weight, and has tons of energy. He no longer has joint problems. You have made a lifelong customer and a very satisfied one at that. Thanks again for your superb products.

Lore Van Houton & "Quincy," California

Real Stories Sarah can jump in the truck for rides again!

"It's like a miracle."

Dear Springtime,

We have a great dog, Sarah, that is getting older and was starting to show signs of such. She was having trouble jumping up into vehicles (she loves to go and ride in the truck) and was limping at the end of the day. I did some research on the internet and found your website and decided to give it a try. She has been on Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors now for the entire summer and there has been a drastic and noticeable improvement in her condition. Not only has she improved, but with continued use, she seems to keep improving. It's like a miracle. Our friends and family have noticed such a difference that they have been using your products on themselves and their pets alike.

Thank you for providing such great supplements at such an affordable price. We will be lifetime users.

Bob and Lisa Ward, Montana

Real Stories Jenna celebrating with Bailey and Mick.

"...happy and hurt-free again."

Dear Springtime,

For the past two years, I have wanted to write a letter sending my praise and thanks for your product. I have two black Labs, Mick 11, and Bailey 6, that are my mine and my husband's pride and joy! Two years ago, my baby, Bailey, was in bad shape. He would just lie in our office at work all day long and cry from being in pain. He couldn't get up on his own, and I was carrying him outside just so he could go to the bathroom. I literally thought that my heart was breaking in pieces watching him this way.

Obviously, we made several trips to the vets and came to the conclusion that Bailey was born with a severe case of hip problems. As you might suspect, our vet recommended us to an orthopedic veterinarian that told us Bailey's best option was to get both hips replaced. Leaving the cost factor aside, I immediately scheduled Bailey for surgery because the vet said it was his BEST option; however, even though surgery was supposed to be his best choice, there were a lot of variables involved that left me very wary about the results we would have...

Still having the surgery scheduled, I began researching his condition and the options that I had over the internet, and I realized that supplements were an option that I need to ask the vet about. So I did, and she sent me home with a $40 bottle (60 tablets) of a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement and very little hope of success. I started him on them and they did seem to make a difference; however, he still needed his pain medication many days to complement it. All of which left him simply more comfortable—not returned to our happy, loving Beetle Bailey!

One morning about two weeks prior to Bailey's scheduled surgery date, my aunt showed up at work with a catalog from Springtime, Inc. We started reading the testimonials and researching the products and came to the conclusion that your products were certainly worth a try! I ordered Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables, received them the next day, and the rest is history! The change in Bailey has been absolutely unbelievable! He was on your products for only a couple of days, and he was romping around like a playful puppy again! Two years later, we are still doing great! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my baby a chance to be happy and hurt-free again!

Micky, my older boy, is feeling younger and friskier in his golden years thanks to Springtime as well! By telling our story, we have added many thankful pet owners to your list of customers. Even though I have been singing your praise to others, I'm sorry it took me two years to personally thank you! The results have been amazing!

Your customers for life,
Jenna, Ryan, "Mick" and "(Beetle) Bailey" Woerner, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Bacchus back in fine form thanks to Fresh Factors.

Nine Year Old Begs to Play Chase Again

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to let you know that we love your product, Fresh Factors. Our nine year old dog, Bacchus, (best guess is that he is a dingo or a throw-back to one) was having a lot of obvious pain in his back legs. The vet thought he had loose ACLs or something like that, but Bacchus could not jump anymore and definitely could not run. So, now, Bacchus not only can jump up on the couch, but also can jump up on the bed and into the back of the car. He begs to play chase with tennis balls at the dog park again. In less than three months on Fresh Factors, we now have the same dog that we had about six years ago. I've been recommending it to any of my friends who have aging dogs. Thank you again for such a great product.

Sue Gilbert, Wisconsin

Real Stories Caspa standing proud for his Recognition of Merit Award from the Bull Terrier Club of America.

"...wonderful coats and health..."

Dear Springtime,

We have shown and bred English Bull Terriers for 25+ years and now give all of our dogs Fresh Factors. We started to give them the tabs a little over a year ago when a friend gave us a container. In a very short time, we noticed a remarkable difference in coats and conditioning and now recommend Fresh Factors to all of our puppy owners...

We recently imported a White Bull Terrier, Caspa, from Australia and within two weeks after giving him Fresh Factors there was a noticeable difference in his coat. In a very limited showing, he was the #6 White Bull Terrier in the nation in 2007 and was invited to attend the Eukanuba National Dog Show. We are currently showing him as well as several of his puppies who are also winning. All of them have wonderful coats and health and we attribute it to Fresh Factors. People often follow us out of the ring and ask what we give them - I tell them it's Fresh Factors and reach for my catalogs!

Thank you for such a wonderful product. We are definitely fans for life.
Susie Harris, California
Allegro Bull Terriers

Real Stories Linda takes a few of her snowy white brood for a walk.

Fresh Factors - Groomer Recommended!

Dear Springtime,

I love your products. I have been using Fresh Factors on my dogs for at least 10 years now. I have a grooming business; whenever I see a problem with one of my clients I always recommend your Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables, and I always see a change in them by the next visit. They think I am the smartest dog person around in my area! I also have told many of my dog show friends and once they try it, they are hooked and can't believe how well it works for them. Thank you so very much for your insight into the health and well-being of our fur friends.

Linda Ferrullo, New York

Real Stories Faith, Dixie & Kodie taking it easy.

"Our vet couldn't believe the improvement..."

Dear Springtime,

Dixie is a nine month old Rough Collie. She came to live with us at six months, severely affected with demodex mites. Her face was swollen and oozing infection.

Our vet predicted Dixie would be on antibiotics for at least six months... To help her recovery along, we ordered your Fresh Factors, Bug Off Garlic Chewables, and Spirulina Wafers. We tripled her doses and began to see an almost immediate improvement. The mites were still there, but her swelling disappeared and the infection cleared. Our vet couldn't believe the improvement after two weeks.

We quickly ran out of the products. Even on high doses of antibiotics, Dixie's infection began to return. With her growing vet bills, I had put off re-ordering. I won't make that mistake again.

We might not be able to kill the mites, but with your products and a lot of TLC, Dixie lives a much better, more comfortable life. She's a wild child that loves to run and play with anything squeaky. Dixie is the life of the party.

My other Collie, Faith, is doing great on the Spirulina Wafers. After trading our country home for a lot in town, she seemed to be missing it. In just days, she was adjusting better after being on your product. I'm putting our GSD, Kodie, on them, too.

Thanks, Springtime,
Roxy Williams & the gang, New York

Real Stories Best friends Ann and Harley.

"Within a few days the limping was almost gone."

Dear Springtime,

I have a five year old Great Dane named Harley who slipped in the snow and began limping. It was worse when she got up from sleeping. I doubled her Fresh Factors and within a few days the limping was almost gone. She has been taking Fresh Factors since we got her as a baby. Thank you for a great product.

Ann Cooper, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Peggy, Renton MacPherson & Bonnie Girl pose for a family portrait.

"...still going strong on your Fresh Factors."

Dear Springtime,

More good humor:

A blind man and his seeing eye dog head into town for a little stroll. Approaching the busiest intersection in town the dog doesn't hesitate, but leads the man directly into rush hour traffic.

Everyone stopped to watch this incident when they heard brakes squealing and horns blaring. The man and his dog made it to the other side without injury.

A young man, having observed the incident, watched the man take a dog biscuit from his pocket and offer it to the dog. "Excuse me, sir," the young man said, "but why would you reward your dog for almost getting you killed?"

The blind man replied, "I am trying to find his head, so I can kick his tail!"

My two 'kids', Renton MacPherson (an eight year old Scottish Terrier) and Bonnie Girl (a seven year old Golden Retriever), are both still going strong on your Fresh Factors. I ordered the Bug Off Garlic Chewables for the summer flea season in the Northwest. We love your products!

Peggy Lance & Family, Washington

Real Stories Madeline with her Greyhounds, Sandy & Ani.

" she looks like a show dog."

Dear Springtime,

We adopted our second Greyhound last spring and we now have her on Fresh Factors. Her fur was a mess when we got her and now she looks like a show dog. Also, our first Grey can run without pain thanks to her two tablets a day. Our dogs mean the world to us and, thanks to their daily dose of Fresh Factors, not only are they pain-free but they have the softest coats of any Greyhounds we've met!

Madeline Meixner, Florida

Real Stories Pretty Fredi now hotspot free!

Hotspots - "...Fresh Factors did the trick!"

Name: Real Letters Fresh Factors Pruter J Sku: RLD-Fresh-Factor-PruterJ Static content: Dear Springtime,

My female Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Fredi, had a hot spot on her left front paw for over two years. I tried everything I could think of to break her of the habit she had of licking that spot. When a friend of mine heard a commercial on the radio for your products talking about hotspots, etc., he called me. Well, as you can see by her photo Fresh Factors did the trick! She is seven years old and beautiful. Thank you so much!

Jane Pruter, Kansas

Real Stories Kojo, now full of energy & fun!

"...completely eliminated a facial rash..."

Dear Springtime,

I am thrilled with the Joint Health Formula for my aging horse, Spirit. Also, I am happy with the Fresh Factors for my older dog's injuries as well as for the Spirulina Wafers coupled with Fresh Factors which has completely eliminated a persistent facial rash on one of my Shibas. Thank you Springtime for having the solutions!

Linda Walden, California

Real Stories Shep and Molly waiting for their Fresh Factors.

"Within days she was running like a puppy."

Dear Springtime,

I've wanted to contact your company many times over the years to thank you all for such wonderful products. I discovered Fresh Factors about 12 years ago when my then 10 year old Cocker Spaniel Molly had a severe joint pain episode. I slept next to her on the floor; spoon fed her, and also poised her to relieve herself for about two weeks before we got Fresh Factors. Within days she was running like a puppy. I had her for six more years thanks to your products. I've recently gotten a mini Poodle and just placed our first order for him. I know with the help of your products, he'll be with me for a long time.

Thank you so much,
Stacey Harvey, Massachusetts

Real Stories Beloved Buster lounging on the deck.

"...he was a puppy again."

Dear Springtime,

My Pekinese, Buster, was very lame and I started giving him Fresh Factors along with my German Shepherd, Maggie, who was three years old at the time. After a few weeks, Buster would beat me to the front door. Fresh Factors helped him through the last three years of his life. Buster had a stroke at the age of 16 and needed to be put down. We do miss him very much; however, we know that through his last days with us his quality of life was as if he was a puppy once again due to your great product Fresh Factors.

Joyce M. Remington, Pennsylvania

Real Stories The Kelley family welcoming committee.

Fresh Factors - Itch-Free Skin!

Dear Springtime,

Fresh Factors are terrific! Whenever I run out, my Bullmastiff, Lilly, begins to scratch, and she scratches with such fury you can hear it all over the house! It sounds like someone is tearing down the walls. My other two dogs, a Cane Corso named Tank and a Great Dane named Duke, are doing great as well and they all just enjoy the Fresh Factors as treats. They can't get enough!

Kris Kelley, Kansas

Real Stories Sarah's nieces, Robin & Lily, pose with Becca and Hank.

"...rash…has all but disappeared!"

Dear Springtime,

I have to comment on your Fresh Factors for dogs. I started giving my dogs (an eight year old Pug named Hank and an eleven year old Beagle/Springer Spaniel mix named Becca) Fresh Factors last fall when I noticed stiffness in their back legs. Within three weeks they both had more flexibility in their legs, and less shedding! The Beagle/Springer Spaniel mix had what appeared to be a reddish brown rash on her belly and that has all but disappeared! I am so pleased with this product and have recommended it to every pet owner I know. On behalf of the dogs and me, thank you!

Sarah Strain, Indiana

Real Stories LuAnn's happy family: Jude, Cheyenne & Domino the cat.

"Her vets are just amazed..."

Dear Springtime,

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the Fresh Factors has given my dog Cheyenne new life. She was diagnosed with a heart based tumor in January 2008. She was slowly but steadily declining. In March, I mysteriously received your catalog in the mail even though I hadn't ordered in years and had moved numerous times since I last reordered. Without even looking at the product description, I remembered I used to buy Fresh Factorsand decided to order them again. Just in the nick of time, as it seemed Cheyenne was nearing the end. She was lethargic, bloated from fluid buildup, and had trouble breathing. I put her on Fresh Factors and five days later, it was like she was a different dog. She had energy again. Our walks, which had been 15 minutes, were back up to 45 minutes. Over the next couple of months her fluid buildup steadily declined and her energy level stayed up. Her vets are just amazed and even asked to see the product. Not only did I show them the product but I gave them the catalog.

Thank you, Springtime, for your wonderful products and giving Cheyenne a new lease on life!

Many blessings,
LuAnn Whale, California

Real Stories Charlotte and her healthy, happy kids.

Hip Problems – "…doing just GREAT!"

Dear Springtime,

I have three Labs that I got from a breeder that wouldn't use them for breeding because of their hip problems. All three are on Fresh Factors and are doing just GREAT! I have used Fresh Factors for over ten years with all the Labs that I have had. I will not stop giving my "kids" these chews. They are certainly worth the expense, which isn't much if you want healthy, happy dogs!

Charlotte LaFeve, Michigan

Real Stories Devin (far left), Janet, and Jan with their horses, Flyer & Sam, and with their Corgis: Snippet, Gizmo, Lizbeth and the elder statesman Tig.

"Dogs love the taste of Fresh Factors!

Dear Springtime,

Whenever my dogs are about to receive treats when they come in, they expect Fresh Factors. They love them so much. Every dog we have had loves them, including different breeds, sizes, and ages. Not only do they love them, but also we don't have to force them to eat them like other vitamins. They prefer your product over unhealthier treats…that are horrible for their teeth and have little to no nutritional value.

My older dog actually got excited when we shook the bottle. Up to age 18 he still could eat them because they were easy on his teeth. He loved your product. Receiving Fresh Factorseach day was the best part of his day.

Thank you for having a great, healthy product like Fresh Factors. It has done wonders in my dogs' diets, supplementing what they just don't get in their daily food.

Devin Davis, Wisconsin

Real Stories A happy Boomer ready to romp.

"…he had a slight lump…now completely gone"

Dear Springtime,

Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much I like your Fresh Factors. I have seen an improvement in my dog Boomer's coat – and he is already on a premium diet. Also, he had a slight lump at his shoulder that came and went – now completely gone since finding your product. He is a Labrador so he is very active. I'm sure with Fresh Factors he will have a long, healthy, and happy life.

Kay Durant, California

Real Stories Jack, Linda, and Jenny now can enjoy the great outdoors together again!

Skin Allergies – "…no pink skin or scratching!"

Dear Springtime,

My dog, Jack, has had horrible allergies for several years (he's around nine now). Jack is a Lab/Aussie/BC mix; 65 lbs. We've tried changing his diet, and even found a doggie dermatologist/allergist who put him on yet a different diet (higher in fish oil), along with desensitization shots (not steroids!). They have helped, but every summer I have a cabinet full of lotions and potions to fight the itch. I couldn't scratch his chest or rub his tummy without his feet kicking to scratch. His armpits and belly were bright pink every summer and he was truly miserable. This year it started early in March with warm weather, when everything started to bloom. In April, I got your catalog in the mail and on a whim I ordered a bottle of Fresh Factors. I gave it to him hesitantly because I didn't want a new product to set off an allergy rash. It's now July, and no itching! This is usually the worst time of year, but not this year! I truly consider this a miracle for Jack! This is the first summer he is able to enjoy with no pink skin or scratching! I can rub his tummy and scratch his chest and see only pleasure in his eyes. You'd never know Jack has allergies, and there was a time I considered him the "boy in the bubble" because we tried to shelter him from everything. Thank you just isn't enough. You've improved Jack's quality of life, and ours as well.

Linda Eissmann, Nevada

Real Stories Noopy and Dee, best friends and companions.

"…she improved overnight!"

Dear Springtime,

I have been a faithful buyer from you since Noopy, my Dachshund, was injured 10 years ago. She is now 14 years old and she is on Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. About three weeks ago I took her outside and she fell over sideways and could not get up!!!! She was diagnosed as having a stroke or vestibular disease (nerve damage between brain and ear) they could do nothing but give antibiotics and wait to see what happened. I was devastated to see my Noopy so sick and falling over every time I put her down. After two days I doubled her Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables and it has supported her natural healing process! After one week she improved more and by two weeks she was her old self and maybe better than before!!! How can I ever thank you for giving me back my Noopy? After 14 years she is my best friend, my companion. Your products are truly a blessing. Thank you and bless you all.

Dee Knabel, Illinois
Note: Sadly Noopy passed away February 2009

Real Stories Bonnie & Blaze feeling great and ready for fun!

"Both enjoy their daily Fresh Factors…"

Dear Springtime,

My two German Shepherds (three and four years old) seem to be in great shape. I am enclosing a recent snapshot…Blaze is sable coated (on right) and Bonnie is a traditional black and tan. Both enjoy their daily Fresh Factors (three tablets each) and I believe they benefit physically from them.

Donald Jaeger, New Jersey

Real Stories Beautiful Boomer – Jean's Real Stories Scaredy Cat's luxurious coat keeps him warm while ice fishing.

Fresh Factors & Joint Health Chewables – Happy, Healthy, Active Menagerie!

Dear Springtime,

Boomer is an English Lab and as you can see he is beautiful. Boom fell and chipped his right elbow at five months of age. Long story short, we were told that he was going to end up with such terrible joint issues that it was possible that eventually he could lose the leg. He was limping terribly and I doubled his Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. He is going to be three in August and does not limp one bit. He is just a big 'ole love bucket of a dog! His favorite thing is, of course, to swim and he would not be able to do that without his front leg – thanks!

Scaredy Cat was the runt of the litter and was not a healthy kitten. One pupil was larger than the other and he would wobble and fall sometimes. I started him on Fresh Factorsas a kitten and he is now seven years old…

Thank you for being so great to us over the years!
Jean Wolinsky, Vermont

Real Stories Laura, Nipper and Hannah off on a winter walk.

"Thank you for the happiness you've brought to my family and me"

Dear Springtime,

Hannah, my beautiful twelve year old Border/Chow mix, can now run down and catch our city's unsavory rodents thanks to Springtime's Fresh Factors! (Without Fresh Factors, she struggles to get up from a lying position.) Their liver flavor allows me to feed them to Hannah right out of the jar! Consequently our seven year old Pom mix, Nipper, begs for her own Fresh Factors!

Thank you for the happiness you've brought to my family and me;
especially Addison and Madeleine, our two children, who love all God's furry critters!

Laura Burns, Maryland

Real Stories Rick and Connie cuddle up with their dogs, KC and Bruce.

Hip Problems Gone

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to send you my testimonial about the products we use on our dog.We got Bruce, a black Standard Poodle, when he was four months old. He is our second Standard Poodle. As we always walk our dogs for about 50 minutes, we noticed by the end of the walk we were practically dragging him home. We also noticed a pretty big "sway" in his hips as he walked. We made an appointment and the x-ray confirmed what we had expected. At six months old, he already had hip problems. As a matter of fact, our vet said he had not seen a case this severe in a pup so young, except for one other time! He gave us a prescription for a pain killer and explained that Bruce would probably be put down at a very young age due to either liver problems from the meds or the severe joint issues he had. Months passed and we normally had to give Bruce half a pill each night because you could tell he was in pain

. Out of the blue, we received your catalog in the mail and decided to give your products Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors a try. Fast forward to Bruce's exam this past fall. Our vet comes in the room and was totally amazed at the change in Bruce! As a matter of fact, he thought it was a different dog! Bruce now runs (which he didn't do as a young dog), plays, and is the picture of a vibrant dog! We cannot thank you enough! We now feel Bruce will live a long time versus the three or so years we had been told. Although Bruce still has the "sway" when he walks, since starting on your products, we have not given him the meds at all!

Rick & Connie Dail, South Dakota

Real Stories Rylee before Springtime products and Kathryn's tender loving care. Real Stories Rylee feeling and looking so much better after!

"Joint Health Chewables certainly saved this little girl…"

Dear Springtime,

Rylee was in pain, emaciated, and neurologically unsound, and weighed only five pounds at three years of age. She couldn't stand without wobbling nor could she walk without falling over. She was a miniature Black & Tan Dachshund surrendered to Dachshund Rescue of North America. This was my first experience with a rescue in that kind of shape.

I had heard of Springtime supplements from another member of DRNA, located on the East Coast, so I thought I would try them. Rylee was put on crate rest, premium quality foods, Joint Health Chewables, Fresh Factors (every other day) and the results were amazing. She was triple dosed Joint Health Chewables daily for about two and a half weeks, then down to twice a day. Within a few weeks, this little dog didn't look anything like the dog I had picked up in the pouring down rain on a Friday afternoon. She was gaining weight, was alert, spirited and playful – all of the things she wasn't when she came into rescue. She left my care and was adopted weighing three pounds more than when she arrived. Here are a couple of photos of Rylee before and after. Joint Health Chewablescertainly saved this little girl and gave her back her life.

I use Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors religiously for all of my rescue Dachshunds. And, there are many stories within DRNA of how Springtime has given life back to these little ones in our care.

Kathryn Dickerson, Oklahoma
Dachshund Rescue of North America/Oklahoma

Real Stories Mary Katherine and Shelby giving hugs to Rosa.

"Our vet was amazed."

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know how well the Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables have helped our dog. Rosa is a 6 year old Golden Retriever and has the beginning signs of joint problems…she was 3-legged and would not get up and do anything. We tried different prescriptions, some with NO results and some with little results. A friend happened to mention her dog was on Fresh Factors and it was worth a try. After one week we could see a difference. I added the Joint Health Formula tablets and she was greatly improved. She still has a slight limp but she runs, plays and climbs to the top of the hay bales and feels 100% better. Our vet was amazed. Our vet called me a while back and had about the same situation with another Golden. I gave him a catalogue and talked to him about six weeks later and he said the dog was also almost fully back to normal. Keep up the good work.

Jennie Easterwood, Louisiana

Real Stories Herschel enjoying a moment outdoors.

13 Year Old Dog – "…was able to jump on the bed again."

Dear Springtime,

This letter is long overdue. We started giving our chocolate Lab, Herschel, your products about four or five years ago when he was nine, in hopes that it would help stave off the joint problems that were starting to affect his hips and hind legs. He suddenly could not walk upstairs without help, and would bark at us to help him. Within six weeks of taking Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors, he was able to walk up the stairs and jump on the bed again. In addition, his coat was much shinier than any of the other dogs in the neighborhood and he seemed to have more zip. Although the problems in his spine and neuropathy are now catching up with him at age thirteen and at 90 lbs, we truly feel that Springtime supplements have allowed Herschel to live a longer and more energetic life. We will continue using your products for him, as well as for future pets.

In addition, your customer service staff is always helpful and friendly, which adds to the positive experience. Thanks for everything.

Patti and Tom Hare (and Herschel the brown dog), New Jersey
Note: Sadly, Herschel passed away on November 6, 2007.

Real Stories Catherine and her beloved Morgan.

"Morgan had defied the odds…"

Dear Springtime,

Your Springtime supplements will be remembered for the longevity my Great Pyrenees, Morgan, experienced. She passed away just a few weeks ago and I am heavily grieving her absence in my life. She was only a few days short of 14 ½ years old!

About five years ago, Morgan was limping badly and would not put any weight on her rear leg. She was diagnosed with cancer in her ankle. It had eaten away at the connective tissue and I was told to put her to sleep or amputate the leg. Morgan was still very full of life and there was no option other than to let her live even if she had to live without a leg. I was very sad at the time to learn she had cancer.

After some post-surgery difficulty (learning to walk on three legs), I immediately put her on Fresh Factors upon recommendation from a total stranger who had seen me with her limping along. I had also put her on Joint Health Chewables and kept her on an all natural food diet.

I had truly been blessed to have my Great Pyrenees well into her "golden years." Morgan had defied the odds of surviving cancer as an amputee since this breed normally succumbs to bone cancer. She had lived five years beyond the amputation. She even refused a custom made wheelchair, and lived another nine months dealing with some joint problems. Her will to live was undeniable.

I will continue to tell others about your wonderful products. Thank you, Springtime, on behalf of my beloved Morgan.

Very truly yours,
Catherine Wielenta, Tennessee
"Morgan" - March 16, 1992 – September 11, 2006

Real Stories Taz is happy and playful once more!

"He is more active like he used to be."

Dear Springtime,

I usually order by phone, but I wanted to let you know how great I think your products are. I have an eight year old Australian Shepherd named Taz. He had Valley Fever and took pills for that but he just didn't act normal. After the last round of pills I would not give him any more. He takes the Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables I ordered and he is now a different dog. He now runs and gets his toys and wants me to play with him. He is more active like he used to be. I really think it is due to your products and I will keep giving them to him. He loves them and if I forget he will remind me it is time for him to get his treats.

Thank you so much,
Shirley Shewey, Arizona

Real Stories Playful, peppy Kapo ready for a run.

"The medicine…made her sleep all the time…"

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for your great products Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. A few years ago, now 11 year old Kapo was diagnosed with severe joint issues from tail to neck. The medicine administered by the vet made her sleep all the time and she had the potential for liver damage. Since Kapo had been on Springtime products, she is like a puppy again, playful and peppy. She is truly enjoying life. I have told several friends about the products. They have all been able to enjoy the benefits as well by watching their aging canines improve their quality of life.

Thanks again,
Robert Kline, New York
Note: Sadly, Kapo passed away November 2007

Real Stories Beloved Miller.

"Within two days he was trotting around..."

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know that your products, specifically Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables for dogs, gave us an additional year and a half with our Weimaraner, Miller. He ruptured a disc in his back several summers ago and would literally fall on the floor in pain. After watching him go from a healthy weight to skin and bones on traditional meds, I took him off them and prepared to have to let him go. A friend recommended Fresh Factors and we gave it a try. Within two days he was trotting around the backyard like he hadn't been able to do for months. He never again had the debilitating pain attacks. We lost him to bloat in February, and while I miss him each and every day, I feel blessed that we had extra time with him, which I'm sure we wouldn't have had if it wasn't for your products.

Toni Eichholz, Missouri
Note: Sadly Miller passed away February 2007

Real Stories Trixie can keep Luther and Leyna in line now!

"What a difference I see in her and it has been just shy of a week…"

Dear Springtime,

We have two German Shepherds that are 17 months old and a Standard Poodle that will be 12 years old this June. Trixie, the Standard Poodle, has been on Fresh Factors for a little over two years, and the pups, Luther and Leyna, since they were eight weeks old. I noticed Trixie was getting a little slow at getting up and not playing as much with the pups, so I ordered some Joint Health Chewables to add to her Fresh Factors. What a difference I see in her and it has been just shy of a week. She plays longer and harder with the two Shepherds and is no longer slow in getting up. She just has a lot more energy now!

They also take Bug Off Garlic Chewables for flea and tick control. I have a lot of faith in your products, which is saying something nowadays. Thank you so much for making quality products that we dog owners can trust.

Stephanie Calhoun, Pennsylvania
Note: Sadly Trixie passed away May 11, 2009 at the age of 14.

Real Stories A content Windy enjoying naptime!

13 Year Old Dog – Vets Amazed at Quick Recovery

Dear Springtime,

I have been giving my 13 year old Akita, Windy, Fresh Factors for about five years now. Recently, she had colic and had to have major surgery to remove her spleen and part of her stomach. Remember, she is 13 years old! Well, it has been two weeks post surgery and Windy is back to her old self. She is eating, taking her walkabouts around the farm, and running when the mood takes her. I believe if it were not for Fresh Factors this old dog (in age only) would not have survived. The vets are amazed at her astonishing recovery. Thank you, Springtime!

Robin and "Windy" Hudak, Kentucky

Real Stories Dulce loves Fresh Factors!

"….excellent products that perform at an affordable price."

Dear Springtime,

We have used your products since the 1980's. A friend told us about Fresh Factors when my show dog, Oz, developed severe joint problems and pain. He was not quite six years old but a large Rottweiler. Within a short time, Oz was running around like a playful puppy. We gave Fresh Factors to all our dogs since then: Sheeba, Shadowland, and Chachi. All lived longer, happier, and healthier lives. We are now giving Fresh Factors to our current dog, Dulce, a mixed Black Lab/Great Dane. We have also used some of your people products. Thank you for marketing excellent products that perform as you say they will, at an affordable price.

John D. Schafer, Michigan

Real Stories Boodles loving her sleep number bed.

No More Scratching or Biting

Dear Springtime,

I love your products. Since I have started using Fresh Factors, my 10 year old Black Lab has more energy, has stopped scratching and biting her feet and her ears are better. She has been on Fresh Factors for the past year and she now acts like a "young girl" again!! I have seven dogs and I am using Fresh Factors for all of them—wonderful!!! Thank you!!! Your products really work!

Thank you,
Marilyn Stuckwish, Kentucky

Real Stories Beloved Brutus.

14 year old Great Dane could " a mongoose every now and then."

Dear Springtime,

Aloha! Here are a few photos of my beloved soon to be 14 year old Great Dane (in April 2006). He would not be alive today if it weren't for Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors he's been getting for the last two years. He was barely able to get up when I, in desperation, started him on your supplements. I would have had to put him to sleep a long time ago if he hadn't improved as dramatically as he did. Within two weeks, he literally could jump in the back of the Yukon again! It was unbelievable. Even in his VERY advanced years (for a Great Dane, it's almost a record, I believe) he is still able to get around and even chase a mongoose every now and then! If he is off his supplements for even a few days, there is a very noticeable difference in his mobility, and if I were to take him off completely, he would no longer be able to even get up, let alone walk!

Thanks so much for having these "miracle pills!"
Holly Cunningham, Hawaii
Note: Sadly, Brutus passed away July 10, 2006

Real Stories

Seasonal Allergies – No More Raw, Bald Spots

Dear Springtime,

Heidi, my eleven year old Poodle, suffers with allergies, which begin around May and continue until the first hard freeze. Heidi is fed a premium dog food specifically designed to treat allergies and, when the allergies begin each season, also gets medication to ease the symptoms.

About three months ago, I received one of your catalogues in the mail. Heidi had already begun licking her front paws, and both were nearly raw. I decided to order Fresh Factors for her and have been giving her one tablet each day for a little over two months now.

I am delighted to report that Heidi no longer licks her feet. The hair has grown in lush and soft where there used to be bald, red spots. I only wish I'd know about Fresh Factors four years ago, when Heidi's allergies first reared their ugly heads.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Springtime. Heidi's happy. I'm happy. No more medication! Don't ever stop making Fresh Factors!

Marcia Bauer, Iowa

Real Stories Star demonstrating his frisbee playing prowess for Robyne.

"They have made his coat so pretty..."

Dear Springtime,

My 1st German Shepherd named Jovi lived a better and longer life with the help of Fresh Factors. Now I feed Star, my second German Shepherd, Fresh Factors to make sure he stays healthy and has a good life before he ever has joint problems. They have made his coat so pretty… I recommend it to everyone! Star thinks the tablets are treats instead of vitamins.

Please don't quit making Fresh Factors. I plan on keeping Star healthy for many years to come.

Robyne Bullion, Tennessee

Real Stories Zayle comfortable in her own skin once again.

"…no longer has itchy, crawling skin…"

Dear Springtime,

What awesome products you have! We were really perplexed at our Shepherd mix's itchiness. Nothing seemed to help her. We tried antihistamines, food changes, you name it, but with no relief. We found your catalog and ordered Fresh Factors right away. I must say that Zayle no longer has the itchy, crawling skin problem when you touch her! Zayle is seven years old and Fresh Factors has put a "spring" in her step! Thank you!

I also use Tonic Blend and CoQ10. I feel great. Your products really work.

Keep up the good work – we appreciate quality and natural products.

Best regards,
Sherri Bushee & "Zayle," Vermont

Real Stories Soft & cuddly Inky with his best friend, Dena.

Coat & Skin Problems Gone

Dear Springtime,

We have an eight year old Cocker Spaniel that has had two rear leg surgeries and used to limp most of the time. She'd be very careful not to play or be active because of pain, even while walking. I even had to give up walking her because she'd sit down and didn't want to move. After three weeks of a daily Fresh Factors broken up in some wet dog food, she started to improve. She now wants to play and romp around and even jump up onto the couch. Cocoa says thank you!

Don Flickinger, Illinois

Real Stories Popcorn can claim her favorite spot on the couch again!

"…she started running like a puppy…"

Dear Springtime,

Popcorn, my Bichon Frise, age 10, was diagnosed with joint problems in her back left leg. She was limping and couldn't jump up on the furniture as she was used to doing. My daughter had given her dog, Barney, Fresh Factors (which did wonders for him) and suggested I try Popcorn on them. In no time at all (approximately three to four weeks) she started running like a puppy, jumping and NOT favoring her leg anymore. I can truly say Fresh Factors is a wonderful product.

Barbara Pezzute, Illinois

Real Stories Kelsey now has more energy to run and play with Annie.

"...Fresh Factors works!!"

Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you all for the wonderful products you produce. I started my 14 year old Sheltie, Kelsey, on the Fresh Factors about two months ago. …I could not believe the difference. It was like she came alive and I had my old Kelsey back. She followed my Greyhounds and me into the field and wanted to play a lot! …Before she had trouble jumping up onto the sofa, now it is no problem. Her coat is shiny and soft and her eyes even look clearer and brighter! It almost brought tears to my eyes. My baby was back! …So, I am the first to say, as a skeptic I am proven wrong and Fresh Factors works!! Thank you 1,000 times over!

Annie Pendleton and "Kelsey", Indiana

Real Stories Best buddies Karen and Gunther playing in a winter wonderland.

Hip Problems Gone "…we hike two hours everyday."

Dear Springtime,

Gunther, my German Shepherd, has been on Fresh Factors since he was a puppy and the vet diagnosed him with hip problems. He is eight now, and we hike two hours everyday. His coat is beautiful. I credit your products. … Thank you for everything. I will always use your products.

Karen Schuster, Ohio

Real Stories Heidi begging for Fresh Factors from her favorite person, Alec.

Fresh Factors – Helpful for Digestion

Dear Springtime,

Our five year old Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix, Heidi, became very ill two years ago (vomiting which didn't stop until she was vomiting blood). She was diagnosed with inflammation of the pancreas, spent two days in the intensive care and another two days at the vets. It was difficult to feed her when she came home. Just a little too much dry food would set her off and she would vomit. Using your dog chart, we added Fresh Factors and Bug Off Garlic Granules to her diet. Now, she is able to eat dry food and even have an occasional bone.

Pam Skaar, Wisconsin

Real Stories Basia, soaking up the sun in her golden years.

Severe Hip Problems, Now Has Happy Life

Dear Springtime,

My Rottweiler, Basia, turned eleven last week and your products have helped her this far. She had hip problems so severe that at six months of age her leg was "popping" out of the hip socket. She's had two hip surgeries and a spinal injury from a fall (due to her unstable hips). Through all of this she has been on a low dose of steroids. My vet said when she was still a puppy, that the steroids would shorten her life considerably due to organ damage. The results were worth the risks as this was the only therapy that helped her inflammation and pain and allowed her to have a happy, normal life. I found Fresh Factors when she was about two years old and added them to her diet. Much to everyone's surprise, we never had to increase the level of steroids to control her symptoms. When she was nine and needed the second hip operated on, the blood work showed that her organs were in perfect working condition. This was two years after her predicted life expectancy. Just before her birthday this year, I had blood work done again and her organs are still working in perfect condition. I switched her to Longevity when it was introduced and I have noticed that she has even more energy. I can't thank you enough for the part I'm convinced your products have played in her continuing happy life.

Gwyn Starr, Michigan

Real Stories

Lameness: Dramatic Recovery

Dear Springtime,

This letter is about eight years overdue! When I first saw the letters in your catalogue, I said to myself, "Oh, yeah. Sales puff." Not too much later, I was telling your telephone receptionists time and time again, "I really must write you a letter." Finally, here it is!

I started with Fresh Factors eight years ago when my Siberian Husky, Fred, wouldn't get off of the low sofa. He was very stiff and had considerable muscle soreness. He was very glum and clearly uncomfortable, if not in pain. Radiographs revealed nothing. I put him on Fresh Factors and about two weeks later, he was his old self again…

Years later, I took Freddy off of Fresh Factors for a while. The hind end lameness returned. At the time, the vet put him on medication. Sadly, I had forgotten about Fresh Factors. After three months, I noticed blood in his stool, and without consulting the vet, immediately took Fred off of the medication. I remembered Fresh Factors and placed an order. Two weeks later, Fred was quite chipper again and back to his bouncy self. . .

Sadly, Fred, my Siberian passed over the Rainbow Bridge this past January at the age of 16 1⁄2. He had a long and happy life. But even as the end grew near, I ground up his Fresh Factors and mixed them in with his turkey baby food. We knew things were pretty bad though, when after more than eight years, he suddenly wasn't too keen on his daily Fresh Factors.

We have a new fur baby named Mollie who is also a Siberian. Her first order is on the way. And now we know that all those testimonial letters are really true!

Kindest Regards,
Susan Terry Burroughs & "Mollie," Florida

Real Stories

"Company prices are reasonable and customer service is ideal"

Dear Springtime,

Yes, my dog is flea, tick and hot-spot free. Her coat is beautiful. Her energy and enthusiasm is right-on for a nine year old German Shepherd.
I have been using Springtime products for the last four or five years and I wouldn't change companies for anything. The company prices are reasonable and customer service is ideal. I would like to encourage you in your wonderful work and to keep on developing natural remedies for dogs.

Douglas E. Daniels, Missouri

Real Stories The Thomas Family - Tim, Genie, Amber and Sika.

"...they could not believe she was 13."

Dear Springtime,

I just want to say that my 13 year old Akita, Sika, has been on Fresh Factors for several years and it has made such a difference in her. She has had hip problems since she was four and all the other meds out there affected her in so many ways. I put her on Fresh Factors and saw a big difference…. I truly believe Sika looks as good as she does because of the care we give her and the Fresh Factors… We had Sika to the vet and they could not believe she was 13.

Thank you for giving my Akita a great life!
Genie N. Thomas and Family, Florida

Real Stories Shadow has his old step back.

"…to this day remains healthy, happy, and playful."

Dear Springtime,

My Shepherd mix dog, Shadow, started having hip problems when he was just 18 months old. He was in such pain that he could no longer get up on the bed, get up in the car, or just enjoy going for a walk. Every step he took was extremely painful for him and he would just whimper as he tried to walk. He would hold his leg up in the air because it was just too painful for him to try to put it down.

A friend of mine told me about Fresh Factors, so I figured I might give it a try even though I was skeptical that it would help very much. I doubled the dose for the first two weeks as recommended and to my amazement and disbelief, at the end of two weeks he was running and playing just like a puppy. It really was a miracle.

Shadow and I can't thank you enough for your great product. Shadow has been taking Fresh Factors for five years and to this day remains healthy, happy, and playful. Your product was a godsend.

Dina Wood, West Virginia

Real Stories Margaret & Niki enjoying a summer's day together.

"Within one week there was a total change."

Dear Springtime,

Fresh Factors REALLY does make a total difference. It looked as if I was going to have to put my 15 year old dog to sleep as I would have to help her up all the time. She had lost weight also.

Within one week there was a total change. I was amazed and glad, hence my re-order. I've told many people of this excellent product. Thank you so much.

Margaret Zumbaugh, Indiana

Real Stories 11 year old Noopy runs and acts like a puppy.

No more back problems for eleven year old Daschund!

Dear Springtime,

I just want to say thank you for your product. I started to give my Daschund, Noopy, Fresh Factors about seven years ago after she had back problems. Almost immediately we saw 100% improvement. Noopy is now 11 years old and runs and acts like a puppy! Thank you again for giving me more years with my best friend, Noopy.

Dee Knabel, Illinois

Real Stories Jackson benefits from both holistic and traditional veterinary care as well as Fresh Factors and Bug Off Garlic Granules.

Happy and healthy twelve year old Newfoundland

Dear Springtime,

I have had my 12 year old Newfoundland, Jackson, on Fresh Factors and Bug Off Garlic Granules since moving from Oregon to West Virginia seven years ago. While Jackson has had the benefit of high quality nutrition and both holistic and traditional veterinary care since age one, I'm convinced that Fresh Factors has been a major factor in keeping him going so well for so long. Twelve years is a commendable age for a Newfoundland. Thank you, Springtime, for keeping us going in such good form!

David Klinger, West Virginia
Note: Sadly, Jackson passed away January 3, 2007.

Real Stories Surf's up for Jane (as a puppy) and her friend, Hoku.

No more "Hawaiian Itch!"

Dear Springtime,

As a small, non-profit service dog training program in Hawaii, we were thrilled to discover Fresh Factors. Your product was donated by a lab breeder to help one of our dogs, (Jane, a yellow Lab) with a "Hawaiian Itch" problem. It works wonders and her coat is beautiful today.

Just a fun side line on her, the Lab in the TV series "Lost" is Jane's mom – they look exactly the same.

Susan Luehrs, Hawaii
Hawaii Fi-Do Service and Therapy dogs

Real Stories Lorraine and her yellow Lab, Ali, sitting pretty.

13 Years Old – "The limp went away…"

Dear Springtime,

We have experienced very good luck with Fresh Factors. Our dog Ali had knee surgery for a torn ligament and was recovering nicely for about six months. Then she started to limp and favor the leg that had knee surgery. A visit with our veterinarian resulted in a recommendation for further surgery. My friend, Debbie Randolph, recommended your product to us and we decided to give it a try before subjecting Ali to surgery again. She responded well to the Fresh Factors. The limp went away and she has more energy (she is 13 years old) and NO SURGERY. Ali is a yellow Lab and she looks forward every morning to consuming her "pills." Thank you and much continued success.

Lorraine Gawronski, Virginia

Real Stories Princess, Jeanne and Lula – the girls

"Thank you for a great product… it's amazing!"

Dear Springtime,

Yes, I've used Fresh Factors with our dog, Princess. She has been on Fresh Factors for one year now and we are still amazed at our 16 year old dog and how she runs and plays like she's a puppy. Every morning I walk both Princess and Lulu (our other dog, that was a stray we adopted when no one claimed her – she is on Fresh Factors too). Princess is always running ahead of us. I am now going to try the Daily Calm on my horse, who gets nervous away from the barn. Thank you for a great product. I've told so many people about Fresh Factors… it's amazing!

Jeanne Lemner, Vermont

Real Stories No more shots for Bear!

Has Recovered From Severe Skin Allergies

Dear Springtime,

Fresh Factors are incredible. My dog, Bear, is on a special diet. He is allergic to wheat, corn and rice. He also has allergies to leaf mold, etc. Until this year, he has had to have two cortisone treatments per year. Last spring I started him on Fresh Factors after checking with my vet who approved. He still has itchy times, but no need for cortisone. It is nice nowadays to find a product that does what it is supposed to do.

Ruth Merizon, Michigan

Real Stories P.J. and Jake are winners!

"…runs and plays all day long!"

Dear Springtime,

My name is Peter John and this picture is of me and my Bulldog, Jake. (I named him Jake because of the TV show Jake and the Fat Man – you can see why!) We had just won the look-alike contest at the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Alexandria, Virginia.

When I got Jake, he had to have surgery for a luxating patella. Kate Kimener of On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue, told me about Fresh Factors and Jake has been on four a day for two years. He is four years old now, and runs and plays all day long! He never limps and the vet told me that he might. But he doesn't! I get your catalogs and I've seen other Bulldogs in them. I'm so proud to be a Bulldog owner. I just wanted to thank you for making a great product!

P. J. Pandazides, Virginia

Real Stories Wild Bill in his cart before Fresh Factors.

Needed a cart to get around – Has now recovered and runs on his own.

Dear Springtime,

I have five Dachshunds, two of which had back surgery. Wild Bill's was in December 2001. In August 2002, he lost the use of his hind legs again. The veterinarian at A&M University Hospital said they could operate again, but he would probably never walk again. I could put him on a cart or put him to sleep. I chose the cart. Then I got your catalog in the mail and ordered Bug Off Garlic Granules and Fresh Factors. Within a few weeks he was using his back legs in the cart. Then in December 2003 I got his cart out for him to go hunting in the back half acre and it was a miracle. He took a few steps, then flopped down and got back up and ran a few more steps. The cart now sits on a table on the back porch. He is free to roam his half acre again. (Sam is 13, Bill and C.J. are 9, Mark Anthony is 8 and Trouble is 7 years young). Thank you for all your wonderful products.

Jacqueline Kranz, Texas

Real Stories Judy with her beautiful babies, Paris and China.

"No more 'white coat itching or chewing'…"

Dear Springtime,

Paris and China each eat two Fresh Factors with breakfast and two with dinner. No more "white coat itching or chewing" skin conditions and you can see how beautiful they look. They are sisters and best friends for 14 years and your product is helping them stay healthy.

Thank you,
Judy Post, New York

Real Stories Fifteen year old Bob enjoys his human, Jeri.

Vet calls him "Bob the wonder dog!"

Dear Springtime,

I have been using Fresh Factorsfor a long time now for my Schipperke, Bob. He is now 15. Other than being completely blind, my vet says he is incredibly healthy. He does not have arthritis or other health issues. My vet calls him "Bob the wonder dog." Thank you for your wonderful products. I am going to try Stress Free Calmplex for him as now that he is blind he occasionally gets a little anxious not knowing where he is.

Jeri Biggs, California

Real Stories Talbot is a miracle dog!

"…the lymphoma is now in remission."

Dear Springtime,

My dog, Talbot, a Welsh Corgi was diagnosed with both joint problems in his rear legs and lymphoma. We had previously lost his sister due to the lymphoma. I started him on Fresh Factors three months ago and since then he is walking normal. The vet said the lymphoma is now in remission. He asked me what I was giving Talbot so I gave him a copy of your catalog. If Talbot continues to stay in remission for the next month, my vet is going to recommend Fresh Factors to all his clients…

Thank you!
Nancy L. Clark, Maryland

Real Stories Best buddies, Champis and Chivas, after a swim in the ocean.

"…Champis seemed like he was young again."

Dear Springtime,

This is Chivas (red Golden Mix, 9 1/2 years old), who lives with my mother, and Champis (Golden Retriever, 13 years old) who lives with my good friend, Katarina. They live in Sweden, and I sent them Fresh Factors because I heard from someone that it would really help aging dogs.

When I first sent Katarina some Fresh Factors for Champis, she called wondering what was in the tablets. She said Champis seemed like he was young again.

I went home to Sweden for a visit (I moved to the USA over six years ago) and Katarina and I met to let the dogs play together. They were very happy, but Champis had a rough time moving around. His hind end would not bear him up very well, and he had trouble climbing stairs. Katarina said she was out of Fresh Factors and I immediately gave her an extra jar of Chiva's. Two days later, she called me to say that Champis was again jumping in the car by himself, and running around like the good old days.

Thank you, Springtime, for a great product,
Helene Gregory, New Jersey

Real Stories The Nelsons cuddle with their family.

"…my eleven St. Bernards receive their daily quota of Fresh Factors."

Dear Springtime,

Early in August 1997, my four year old St. Bernard exhibited symptoms of hip dysplasia. Bruno would place his front paws on the stairs, while I had to lift his hind quarters. In this manner, we traversed over a dozen steps daily… To be able to climb up to the front seat of my car, I had to build a platform, and finally an elevator in my house to raise him 22 feet. A phone call to Michigan's number one breeder, Anna Irwin, brought the suggestion to get Fresh Factors and double or triple the dosage. So, over a six week period, I gave Bruno 12 tablets daily. Within six weeks, all of the symptoms were gone, and the St. Bernard was walking normally. Since then, all of my eleven St. Bernards receive their daily quota of Fresh Factors. When a Saint goes out for adoption, the animal takes with it the brochure about the product. All the adoptive parents of my St. Bernard rescues leave with the knowledge that this product is not only a preventative, but a life-saver. Fresh Factors is absolutely critical to their well being.

John Nelson, Saint Bernard Rescue, Michigan

Real Stories Taz and her littlest fans.

11 years old – no more back problems!

Dear Springtime,

Pictured is Taz, a German Shepherd, with Mrs. Schuler's second grade students in Enterprise, Kansas. The class had just read a book about German Shepherds as part of their reading assignment. Mrs. Schuler invited me to bring Taz for the class to see and interact with her. Taz just had her hair cut and the students still said, "She is so pretty." Taz (Tazmanian Devil) is really Miss Congeniality. She loved all the students and their teacher. Taz and I owe it all to Springtime's Fresh Factors. In 1998, Taz had severe back problems and found it very difficult and painstakingly slow to rise from a sitting position. I started her on Fresh Factorsand within several weeks, she began acting like a pup again. She is now 11 years old. She walks at least a mile with me each day. Taz has also visited the residents of the local nursing home, and they loved her, too. Thank you, Fresh Factors.

Gerald Dorsch, Kansas

Real Stories Levi is full of fun again!

"Fresh Factors…added years to her life!"

Dear Springtime,

I have had excellent luck with your products. I own a 26 year old Saddlebred named King… I know that your product has extended his life and his time with me. He's my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him. I also have an older cat named Levi who is 14 and is developing (joint problems). She now takes Fresh Factors and it has added years to her life! She is full of fun again. Thank you for your products.

Lisa M. Tippie, Ohio

Real Stories Druid LOVES his

"Dru managed to get a hold of the jar and eat the entire 60 tablets!"

Dear Springtime,

I've been giving my dogs
Fresh Factorsfor about three years now with wonderful results. At the risk of admitting a rare moment of negligence as a dog owner, I must tell you how I discovered what a SAFE product it is.

A few months ago, I placed a new, unopened 60-count jar of Fresh Factors on a kitchen counter, thinking it was out of reach of my then four month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy, Druid. While I napped one day, Dru managed to get hold of the jar and eat the entire 60 tablets! All I found was an empty jar and a chewed-up lid! He seemed none for the worse for it at the time, so I watched him closely for the next two days and to my astonishment (and delight)…no vomiting, no diarrhea, not even a loose stool. It was as if he hadn't consumed it at all. I was amazed.

While I wouldn't have chosen this particular method to "test" the safety of a product, it nonetheless proved to me that your products are not only effective, but SAFE. (Needless to say, I am more careful now so my little monster can't help himself to things that may or may not be harmful to him). Thanks for the added peace of mind I now have knowing that when I give my beloved dogs their Fresh Factors, this daily "treat" is as safe as it is beneficial.

Nancy Edmonds, Missouri

Real Stories Bear Lee Linn at 10 years old - Momma's little boy.

"…coat had become shiny and beautiful…"

Dear Springtime,

My four-legged son, Bear, was diagnosed on August 18, 2000 with a deadly autoimmune disease. We were able to keep Bear alive for just over one year – for which we were very thankful. During his illness, he was on human cancer medicine that took a terrible toll on his skin and fur. My vet had one of your catalogs and I took it home and ended up ordering Fresh Factors. I was amazed at the transformation in Bear. His skin and coat had become shiny and beautiful and he perked right up- despite the horrible medicine he was on and its effects. I have recommended Fresh Factors to many others and am ordering some for one of my new "kids," Jesse James, who has some skin problems. I am hoping that Fresh Factors can do for Jesse what it did for Bear.

Thank you for this product.
Toni Linn, Michigan

Real Stories

"Thank you for making such a superior product."

Dear Springtime,

Over the years, my dogs have benefited greatly from Fresh Factors. I have mainly had Greyhounds, but I have non-hounds as well. I find that Fresh Factors have helped my older as well as my younger hounds. One of my favorite hounds was Charlie, who lost his battle with cancer in May of last year. His cancer was diagnosed in the previous December, and the doctors gave him about a month to live. With the help ofFresh Factors and other supplements, he lived an additional four months. Not only that, during that time, he still had quality of life. And, I know his energy level remained higher than it would have been without Fresh Factors. Thank you for making such a superior product. My mother and I are still using your products, and continue to see results in our dogs. I would never be without Fresh Factors.

Diane Lee and Wanda Lee (my mom), Texas

Real Stories Korbel and Haley living the good life.

No More Back Problems

Dear Springtime,

This is Korbel and Haley, my two Golden Retrievers. Shortly after Haley turned three, she began not being able to jump on the couch or go up and down the stairs.

You could see by her eyes she was in pain. My boss told me about Fresh Factors and gave me your magazine and some Fresh Factorsto get started. I then placed an order and saw how it helped her. Haley will soon be eight and has not had one more problem with her back. She plays, runs, and jumps like a puppy.

At the same time I started Haley on Fresh Factors, I also started Korbel. He is very big-boned and seemed to kind of have that funny walk that dogs with hip problems have. I feared it would get worse in time. He also is almost eight and I believe, thanks to Fresh Factors, he has not had any problems. They both act like puppies. I love your Fresh Factors. I cannot say enough about it. I also give them Joint Health Chewables. They have been on it for almost five years and will stay on it for the rest of their lives.

I also have told many people about your products and as a result, they too have their dogs on them. I thank you for such great products.

Donna Mershon, Illinois

Real Stories Kiya and Spirit.

No More "…gnawing on her front legs…"

Dear Springtime,

I am so grateful for your products and the quality of life it has provided our very loved, four legged members of our family. Kiya, our Akita, has been having a lot of breathing issues (my vet said it is similar to COPD, and we don't smoke). It was breaking our hearts to think of putting her down, but it had gotten to where she had been having accidents, and was unable to make it outside because the cold took her breath away. I began giving her the Fresh Factors ground up in her food with a couple of raw eggs and some of the Bug Off Garlic Chewables. She was also on some prednisone from the vet. In less than two weeks, she was able to get up and willingly go outside on her own! Amazing! She still had some trouble with labored breathing, but she hadn't collapsed and I didn't see her tongue turn blue. I then ordered more Fresh Factors and added the Joint Health Chewables. I also decided to chance a try at the Breather Powder, as the vet said her symptoms were similar to heaves in horses. Kiya is 100 pounds, and I gave her about ¼ teaspoon mixed in with her dinner. Now her breathing seems less labored, and once again, she got up and out. Her eyes look brighter and she is more alert. She was sleeping so much more before.

Spirit has had problems with chronic yeast infections in her ears, and had been a nervous chewer, gnawing on her front legs, which she has stopped since taking her Fresh Factors. She takes them like a treat but Kiya won't, so we crush them into a powder.

I didn't want to make this so lengthy, but I always tell my friends about the summer when Spirit was attacked by bees. She had been on her Bug Off Garlic Chewables since March and the incident happened in late August. My young son was walking his "puppy" and hooked her leash to a log on the wood pile. None of us had noticed bees there before, but when the dog pulled they swarmed her. Fortunately, we had the hose on, as we were watering the horses. I called the vet, who advised us to give her benedryl, and to watch her for seizures or shock. I picked several bees out of her fur, and noticed that while she was covered in bees, there were no welts, and no evidence she had been stung. I later looked on the internet and read of several instances where dogs had died from similar events. All I can say is thank God she was on Bug Off Garlic Chewables!

My husband and I use and love the joint health for people too.

Thank you for the wonderful products and great service!
Paula Carroll, Illinois

Real Stories Jimmy and Sammy continue to get better and better with each day; they are more playful, have more energy and their coats are just to die for beautiful.

"…the hot spots went away completely."

Dear Springtime,

One of my members (of Majesty Rottweiler Rescue, Inc.), Mr. Jim Wells, has been purchasing your products for a very long time and simply raves about the wonderful affects it has on the dogs. This was proven to me when we took in two senior Rottie boys, Jimmy and Sammy, who were in terrible shape. They were very skinny, their coats were very dull and falling out and they had hot spots in several places. They both looked so old and in such bad shape we really didn't hold out much hope for them. Mr. Wells purchased your Fresh Factors and they were given as prescribed every day, and within no time both their coats became soft, silky and stopped falling out, and the hot spots went away completely. To say I was amazed is truly an understatement. I was thrilled; we started giving Fresh Factors to all of the pups who came in along with our own.

Terry Robertson, Maryland
Majesty Rottweiler Rescue, Inc.

Real Stories Conor.

"…his coat looks terrific!"

Dear Springtime,

I love these products. My 12 year old pup, Conor, has been suffering from recurring skin infections for over three years. Since his last round of antibiotics, I put him on Fresh Factors and he has had very minimal recurrences of the problem. And, his coat looks terrific! Glad I came back!

Nancy and "Conor" Crawford, Delaware

Real Stories Chip.

"Even at age 9, Chip can outrun many dogs half his age."

Dear Springtime,

I can't remember who I spoke with when I placed the last order, but I told her I'd send a picture of my dog Chip. He turned 9 in May and we will be celebrating nine years together later this month. I found out about Fresh Factors in the mid '90s when I had a Shepherd mix named Bud. He had torn his ACL and developed some joint issues in the knee a couple of years later. The vet had him taking pain medication, but a co-worker told me about Fresh Factors. Because of your product, I was able to stop giving the pain medication to Bud. He passed away in 2002, and I ended up adopting Chip (possibly an Anatolian Shepherd mix). I decided to start giving Fresh Factors to Chip a couple of years ago just for preventative maintenance purposes. The attached photo was taken in December when we were on vacation in Florida. Even at age 9, Chip has lots of energy and can outrun many dogs half his age.

Thanks for keeping your product reasonably priced!

Mary Dick, Virginia

Real Stories Beloved JR & Emma. Real Stories Emma & Ada.

"… no better feeling in this world than to see my dogs walk pain-free, run, swim, or play ball again."

Dear Springtime,

About a year ago, I had written a letter regarding my German Shepherds, JR and Emma. At the time, I started using Fresh Factors. My 11 year old male, JR, was blind with an old injury in his leg from an accident. My 11 year old female, Emma, had cancer, two mammary tumors and a tumor consuming 47% of her abdomen. She had been given two days to two weeks, max, to live. Both were in terrible pain, we were carrying both outside, and they could barely walk. I had made plans for euthanasia for both. Thanks to your wonderful products I was able to cancel those plans. I was so happy with the results that I began giving all eight of my dogs your products! I've ordered Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables, Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables, Bug Off Garlic Chewables, Bee Pollen, and Stress Free Calmplex, and I have not been disappointed!

Although a month ago, I lost my beloved JR to bone cancer, I am happy to report that Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables (the Combo) greatly improved his quality of life until the end. Emma is still going strong at 12! I am also thrilled to report that a recent trip to the vet shows that one of her mammary tumors is dead, the other mammary tumor and the tumor in her abdomen have STOPPED growth! I am attaching photos of Emma (black & tan) with her eight year old sister, Ada (black & tan longcoat), It is clear that they are both doing very well! Even the vet is pleased with the improved health of the dogs. I'm pleased that we make far less trips to his office!

I will never be able to put into words how grateful I am to my Mom for suggesting the use of your products, or to Springtime for making these miracle working products. There was no better feeling in this world than to see my dogs walk pain-free, run, swim, or play ball again. I was given the gift of an additional quality year with JR and I've been given the gift of an additional year and counting with Emma.

Rest assured, I will continue to recommend your products to others and give samples from my private stock. I will be a guaranteed customer for life! Thank you so very much!

Christi Stroud, Ohio

Real Stories Amanda’s favorite photo of her Puglettes.

"…lived seven more happy years."

Dear Springtime,

I have enclosed a picture of my Pugs. We started using Fresh Factors in '96, and our Pug, Tigger, was 9 years old at the time. She had degeneration of the spinal cord. She had lost use of her hind legs and we got her a wheel chair and in the spring of '96 she began losing control of her bowels. I had received your catalog in the mail, so I ordered Fresh Factors. Within two weeks Tigger was back to playing with her sister Banjo. It was amazing to say the least! She had regained control of her bowels and lived seven more happy years. We have had all of our pugs on Fresh Factors and just last year we put Columbo on Joint Health Chewables full time. They love Bee Pollen too – they beg for that! Banjo lived to be 17 years old, we just lost her last summer. I know their longevity is due to your products.

Amanda Branham, Ohio

Real Stories DuAnn with Charlie (Pom) and Starr (Lab).

Hip Problems – "…helped a lot…"

Dear Springtime,

I have had really good luck with your products – that's why I've reordered. I had bought Fresh Factors a long time ago for one of my dogs that had hip problems. It helped her a lot right up till the end and now I have two more that are having trouble. I received a flyer from you (since I had lost the number) and remembered how well it worked, so I ordered for them. I just reordered so I don't run out!

Thank you,
DuAnn Goode, Texas

Real Stories Jesse with John’s wife, Susan, enjoying the fresh air.

Fresh Factors for Great Coat

Dear Springtime,

Our shelter-adopted Shepherd Mix, Jesse, has been getting your Fresh Factors almost since we got him over a year ago...and we frequently get comments how good his coat looks.

You can tell he's happy to be up in the mountains!

John Watson, Colorado

Real Stories Erin & Rudy Carl on a hiking trip.

"He looks and acts like a young dog."

Dear Springtime,

I have been feeding Fresh Factors to my Rottweiler, Rudy Carl, for seven years. And, in addition, Joint Health Chewables Joint Health Chewables for the last five. He is over 10 years old and you would NEVER know it. He looks and acts like a young dog. I attribute this primarily to Fresh Factors, but also toJoint Health Chewables . Other than some gray hairs on his chin, you would never know his age. His coat is beautiful, his eyes are clear; he has lots of energy and still bounces up and down like he has since he was a puppy.

I have had great experiences giving samples ofFresh Factors to friends. One had an older Rottweiler. After a month or so on Fresh Factors, the UPS driver came to the house. Not knowing, of course, about the new supplement, the UPS guy commented on how great the dog looked and asked the owners, "What happened to Thor? He looks great and has so much energy!"

I swear by your products for dogs.

Thank you,
Erin House, Michigan

Real Stories Dexter, Carly & Shannon.

Hot Spots – "...clear skin now..."

Dear Springtime,

I have used your Fresh Factors products for about a year now, and highly endorse them for my champion Bichon Frise dogs. One of the dogs, up until recently, has had repeated hot spots. She not only enjoys the tablets as "treats," she also has had clear skin for a number of months now, since using Fresh Factors. This has been outstanding - and what I consider a success for us. Thank you so much.
Susan Anneser, Connecticut

Real Stories Beau.

After Only a Week, No More Limping!

Dear Springtime,

I am writing as testimony to the Fresh Factors. I have a 9 year old dog, Beau, who has bad hips. He limps and is very stiff. The vet put him on pain medication. However, I could not get him to take the pills. I tried hiding them in the food, in cheese, hot dogs, etc. He would eat the food and spit the pill out. I tried to pill him and he would "gack" the pill back up. Every day was a fight or a wasted pill.

I bought the Fresh Factors and after a week or so, I swear he wasn't limping any longer. He is much more limber and he LOVES the taste of the Fresh Factors.

Thanks for a great product!
Donna Kennedy, Ohio

Real Stories Boomer out for a run on the beach!

11 Year Old "…still happy, bouncy guy."

Dear Springtime,

Here is a picture of Boomer taken September 2012 running on the beach! He turned 11 years old July 21, 2012. He still enjoys the beach very much and always comes running back out of the water! He gets six Fresh Factors a day, and has been on them for several years now, and as I have said before, he will always be on them!

He went for his six month checkup the first week of October. His vet gave him a clean bill of health and raved at what good condition he is in. He even went so fat to say that if I told him I had just adopted Boomer and told him that he was 11 years old, that he would not believe me! He said that he would not put Boomer past six years old if he was examining him for the first time. He calls Boomer the energizer bunny.

Boomer is still a happy, bouncy guy – my little Tigger because when I get home and he gets one of his favorite treats, he still bounces up and down on his front legs! I wanted to send this to you, because I know you guys care about animals as much as I do.

Thank you all,
Kay Durant, California

Real Stories Bruno, happy and content after a day of play!

Fresh Factors for Beautiful Coat

Dear Springtime,

We are enclosing a picture of our Bruno after a day of playing at a nearby lake and beach. He's a six month old West German Shepherd. He's such a joy in our lives! We give him Fresh Factors every day. His coat is just beautiful! Thank you for having such a great product.

Alan & Kathy Kusenko, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Rudy contemplating the great outdoors.

Fresh Factors for Cat's Healthy Coat

Dear Springtime,

I have given Fresh Factors to my dogs and have seen good results. I have a cat named Rudy that had skin sores that would seem to clear up for a while and then return (no fleas). Rudy enjoys eating the Fresh Factors and I have seen a big difference in only a few days of giving him between ½ and a full tablet a daily. Therefore, I am ordering more to be sure I don't run out.

Thank you,
Patricia & "Rudy" Farley, New Jersey

Real Stories Regina, her son Elijah, and a few of her much-loved Beagles.

"…completely off medication to this day."

Dear Springtime,

A few years ago, one of my own dogs was having some joint issues. He was routinely on vet prescribed medication. This was something I did not want him on long term. I discovered Fresh Factors at that time. After a short while on that he felt better; he had no stiffness, no limp and was completely off medication to this day. Since then, I have put all of my four dogs on Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables. I have three 13 year olds that the vet tells me are in excellent shape.

Because I am president and run the Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation, I put all my rescue dogs on Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables and even some even on Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables (dogs above the age of five and/or have problems). We have had to do multiple surgeries for hip dysplasia and valgus deformity as well as ACL injury/tears. All of our rescue dogs do better with Fresh Factors,Joint Health Chewables and Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables.

I highly recommend this product for any dog having issues or even dogs advancing in age as a preventative. I know it works, because I have seen the results. I trust the product and I know I am giving my own dogs and my rescue dogs something safe for them that will help them.

Thank you, Springtime,
Regina Harman
President, Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation

Real Stories Guinness feeling full of fun!

11 Year Old Lab "...runs again..."

Dear Springtime,

Your product Fresh Factors has changed my 11 year old chocolate Lab, Guinness! Fresh Factors was referred to me by a friend and in less than two months I have noticed a difference. He moves easier (actually runs again), his fur, which was suffering, is better and he is much more alert.

I've sent you a great action picture of a very happy dog! I was out throwing the ball to Guinness this morning, and just a few months ago, he could barely get up!

Thanks for your product!
Andrea C. Bell, Michigan