Real Letters - Bug Off Garlic for Horses
Real Stories Amos loves his Bug Off Garlic!

"It only took three days before the flies were gone..."

Dear Springtime,

We're using the Bug Off Garlic on our two donkeys, as well as some goats who were really being pestered by a long-lasting fly outbreak, despite our dry climate in central Texas. It only took three days before the flies were gone. The donkeys hate having medication near their eyes for gnats, and that's no longer needed either.

They don't seem to mind the taste at all. Many thanks!! We are really happy this simple, safe, solution has had such good results. And here is a photo of our male Jerusalem donkey, Amos, smiling for the camera. Most of the time he hams it up with very little encouragement.

- Robin Graham, TX

Real Stories Spicey is Bite-Free!

"She still had flies but no bites..."

Dear Springtime,

I have been feeding my 22-year-old mare, Spicey, Bug Off Garlic for years. I mix it in about two cups of grain and one of those small individual cups of applesauce. She needs three scoops a day and she eats it much better with the applesauce.

While she still had flies, she didn't have any fly bites or "bumps" on her body when they were on the garlic. I didn't realize quite how effective it was until I ran out. I won't let that happen again. Love the products.

-Marylou Henthorn, AZ

Real Stories Roanie and Gloria.

"It works great, it is like a miracle..."

Dear Springtime,

Two years ago when we purchased my mare, Roanie, she was miserable with huge sores on her belly, and the hair on the top of her tail was gone from the horrible itching. Roanie has a bad allergic reaction to the no-see-ums. We tried several things that did not work that year and then I tried the Bug Off Garlic at the end of the season.

I kept her on a smaller amount throughout the winter and increased in the spring. Last summer Roanie had no problem whatsoever with the flies, gnats or no-see-ums. No more sores and itching! I didn't even need a fly sheet. Roanie and I are so thankful for Bug Off Garlic! It works great! I am giving it to my other horse, Rainy, now also. They both eat it with no issues.

Also, my farrier has mentioned several times that her hooves are so much better now. I usually put front shoes on Roanie from about April through October when I am riding her a lot. However, my farrier didn't think she would need them this year since her hooves have improved so much. In the past, before the Bug Off Garlic, she even needed pads because her feet were so sore.

Thank you and keep producing those great products!

Gloria Bonacci, Washington

Real Stories Cody & Anne.
Image by Julie Bown.
Real Stories Chelsey working on her tricks for Halloween!

"No worry about swatting big horse flies …"

Dear Springtime,

For the last several years, I have been using Bug Off Garlic on my horses, and it works unbelievably well. I have owned horses all my life, and started riding when I was approximately two years old. Since then, I have taken part in many equine activities… fox hunting, jumping, pleasure riding, and competing in many different horse shows. Please keep in mind that I am a mature senior at age 71, so, as they say, I've been around the track a time or two. During those earlier years with my horses, just about the only fly protection we had was the fly spray. Of course, that usually didn't last very long, and had to be repeated several times a day. Since using Bug Off Garlic, the fly population on my horses is almost nil. No worry about swatting big horse flies, or having to carry a leafy branch to ward off pesky flies when trail riding.

I'm glad to say that our horses and donkeys are [taking] Bug Off Garlic knowing that they will not be bothered so much by the flies this summer. Here is a photo of me with my Quarter Horse gelding, Cody. Please give credit to my wonderful friend and neighbor, Julie Brown, for taking the photo.

By the way, we started our dogs on Fresh Factors about three months ago. They are doing great. We have four Labs (the oldest will be 15 in July) and Chelsey, the 'rat' dog in the other picture I sent. She is a Rat Terrier mix and came from Randolph Animal Shelter, rescued from a bad hoarding situation. Chelsey was trained in the New Leash on Life program at the minimum security prison here in our county. She goes weekly to the hospital as well as other places. The picture of Chelsey was taken at the hospital around Halloween. Thought you would enjoy seeing her ... she does lots of tricks; perhaps her best known one is to pray.

Keep up the great work!


Anne P. Evans, North Carolina
Duckback Labradors (

Real Stories Janet’s yaks enjoying the sun.

"My Yaks love your Bug Off Garlic!"

Dear Springtime,

We really like your Bug Off Garlic. We use it for our donkeys and our yaks with great results! My Yaks love your Bug Off Garlic!

Janet Biersack

Real Stories Before Bug Off, Joyce’s horses were mercilessly attacked by deer flies from the nearby forest. Real Stories Oakie. Real Stories El.

Ranch Rescued from Florida Deer Flies.

Dear Springtime,

Our ranch is next to a Florida state forest, where the deer flies are NASTY! Our four horses have huge, free-choice, open stalls, and by May, the flies would drive my horses insane. Not this year! I started my horses on Bug Off Garlic.

No dripping fly sprays! No more greasy coats! No fly masks! No nasty welts or sores under their bellies! Even the gnats are giving up.

Bug Off Garlic will be a part of my feeding program for the rest of my life and theirs. Thank you for a great natural product.

Joyce Mosher, Florida

Real Stories Jessee with Babe, Lakota, and Sweet Pea. Real Stories L to R: Sugar, Noodle, Jitterbug, & Dingo love Springtime!

"Thank heavens for Bug Off Garlic!"

Dear Springtime,

I've used your products for almost 20 years now. Long ago, I happened to come across a testimonial for Fresh Factors. It convinced me to at least try the product as skeptical as I was. Our beloved older dog, Crunch, was fading away, so I started giving her the Fresh Factors. I noticed, that after just two days, she was already returning to normal energy levels. Well, thanks to Fresh Factors, we had two more really good years with our Crunchie. Our dogs (Sugar, Noodle, Jitterbug, and Dingo) get Fresh Factors or Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Chewables every day to keep the fleas and ticks away.

Currently we live in south Texas, bug capital of the USA. Fighting off bugs of all kinds to protect our horses is a challenge. My 25 yr old horse, Lakota, developed an allergic reaction to bug bites. And, worse, he also started reacting to fly sprays and spot-on repellents. Thank heavens for Bug Off Garlic! Lakota's allergic reactions have been maintained. My horses have no problem [taking] Bug Off Garlic. Every day, I soak their senior feed along with beet pulp pellets and the Bug Off Garlic granules in water for 20 minutes and then [give] it. They clean their buckets. Thanks so much, Springtime!

Jessee Province, Texas

Real Stories Ranger (right) is ready for a ride!

"…he could remain sound"

Dear Springtime,

I used to have a horrible time trying to keep my horses free of bot fly eggs. I am happy to report that the Bug Off Garlic granules really works!!! Ranger, a Buckskin Paint, is on your Joint Health Formula. I was thrilled to discover he could maintain soundness – thank you! I appreciate what you do for my animals.

In the photo I sent, the gentleman is my husband Albert. He is riding Ranger (Texas Ranger), and I am riding my oldest horse, Charlie (Charlie Brown).

Mary K. Olivares, Texas

Real Stories Joy herding the sheep of Hado-Bar Farm.

"Both the dogs and the sheep LOVE their Bug Off Garlic!"

Dear Springtime,

I began giving the Bug Off Garlic products to my dogs (a Border Collie named Joy, an Australian Shepherd named Dixie, and a Whippet named Zoom Zoom) and to my flock of sheep in March of this year (2016). I feed the dogs the Bug Off Garlic Chewables (mixed in their feed each morning) and mix the Bug Off Garlic with the mineral salt ration that the sheep receive two or three times each week. Both the dogs and the sheep LOVE their Bug Off Garlic!

Then, I ran out of the granules about a month ago. I'm a Stockdog (Herding) Trainer and my sheep (73 of them – mostly Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep) are used for training and herding events here at the farm. As a result, the sheep spend a considerable amount of time out of the barn during the "buggiest" time of day. I noticed the sheep were "dancing" and running around with their heads down to avoid pests. They needed their Bug Off Garlic --- AND SOON! My order arrived today (28 June). The sheep practically inhaled their mineral salt "laced" with Bug Off Garlic this afternoon! Hopefully, they'll be "bug-proof" again, soon!

Judith Bigham, Ohio
Hado-Bar Farm

Real Stories The morning after: a brushed out, glossy coated Doc! Real Stories Rock after a roll in the mud! Real Stories Mike and the boys in the show ring.

Glossy, Dappled, Show-Ring Ready Coats

Dear Springtime,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I've been with your products. We have 6 horses and 4 dogs, and all of them are on Springtime supplements. Our horses are on Gamma, Bug Off Garlic, occasionally Bee Pollen and Spirulina Wafers, and I've recently started them on J-Flex Concentrate. We've seen significant improvement and dappling in their coats.

Doc, our 10 year old Percheron gelding, has a coat that is so glossy and dappled. He looks wonderful in his natural coat, even without spray on shine products. He really doesn't need anything but a bath to show his vibrant coat. Doc's coat looks wonderful on Gamma.

Recently, the night before a draft horse show, I spent forever washing him and Rock, our other 18 year old Draft horse. That's a lot of acreage per horse, at 18'2 and over 2,000 pounds. Of course, the next morning, Doc and Rock looked like they had rolled in dirt and a manure pile. We didn't have enough time to do more than squirt the worst of it off with a hose. But their underlying coats were so vibrant that just a thorough grooming made them show ring ready. My husband Mike was really impressed with the quality of their coats this year on your products.

Fly control is crucial for Doc, because he came to us with a docked tail. He has no fly swatter in summer! We know the Bug Off Garlic works, because when we ran out all the horses had flies, whereas before there would only be one or two that would alight and then immediately fly off.

Karen Stueve, California

Real Stories Radar and Friday, Fly-Free & Shiny!

"…none of my horses have any flies bothering their eyes!"

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to say that I am thrilled with the Bug Off Garlic for horses. I started my horses on it and was not even up to the full dose and noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of flies that were on and around my horses. And none of my horses have any flies bothering their eyes! I so love to treat things in a natural way, and Bug Off Garlic is so safe and easy to use. It treats the whole animal, not just the areas you sprayed with fly spray!

To explain why I am so excited that my horses are doing so well, I have to tell you that we just moved to Florida from Colorado. The horses arrived in Florida in January and started to drop weight right away. I had to relearn how to feed them in this climate. Everyone I talked to said to get ready for itchy, miserable horses and that they would end up with rain rot, hoof rot, etc. I was terrified that bringing them here would not be a good idea.

However, I did my research and in addition to the new feed plan, added in the Bug Off Garlic. And within two weeks I could really notice a difference in the flies on the horses. I have since been telling everyone that has horses to use this. Bug Off Garlic will save them a ton on fly spray! It is safe and has other health benefits as well.

Here is a great shot of two of my boys, Radar and Friday, out on the pasture. I had not groomed them in a while and yet they are super slick. One of my neighbors even asked me if I was using hair polish on them. Nope, I told him it was the Bug Off Garlic and good forage. Also, I had another man just stop by the house (we are new here) and tell me how good my horses looked and asked if I had any for sale!

I keep my family and pets as natural as possible and this product has far surpassed my expectations – thanks again!

Alicia Morris, Florida

Real Stories Sabata and Hawk. Real Stories Kenya and Hawk fly-free!

No More Abscesses or Horse Flies!

Dear Springtime,

I don't normally leave feedback but I had to say something about your product, Joint Health Formula. I have always liked this horse named Hawk since I first saw him four years ago at my trainer's ranch. Just last year in 2015, the trainer decided to let Hawk go and I asked for him.

During the summer when I got Hawk, I noticed that with just a little rain he would get an abscess in his right hind hoof and become lame. He would stay lame for two weeks, heal up, but then another rain would come and in just a few hours he would again get the abscess.

However, I read that the Joint Health Formula helps with inflammation and I thought I would give this product a try. Hawk no longer is inflamed on his hoof, and the best part is yet to come. For the past three weeks this year we have had steady rain, and Hawk has not been lame from a single abscess. He had an abscess one time earlier during the rainy spring, but it was not a bother for even two days.

I am happy to say that Joint Health Formula supports my "flat foot" horses' natural healing process and abscesses and lameness are better managed. He will be on Joint Health Formula for the rest of his life. I stand by this product whole heartedly. This is by far the best formula for him and any horse for that matter with abscess problems.

Your Bug Off Garlic is also amazing. I have always fed the garlic to my young four year old female (her name is Kenya, she's my baby). Anyways, Hawk used to be tormented by the horse flies and he used to get bitten especially on his privates. He would stomp his two hind feet, put his head down almost to the ground like he was going to pass out. But now with the Bug Off Garlic, he is so much happier and grazing is much easier for him.

Sabata Dupuch, Virginia

Real Stories Lynne & Cayne can enjoy a bug-free ride! Real Stories Cayne & Rebel protected from ticks.

"…not a tick on either of my horses."

Dear Springtime,

I have used Bug Off Garlic for my horses for a couple years. I really think it makes a difference, but this year more so! My horse friends were all complaining about horrible, strange ticks on their horses. Those ticks were leaving big welts and scabs. I hurried out to check on mine, but not a tick on either of my two horses. I told all of them that I was still using the Bug Off Garlic, because our weather was staying warm.

Thanks to your product I had no tick problems!

Lynne Teets, West Virginia

Real Stories Lynda with her prized bull yak, Sherpa Real Stories Lynda’s gorgeous Goldens.

"…the best (bug free) summer our yaks had ever had…"

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your product Bug Off Garlic. We have a herd of 10 Tibetan Yaks, 2 horses and 5 English Golden Retrievers (all champions) that we show and breed. I also run a small time dog boarding business on our property. Fifteen years ago, I learned the health benefits and insect repellent abilities of garlic for my dogs and horses from my holistic vet and I have fed it to them ever since. Never once have I needed to use oral or topical flea treatments on my dogs, garlic seems to be enough. We have had our yak herd for 15 years as well and I always wondered if they could or would eat garlic too?

Yaks HATE flies! These pesky insects seem to go after their legs and any areas where the skin is more exposed like the armpits and around the eyes and nose. To get away from the flies the yaks will run as fast as they can, then lay down in tall grass so their skirt hair covers their legs. For the 13 years, all we could do is spray the yaks with fly spray and pray rain wouldn't wash it off.

In 2012 we lost our prized herd bull Sherpa to EHD, a disease that is carried and spread by the midge fly. We knew we had to do more to stop the flies from 'feeding' on our yaks, so we ordered Bug Off Garlic, hoping we could get them to eat it. I made several calls to large animal veterinarian colleges and talked with vets who specialize in bovine. I wanted to make sure it was safe to feed garlic to our yaks. Each vet said the same thing, "Garlic won't hurt them. In fact, it would probably be beneficial if you can get them to eat it."

The yaks loved the garlic from the get-go, they would eat up every last bit of it and come back later in the day to lick the bunk feeders again!

Even before we ramped up to a full ('good") dose, the yaks were pretty much fly free! Occasionally we had to spray the yaks to get rid of giant horse flies, but all and all they survived (and thrived) on the Bug Off Garlic alone. It was so amazing to see them so comfortable; they never had to run to get away from flies. It certainly was the best (bug free) summer our yaks had ever had in 14 years!

Thank you for an awesome product to improve the health and livelihood of our animals here at High Country Critters. Bug Off Garlic gets 5 stars!

Lynda Gehring
High Country Critters, Colorado

Real Stories Tricia with Lucy, her best milker! Real Stories Tricia & Molly, her bestie!

Wonderful for Goats, too!

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience with Bug Off Garlic. I have been using it for my dog and my goats since March. The longer my goats and Molly, my dog and besty, are on the Bug Off Garlic the more amazing things I see in their health, and I am just so in love with this stuff!

First, I want to say that I was a little concerned about using it for the goats because we drink the milk. I thought it would have a garlicky taste. Well, to my surprise, it does not have the least little bit of garlic flavor! Even better, my girls (and boys) love it! I first gave it to them free choice alongside their minerals, just so they could get used to the smell and taste. Then I started adding it to their feed to make sure everyone gets some. I bought the Bug Off Garlic for horses and use about a tsp. per 60 pounds.

I haven't had any problems with flies biting them. The numbers of flies in the barn have been drastically reduced to the point that I thought they actually hadn't really arrived yet until I talked to a friend who said otherwise (I then recommended Bug Off Garlic to her!). I usually also have mosquitoes because we have a lot of woods and they are constantly landing on my goats and biting. Not this year!

I found one dead tick so far on one of the goats. I haven't found any ticks or fleas on Molly, which is just amazing to me because we are in a wooded area and in previous years, I have picked ticks off her daily. We also get chigger mites on both the goats and Molly, and I haven't seen any at all on them this year either.

In regard to the goats, I'm noticing how silky their fur is becoming in the adults. All the babies have always been born with very soft fur but it never stayed that way, I just thought that was the way it was. Now all my adults' coarse fur is becoming smooth and silky. I could really go on and on.

Every goat I sold this year has gone home with a recommendation for Bug Off Garlic and a catalog. I really think people need to know that goats can benefit from this too, not just horses and dogs. Thanks so much for this awesome product.

A very happy customer,
Tricia Hoover, Pennsylvania

Real Stories No flies on old Big Mac!

Insects Everywhere but on the Horses

Dear Springtime,

We're glad we got our horses started on the Bug Off Garlic for horses early. It's only April, and the flying insects are everywhere. But there are next to none on the horses! In the past, our old horses had flies attached to their top lines and legs. Gnats would climb into their ears and draw blood. Now, the gnats try to land but leave. Our horses aren't stomping around or swishing their tails as much as would be expected with gnats and flies everywhere. One of our horses, Big Mac, is 39 and the flies used to eat him alive, but not anymore.

Kathryn Mattson, Arizona

Real Stories Mary & Gus, who really likes his Bug Off Garlic!

No flies on horses or in paddocks!

Dear Springtime,

I use your Springtime Bug Off Garlic Bug Off Garlic for horses and have seen wonderful results. I look across the street and the neighbors' horses are swatting flies constantly. There are no flies on my horses. Something I noticed that might help promote your product even more is there are no flies on the horse manure in my paddocks or stalls either. That was a complete surprise!

Mary Merchant, Arizona

Real Stories Sandy with her Paint, Frankie Blue, who is grazing happily with no fly mask! Real Stories Sandy & 13 yr old Ebony, now able to walk again with help from Springtime products!

"…NO bugs biting…"

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. I use several, but I have to tell you my horses and dogs have NO bugs biting them and it is the first summer I haven't had to use fly masks. Bug Off Garlic is the best product that delivers. My farrier has commented on seeing no bugs and my vet also. I gave them your website. Three of my horse friends are ordering from you now.

I use Spirulina Wafers as well as other supplements on my horses and dogs also (Joint Health Formula, Longevity, Fresh Factors, etc.). My mare with laminitis acts like a young horse again with her Springtime supplements. I am a customer for life. Please keep up with the great wholesome products!

Sandy Bedard, New Hampshire

Real Stories Tux looking (and feeling!) good.

"We thought it was colic, but really the flies and bugs were just bothering him…"

Dear Springtime,

My pony, Tux, uses Bug Off Garlic, and loves it! It has made such a difference in our lives.

Tux used to kick at his belly all the time. Last year, it got so bad that we thought it was colic, but really the flies and bugs were just bothering him. Now that he has been having his Garlic he hasn't kicked at his belly once ever since!

Thanks so much.

-Nicole Josey, NC

Real Stories Wound after being packed with Bug Off Garlic. Real Stories Wound almost healed 3 weeks later.

Garlic for Puncture Wound

Dear Springtime,

On September 26, after a short ride over the mountain trails we decided to go through a lower side pasture gate of a neighboring pasture to head back up to barn. It was getting late and was almost dusk. As I walked my horse through the gate the two horses in the pasture came to visit. I waved them off and Amanda started to come through gate with Elron Wind Spirit (L) when the dogs came up behind her from a pasture across the road. L was half way through the open gate when she bent to look behind her. That is when the gate latch dug into her side. We were fortunate the saddle girth strap stopped it from ripping her open further. It dug to the deep burgundy layer that covers her ribs. We were speechless. There was barely a droplet of blood! But she was laid wide open in two gashes! What a horrid sight.

We walked up the hill to the barn. Turned on the lights and examined the injury. It was in a location that not much could be done. Stitches? At 7pm?

Past experiences raced through my mind. Stitches would pull out in a matter of days and the wound would still be gaping open… I remembered a mare I had 10 years ago that had a serious puncture wound in side of her neck from tree branch and my vet had me do water therapy on her twice a day. Then I remembered the Bug Off Garlic! I have used it in wounds over the years with remarkable results. Friends have too… So, we rinsed out the wound and I sprayed it with a wound spray, to kill germs. Then I packed it in with Bug Off Garlic. Amanda and I stopped at the Doris's house, owner of land I was boarding L at for the summer, to explain what had happened. Doris said she would help me with caring for L on my long work days. She is an Angel!

In the morning I was back to wash L's wound and repack with the Bug Off Garlic. I am not sure if it looked worse or better….

When my veterinarian's office opened I called and spoke with him about the injury. I was doing exactly what needed to be done. Rinsing the wound two to three times a day to remove all crusty tissue and putting on an ointment to protect the area. L was current on all her shots, but vet called in prescription of penicillin. L was to get one shot a day, 10cc for three days to give her system protection to fight infection.

The wound was deep. L was incredible throughout the entire time. From the moment of the injury and all during the washing and treating of the wound two and three times a day, L never acted like it ever hurt her. She never shied away and was calm and patient for us, relaxed and at ease. She was amazing. It was as if she knew to be good that we were helping her. It amazed me the high tolerance to pain she has.

The wound healed so fast. Kept the wound rinsed clean then covered it totally with Bug Off Garlic by tossing it into the deep cavity. During the day, if it looked like some garlic fell off, Doris would toss more on.

On Oct 10th, I trimmed off the piece of skin that bridged between the two gashes. It had dried up like scab. I trimmed it off by using the soft water flow from hose nozzle.

On Oct 16th, I rode L about one hour at Barrett (at a walk & a little trotting). It was her first ride since injury. She was solid and sound. I rode with the girth loose so as not to rub the wound.

On Oct 19th, I rode L 12 miles at Kings Mt. State Park. She did super! Mike Bridges, DVM, was there helping that day on trail work. When we explained what happened to L just three weeks earlier he looked at her side and was amazed at how fast it healed.

Now the wound is totally healed. No white hairs. No scar. I massage the area daily for there is a little thick tissue in the area. The hair over the area that had been cut is a little shorter than her winter hair.

God has truly enabled his creation to heal. He also has blessed us with natural healing agents to assist animals to heal when the help is needed. Bug Off Garlic not only sped up the healing process, but it also kept the area free of flies! L is fed the Bug Off Garlic also.

As I look back and review, the one thing I will not do again is use the wound spray. It actually clogged the tissue, preventing it from healing. I had to trim it away each day as the tissue it was on died and scabbed.

Thank you, Springtime, for wonderful products. My 15 year old mare suffered a shoulder injury at age seven. She has been on Joint Health Formula ever since and is sound! She has completed 5, 25 & 30 mile Endurance rides as well. Your DMG 5,600 was given to me by one of my customers that was moving & had sold her horse. I eventually gave some to my mare and noticed her recovery on the trail was out-doing that of the other horses we were riding with. I have had her on it for two years now. I owe her quick recovery on the trails to your product DMG 5,600.

Thank you Springtime! From me, my dogs and my horses!
Audrey Salisbury, North Carolina

Real Stories Robyn & Pepper.

"…I will NEVER switch again!"

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to let you all know that I absolutely love the Bug Off Garlic for horses. This is the second time I have used it and man what a difference. Last year I tried a different bug off product and it didn't do a thing so I switched back to your product and I will never switch again. Just today I went for a beautiful day ride up at Mt. Adams, Washington and everyone else was having to cover their horses with fly spray and I didn't have to use any. My horse didn't even swish his tail at all on the entire ride. Super product.

Robyn Perdue, Oregon

Real Stories Liz and Playboy.

"…free of flies and ticks."

Dear Springtime,

You have done it again! Along with the Spirulina Wafers, Bug Off Garlic and Longevity, both the horses and dogs are free of flies and ticks. My dog, Dee Dee, is still alive because of Longevity and Joint Health Chewables.

Thank you!
Liz Dietrich, Florida

Real Stories Lori Gapinski and her adopted horse, Emma (CWSTAG’s mascot), and Shirley’s husband, Roger Hoel.

"…flies will alight, but not bite."

Dear Springtime,

We have 24 rescues. The best product we have ever used is the Bug Off Garlic. It is a godsend, especially for the mules and donkeys, because they don't stomp their feet normally like the horses do. The flies and gnats bite right to the raw on them and without using the garlic, we have had to salve them and vet wrap them daily. Once the Bug Off Garlic got into their systems, flies will alight but not bite.

In August, we went camping and the other campers were really bothered by the flies, but our horses, mules and donkeys weren't bothered at all. We told all the campers about Bug Off Garlic Bug Off Garlic.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product,
Shirley Hoel, Wisconsin
President, Central Wisconsin Save the Animals Group

Real Stories Crysandra and Lakota.

"I have seen not one tick on my horse..."

Dear Springtime,

I did a lot of research before I decided to go with your Bug Off Garlic and I absolutely love it. I have not seen one tick on my horse, Lakota, all year and we do a lot of trail riding in the woods. I have been telling all my horse friends to try your product. You won't see me using anything else. Thank you so much for having a great product.

Crysandra Boisvert, Massachusetts

Real Stories Babe the Ox and Paula Bunyan love to tell
“Tall Tails” at rodeos & fairs.

"...Bug Off Garlic to help protect his immune system."

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to mention that when we travel with "Babe" the Ox, he always has Bug Off Garlic to help protect his immune system. We are also adding Spirulina Wafers to help the immune system as well. These products really work at protecting "Babe" and all our bovine.

Vera Stanley, alias "Paula Bunyan," Ohio

Real Stories Mugz enjoying an afternoon dip in the pond.

No Spray For Newborn - Just Bug Off Garlic

Dear Springtime,

I was reading the testimonials for your product Bug Off Garlic and I noticed one use that was not mentioned, feeding it to pregnant mares. I have fed Bug Off Garlic for years to my horses to keep the bugs off them. Since I live in Florida, bugs are a very big problem and flies can carry diseases, and I was a nervous wreck when my first foal, My Skip Don't Stink aka Mugz, was born on March 26, 2002. Of course, I didn't want to have to spray my newborn foal with fly spray, but I didn't want him to get eaten up either. I have always started feeding my horses Bug Off Garlic in March to prepare for the high bug seasons, and I noticed when Mugz was born, there were no flies on him. When the vet got there, he kinda scolded me because he thought I had sprayed Mugz with fly spray. It was only then that I realized that by feeding my mare, Enjoying A Dream, Bug Off Garlic while she was pregnant, that it protected her foal when he was born.

Oh yeah, the first time I fed Mugz feed without garlic in it, he refused to eat. He was not aware that horse feed did not have garlic in it. He still goes around cleaning up after anyone who may leave garlic in their bucket.

I have fed my horses Bug Off Garlic for years because my mare, Enjoying A Dream (Joy), was anything but a dream when she got bit by anything. My friends use to tease me because my horses smelled like garlic. BUT that all changed one summer day while we were out trail riding. The horse flies, etc. were swarming and biting them and their horses so badly that they wanted to return back to the trailers. However, Joy and I were enjoying our ride peacefully. All of a sudden, my friend turned around and noticed we were not battling the bugs. I smiled and said, "Garlic. She may smell funny but we are not getting bit. Come ride by me, it may rub off." Joy is now 17 years old and still enjoys being bug free even after going swimming at noon, racing around the pasture, trail riding, etc. We live in Florida - it is impossible not to sweat most months of the year. I have eight horses and only go through maybe a bottle of fly spray a year because Bug Off Garlic works so well. Thank you for making such a great product at a reasonable price so Joy and her stable mates can live bug free.

The photo attached is one of My Skip Don't Stink (9 y/o AQHA) aka Mugz playing in the pond, which he does almost every day around noontime with the rest of my horses.

Thank you again,
Dellrie Humphrey, Florida

Real Stories After Bug Off Garlic – Healed & Happy! Real Stories Before Bug Off Garlic – Beau’s neck peppered
by bug bites.

"Big Beau was constantly attacked by flies…"

Dear Springtime, I want to give you feedback about the products of yours that we have faithfully administered to our herds. They have all worked wonderfully, especially the Bug Off Garlic! I am including a photo of Big Beau, a Percheron-Thoroughbred, who was so constantly attacked by flies that he looked as if peppered by buckshot. After a few short weeks, Beau's bite marks began to magically diminish and heal! We have continued to give our 36 horses a dose of garlic every day, which in addition to being a fly deterrent has made them much stronger I'm certain because of the immune system boost it has provided. …Of course, we have been getting all of the "when are you going to open the pizzeria?" comments because of the wonderful smell of garlic throughout the barn at feeding times. So, with a little oregano and mozzarella… who knows?

Dervin Bradford, Georgia
The Swan Center Outreach

Real Stories Margaret and Roo competing, not bothered by flies!

"...without Bug Off Garlic he would have welts all over him."

Dear Springtime,

LOVE this product. I started it last year as my Thoroughbred was getting bumps all over from bug bites as well as tons of ticks... Where Roo is stabled there are woods all around. The first spring he was stabled there it was 2009. My daughter had brought him in from the field and called me. She said she had just pulled off 30 plus ticks, and he had welts all over him from other bug bites as well... He had so many bumps I did not ride him. I started Bug Off Garlic and it really helped to keep the ticks off as well as only a few bumps here and there. So I had to use it again this year. It really does work for him and he does not mind it in his food.

While he is on Bug Off Garlic the flies won't bother him that much (if at all) at shows. That is one less thing I have to think about and that makes me happy. You can see how wonderful his coat is. I know without Bug Off Garlic he would have welts all over him.

Margaret Gins, Maryland

Real Stories The Kangarloo herd. Real Stories Brody and Link, full of good health!

"...mosquito and horse fly bites are less."

We own four horses, two off the track Thoroughbreds, one Saddlebred, and a Paint. The TB's are usually eaten alive by flies and ticks in our area of Virginia, in fact, they all are. Since we started giving them your Bug Off Garlic, they are much more tolerant and seem to resist ticks better. Even the mosquito and horsefly bites are less. It is only in the worst of summer that I, once in a while, see any of them with a swarm of flies around their faces.

Enclosed are pictures of our four horses in pasture, taken last summer. The gray is an off the track Thoroughbred, age 12, named Self Esteem from his racing days, but we call him Skylar. The bay is also an off the track Thoroughbred named Cowboy Woody, age 11. He has the worst problems with bugs… very sensitive skin. The black and white Paint is our 14 year old mare, Miss Flashy Bar. She is hardy as a rock, but still enjoys her garlic enhanced bug free life more now! The lovely chestnut is my first horse, a Saddlebred mare named June Mardi Gras. She is just 10 years old.

"The Boys," our two pups, are laughing out loud over their own good health! Brody, the very handsome Brittany, is six years old. Since he was two years old, he has had multiple health problems from a flea/tick collar reaction that caused seizures, and ultimately he lost 53% of his kidney function. We love him so much and he is such a good friend, that we were delighted to find that the Bug Off Garlic helped his flea and tick problems. As I mentioned previously, within two months of beginning Longevity, the skin tag on his eye almost disappeared, and the swollen salivary gland in his throat has all but gone, too! Sometimes, I feel he has better control of his urinary functions. The Longevity is a wonderful product.

The other boy is Link, our four year old Papillon. He came as a rescue, and is a hugely picky eater, but has taken fairly quickly to the Longevity as well. Both dogs grew beautiful, soft, thick coats this winter, which got them through the 2010 blizzards in Virginia very well!

Linda and Ahmad Kangarloo, Virginia

Real Stories Cheyenne showing off his stuff!

"I haven't even bought any fly spray this summer..."

I got a container of your Bug Off Garlic powder in early spring and started feeding it. I just have one horse, Cheyenne, but down the road they have several. They don't do any real fly control and never remove their piled manure, so we were getting lots more flies than "belonged" to us.

I feed the garlic mixed with bran or on pellets (dampen them to make it stick). The fly problem dramatically has improved this summer – the flies don't even seem to like the manure to lay eggs in. I just received my second container to make sure we get through to winter, and intend to feed a reduced amount through until spring, then the larger dose. I haven't even bought any fly spray this summer; just occasionally use a roll-on if my gelding gets a scrape. Cheyenne (registered Arabian name is Shaundo Le Bey, out of the Bask line) is 27 years young. He has had Cushing's disease for three years, which has so far been successfully managed with herbal supplements. The Bug Off Garlic, in addition to terrific fly control, has had, I think, a good effect on his general appearance and internal health. He can still buck pretty good if he has a mind to!

Thanks for a reasonably-priced product that actually works!

Jackie McCowen-Rose, Utah

Real Stories Boo, Nika, and Sybil - happy & fly free.

"...NO FLIES on their beautiful faces."

Dear Springtime,

This is a photo of Boo, Nika, and their mommy, Sybil, three of my Haflingers, which was taken last July. I didn't realize how Bug Off Garlic was working until I went to visit friends and their horses faces were covered with flies. As you can see, there are NO FLIES on their beautiful faces. I never had to use fly spray all summer. Thanks for always being there for all my questions.

Looking Forward,
Carol Panzarino, New York
Silver Linings Haflinger Horse Farm

Real Stories Peg and Timmon trail riding in beautiful Oregon.

"No More Welts!"

Dear Springtime,

I absolutely love your Bug Off Garlic. My horse no longer has welts from fly and mosquito bites!

Thank you so much!
Peg Clark, Oregon

Real Stories Lynne and her Appendix gelding, Ju’Lee’s Huckleberry Surprise.

"...never have bites or welts from insects."

Dear Springtime,

My five horses get Bug Off Garlic twice a day and I have not bought fly spray in three years. They never have bites or welts from insects. Great product. All the other horses at our boarding barn struggle with Louisiana pests year round.

Lynne de Habermann, Louisiana

Real Stories Sarah and Bud.

"...the ticks are gone."

Dear Springtime,

In May 2008, I moved my horse, Bud, to Tennessee. In order to have transportation for him, he made the move four days before me. I didn't get to Tennessee permanently until June 1.

In those four days, Bud was attacked by more ticks than I had ever seen on one horse. It was horrible. I had never dealt with a tick problem of this magnitude. I went to the internet for information and found you and your Bug Off Garlic product. I ordered it immediately. You shipped it quickly and I truly appreciated that.

I immediately started feeding him the maximum dose. Bud ate it readily, so that was not an issue. But we still had massive numbers of ticks and sores to deal with until the garlic built up in his tissues. I got some Corona salve and some Swat. I mixed a scoop of your product with a handful of the Corona, and I applied this liberally to all his sores. I mixed another scoop with a handful of Swat and rubbed his ears and face with that. We both smelled like an Italian restaurant, but the ticks started dying or dropping off. Each day there were fewer and fewer for me to try and remove.

Once the Bug Off Garlic built up in his tissues, I hardly ever found a tick on him. The pasture he is in has lots of cedar trees, so we have a huge population of ticks. Once the tick season slowed down, I reduced his dose. He has a great hair coat and looks great.

My husband was feeding him early spring and decided not to feed the garlic because there weren't any ticks. Well, as soon as it warmed up, Bud had ticks in his groin area. I said something to my husband and that is when I found out he had quit feeding it to him. I immediately started Bud on it again, and the ticks are gone. I might find one on him, but once it bites him, it dies. I rub a little Corona and Bug Off Garlic in his groin area just to make sure he is protected. He is a much happier horse today than he was in June 2008. Thank you for a wonderful product. I have recommended it to several of my horse friends.

Sarah Schade, Tennessee

Real Stories Harley and Sally. Real Stories Missy.

"...the flies, gnats, and mosquitoes were attacking me and not the horses."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the products you provide. I currently have four rescue horses and several rescue dogs. A friend of mine told me about your amazing products several years ago and I have been using them ever since.

I have used the Bug Off Garlic for the last several summers with all four of my horses. It is absolutely amazing how much of a difference it made. I immediately noticed the horses were a lot more relaxed and the flies, gnats, and mosquitoes were attacking me and not the horses. I have had a lot going on this spring and didn't get around to placing my normal Springtime order and I noticed the flies, gnats, and mosquitoes were back and the horses were miserable.

One of my rescue horses, Ben, is an old Percheron draft horse. He was extremely sore and had a very difficult time getting around the pasture. I had a chiropractor come out and work on him and he advised me there wasn't much he could do, that Ben was just old and sore. I started him on Joint Health Formula for horses and noticed a big difference. Not only was he able to move around more easily, he was running around the pasture with the other horses. My backyard backs up to the pasture and he and my Shepherd/Collie mix chase each other up and down the fence every morning.

I also use Joint Health Formula for dogs for my old Shepherd, Missy. She had been having problems getting up on the sofa, going up the stairs, and just acting as though her back legs were sore. Once again I was impressed with the results! She is doing great and obviously a lot more comfortable.

In addition to the above, I give all the dogs Fresh Factors. They love them and come running when I shake the Fresh Factors bottle.

I have told countless friends about your products and they all have nothing but great things to say about the results.

Thanks again,
Melinda Weingart, Michigan

Real Stories Cheryl and Windy.

"Excellent Results for Years"

Dear Springtime,

I have been ordering your Bug Off Garlic for my horses for years, with excellent results. In fact, it was difficult getting decent photos of the horses to send, because they were too interested in getting at the Bug Off Garlic (the bucket now has lots of teeth marks to prove it).

I had two bottles of garlic capsules for people, which sat on my shelf unopened until a couple weeks ago. I had been battling an oncoming sinus infection, and had become so run down that my face flared up with hives and acne, and my glands and sinuses were swollen and sore to the touch. My doctor refused to prescribe, so the only thing I could think of, was to turn to try taking garlic (I had read about the immune-strengthening power of garlic in the past.) Within a few days of taking a high dose, (six to eight capsules throughout the day), my face began to heal, and my glands and sinuses quit hurting. Now, two weeks later, my face is almost completely clear, and my glands are back to normal. Furthermore, I felt better than I did before becoming ill. I am a true believer in garlic, and will continue to take it on a daily basis from this point on. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful products!

Cheryl Peterson, Wisconsin

Real Stories No more bothersome flies for this gang!

"...flies used to be a big problem."

Dear Springtime,

I have used your products for several years now and wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with them.

I really like the Bug Off Garlicand recommend it to everyone. I run a retirement horse rescue ranch. All our equines are non-rideable and have been turned over to me to live out their lives in comfort. Previously, the donkeys always had a problem with bothersome flies. Because we have 60 plus horses, donkeys and mules, flies used to be a big problem. Your Bug Off Garlic works great and gives me great value for my dollars.

Thanks again,
Polly White, Arizona
Slight Hill Ranch

Real Stories Robin's husband Tom & Polished Class at Flagstaff Lake.

" hives."

Dear Springtime,

Here in Maine, we have some serious bugs! The Bug Off Garlic deters everything but the copperheads (deerflies - nothing stops them, except smooshing them). We have a 15 year old Standardbred mare named Polished Class from New Jersey who had to wear a sleazy when turned out at night or she would be covered in hives the next day. Whatever bug it was didn't bother the native stock, just her. Last summer was her first summer on Bug Off Garlic no sleazy needed - no hives. This "Jersey Girl" is no longer bothered by the worst Maine has to offer in the bug department thanks to Springtime Bug Off Garlic.

Robin Wilkey, Maine

Real Stories Pam and Michael with their horses, Chance (Paint) & Irish (Palomino). Coming along for the ride is Violet, a Boston Terrier, and Shade, a Black Lab.

"...very impressed with the results... The horses love it, too!"

Dear Springtime,

We have been using the Bug Off Garlic for our horses and we are very impressed with the results… The horses love it, too! And yes, our barn does smell like an Italian kitchen at dinner time, but how great is that? I actually set it out for all the riders and auditors that come to our clinic to see. I believe in sharing a good thing!

Pam Martin, Oregon
Michael Martin Natural Horsemanship

Real Stories Cappy and Ajay, pest-free in their pasture.

"... my beautiful boys can once again graze without being pestered."

Dear Springtime,

Two years ago I purchased two adorable miniature donkeys, Cappy and Ajay. They have approximately five acres of pasture with a nice little run-in shed to get out of the sun. However, they were constantly bothered with flies and gnats. I'd been purchasing products from Springtime for myself and decided to try the Bug Off Garlic for the donkeys. I started them the first year around January and by the spring and summer months, they pastured without a worry. This year I started late and the months of May and June proved awful for them. The flies were chewing their legs raw.

It's now late August and thankfully after getting them back on track with the Bug Off Garlic, my beautiful boys can once again graze without being pestered. They will be on Bug Off Garlic year round from now on.

Thanks from two happy donkeys and one happy donkey mom,
Paula Stein, "Cappy" & "Ajay," Virginia

Real Stories Baby Kiera, fly-free!

"Bug Off Garlic - Horseflies all but eliminated!"

Dear Springtime,

We are called SW Florida Rescue and take in abused horses, mainly from the rodeo circuits. We have eight horses as the moment, including four wild mustangs. These horses, when they came to us, were unable to be touched by humans. Because they didn't buck hard and long enough, they were hit with 2 x 4's and treated horribly. We are always asking for volunteers to groom and interact with the horses, gentling them so they can go to good homes when they are ready.

The picture I sent is of Kiera, one of the newborn foals. She was born September 18th. Her mamma, Trinity, is a three year old who was abused like this. She is a very good mother to Kiera, her first baby. Mamma Trinity came with a halter on, though it was actually over one ear and off the other. It took me three months to gain her trust so that she would let me get close enough to her face to take the halter off!

I have found Springtime Bug Off Garlic the only garlic product that eliminates 85% or more of the flies, including horseflies. When I first had the horses, before garlic, the horseflies would leave terrible welts, drawing blood in many places. The horses had been malnourished and couldn't fight them off. Knowing I had to have time to build a relationship with the horses before they would let me touch them, let alone use a spray on them, made me desperate for something to stop the biting. Within a week of adding Bug Off Garlic to the feed, I noticed a decrease in flies and within three weeks they were all but eliminated.

Linda Roman, Florida
SW Florida Rescue

Real Stories Second Fiddle “Bug Off Garlic literally saved her life and her leg.”

Deep, Unstitchable Wound - Bug Off Garlic Used As An Emergency Antibiotic Dressing

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for your unsurpassed products and service. Last autumn, we survived our first National Disaster, as Rocky Mount, including 50 acres of our farm, was flooded. One week before the hurricane and floods, my 27 year old Thoroughbred mare almost amputated her right hind leg on a high tension wire after a deer ran through our fence line. Muscle, tendon, bone…she looked like she'd been caught in a meat grinder. Two veterinarians deemed the wound unstitchable – the best we could do was use pressure bandages until the perimeter healed enough to surgically remove the dead skin and tissue.

A week later our pastures were under three feet of dirty river water, down river from the waste treatment plant, hog farms, and other lovely pollutants. For 32 days we were an island with no power, no running (i.e. clean!) water, no phones. When the antibiotics ran out on the second day, I was frantic – all that dirty water and no way to even clean her wounds or keep them dry. All we had was ten pounds of Bug Off Garlic, one dry bag of grain, and what bottled water we could scrounge up (our own supply, plus what we could wade out and borrow). I packed her wounds twice daily with the garlic and prayed a lot. By the time my vet could get back to the farm her wounds were almost completely healed. No proud flesh, no infection, no surgery! Minimal scarring and she is 100% completely sound! Both veterinarians call her our miracle mare, and I am convinced that the Bug Off Garlic literally saved her life and her leg.

Debbie Womble and "Second Fiddle," North Carolina

P.S. Picture is from 60 days after the floods – trees in the background were blown down by the high winds, jump standards, etc., still wherever they floated!

Real Stories Paula’s donkey, Cappy, enjoying foraging in
the bushes.

"…I wouldn't stop using it for anything."

Dear Springtime,

I have used Bug Off Garlic on my donkeys for about 4 1/2 years now - I wouldn't stop using it for anything. They get it year round and I've recently put my dogs on it as well. I don't believe in chemicals for my pets - natural is the way to go. The flies and mosquitoes have been just awful this year with all this rain, but I do believe having both the donkeys and dogs on Bug Off Garlic has been a tremendous help. We recently got a new puppy, Bob-B. We started him on Bug Off Garlic immediately, as I do think it helps with internal parasites as well. My one donkey, Cappy, has laminitis and with your Hoof & Coat Formula, the farrier says his hooves are looking much better. By this time next year, he said he should be in A-1 shape.

I am so glad that many years ago I received your catalog in my mailbox and had the good sense to try your products. Having super pets is a delight, but having super, healthy pets is a true blessing!

Paula Stein, Virginia

Real Stories Pat and her happy, fly-free horses!

"No more fly sprays, no more bug bites..."

Dear Springtime,

We started using Bug Off Garlic this past spring on our two horses, Gentleman Jack (black Tennessee Walker) and Panama Red (red Quarter Horse). It is the best product ever! No more fly sprays, no more bug bites and no more unhappy horses. They are much happier!

Pat and Joe Hines, Indiana

Real Stories Alex and Jed, Chloe’s gleaming Percherons, are happily munching away, while Zoe, her Toy Fox Terrier, supervises.

Fly Free and Shining! "…natural products that work!"

Dear Springtime,

I just received my latest order, and my, are the horses ever glad! I miscalculated and ran out of Bug Off Garlic, so the horses were getting bug eaten and agitated. It sure makes a difference!

I am continually impressed with your products and service. My twenty one year old Percheron gelding, Jed, looks great this spring, earning compliments on how much better he is looking with age. I refer everyone to Springtime. The horses are gleaming with no baths and no brushing, just Bug Off Garlic and some are on Spirulina Wafers, too. …I used Spirulina Wafers to boost one horse over a cough and runny nose, as well as prepare my Arabian mares (age 20 years and nine years) for breeding.

My Toy Fox Terrier, Zoe, goes everywhere with me, indoors and out, to the fields and beyond, so Bug Off Garlic is essential for her, too, and keeps the ticks and fleas at bay. We're using Fresh Factors for an older dog as well.

Thanks for offering natural products that work!
Chloe Molner, North Carolina

Real Stories Dan and Wacipi, County Champion!

"…Bug Off Garlic – it works for us!"

Dear Springtime,

In your Spring 2007 catalog you published my letter about my horse, Wacipi's Dreamdancer, and our experience with Bug Off Garlic. I thought you might be interested to know that Wacipi did, in fact, wind up the 2006 show season as the Garfield County Fair Reserve Grand Champion Stallion at the very young age of one year, five months. Wacipi is the youngest Appaloosa stallion ever to win that title in Garfield County.

At the time, we were in the second year of a two year drought and the flies were as bad as I can ever remember seeing them. A lot of the credit for his success at the show goes to the Appaloosa breed horse with his calm, gentle, laid back disposition, but there is not a doubt in my mind that Bug Off Garlic, was the best friend we had in the show ring on that hot September day.

This letter is accompanied by our 2007 order for Bug Off Garlic, - it works for us!

Thanks again, and ride safely!
Dan D. McMillan, Oklahoma
District Representative, International Colored
Appaloosa Association
We at Springtime give our condolences to the McMillan family upon learning of Mr. McMillan's passing in October 2007.

Real Stories Taylor Poirrier riding Pixie, a blue roan Clydesdale, which she has known since she was 3 years old.

"Nice shiny coats, bright eyes and no more coughing…"

Dear Springtime,

…I have been meaning to write to you about the products we use. We live in interior Alaska and the mosquitoes and flies are horrible, even worse if you have horses! We've been feeding the Bug Off Garlic for several years and not only does it seem to help keep the insects from biting and leaving welts, I've noticed that wounds, big or small, tend to heal faster with less infection and little or no scarring. The hair usually grows back in and it is not white. And we've noticed a difference in the fly population at "manure mountain."

Then the real test came this year. Due to the rise in heating fuel and electric, and in an attempt to cut cost, we decided to not get more Bug Off Garlic when we ran out last November. (We've been feeding it year round). The thought was we would start again in the spring, not a big deal. Well, spring came around and I kept putting off placing my order. What a big mistake that was!! For the first time in years we had horses with runny noses, coughing, weight loss, nasty hair coats, bug bites, and in general, you could tell they just didn't feel good. (We had our hay and other feeds tested, and everything was good there.) Then our senior mare, Krys (32 young) fractured a back leg and tore up her ligaments and tendons. I ordered the Joint Health Formula, Bug Off Garlic, Spirulina Wafers and the Breather Powder that day. I'm happy to say that our gang is back to being happy and healthy. Nice shiny coats, bright eyes and no more coughing…

I recommend your products to anyone who will listen and am proud to show them the living proof on our front yard of how well your products work.

Thanks for the great products and customer service.

Sandy Davis, Alaska

Real Stories Jean's daughter, Amanda, with their happy, healthy crew down on the farm.

"Where are all the flies?"

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know that I've used the Springtime products Gamma, J-Flex, Hoof & Coat Formula, Fresh Factors (for my elderly dog), and Bug Off Garlic for many years. These are the only products I've found to be worth the money spent. People who own horses that come to the barn will almost always ask where are all the flies?! They can't believe that we have that much control with a couple of scoops of garlic in their feed. Gamma, J-Flex, and Hoof & Coat Formula, Hoof & Coat Formulahelped us bring Comanche, an ex-roping horse that was thin and lame when he came to us, back to good health. I can say with complete confidence that my horses (and my dog Tasha) are happier and healthier because of the Springtime products we give them.

Keep up the good work!
Jean Smith, Texas

Real Stories Wacipi's Dreamdancer standing calm and at ease.

...the mosquitos and ticks were not around anymore!

Dear Springtime,

As the owner of four Appaloosa horses (three mares and a young stallion), I show horses and also participate in short trail rides and parades. Oklahoma, where we live, has abundant grass and is generally a good place for horses. However, the pastures, grasslands, and woodlands are perfect harbors for ticks, chiggers, and just about anything that makes a meal off of horses, including abundant flies and dreaded mosquitoes. I have tried just about every kind of spray on, wipe on, dab on, and roll on for the problem, but to no avail. Some products work for a short time and some not at all. All of them are expensive.

In 2005, I was having quite a problem in the show ring because when you show at halter, the horse needs to be standing still and the flies were surely giving us problems. My friend and fellow horse enthusiast, Dr. Guy Sneed, D.O., gave me some of your Bug Off Garlic to try. He believed it would help. After about a week of feeding it, I began to tell the difference. A short time later, my horses were calmer and more at ease. I not only cured the fly problem, but the mosquitoes and ticks were not around anymore! I could hardly believe the results of using that product.

In 2006, our red leopard Appaloosa stallion, Wacipi's Dreamdancer, will start making his way in the show ring. I believe that Bug Off Garlic will give him a distinct advantage in competition and a better opportunity to become a champion. I believe in this product and I would recommend it to any person who has horses and a problem with bugs.

Thank you!
Ride Safely,
Dan D. McMillan, Oklahoma
District Representative, International Colored Appaloosa Association

Real Stories Amos, happy and mosquito free.

Flies, Mosquitoes - Problem Solved!

Dear Springtime,

Attached are a few pictures of my "kids." They get Bug Off Garlic every day and it really helps! In Florida we rarely get cold enough to kill off the flies and mosquitoes so it is a year round battle.

Liz Piquet, Florida

Real Stories Sandi and Biker enjoying the great outdoors.

"...great for flies…"

Dear Springtime,

Bug Off Garlic is super! I have two thin skinned thoroughbreds that it works wonders on! …Biker has been on Bug Off Garlic for three years now and he gets Bug Off Garlic all year long. It does great for flies and keeps his immune system up.

Thank you again,
Sandi Becker, Pennsylvania

Real Stories MDM Yellow Sioux is now able to graze in peace.

"…I had a hard time finding a safe, natural product that actually works."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, Bug Off Garlic. We live on a dairy farm with nearly one hundred head of cattle, and my nine year old Quarter Horse mare is nearly fly free for the first summer since she came. She is pregnant, and I had a hard time finding a safe, natural product that actually works. Three months after starting her on Bug Off Garlic, MDM Yellow Sioux is the only horse in the pasture not followed by a swarm of insects.

Lora Fry, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Fly spray didn't protect Chico but what a difference with Bug Off Garlic.


Dear Springtime,

Chico, my husband Carlos' 28 year old horse, got Cushing's disease and then foundered in all four feet with rotation. Unfortunately, it was just going into fly season in southern California and being a Palomino, the flies just loved him. His legs would get bloody from the bites. Fly spray didn't protect him all that well. I put him on your Bug Off Garlic and what a change! The flies would just about land, but then take right off again. Thank you so much for helping him through this very rough time – NO FLIES!!

Jan Molina, California

Real Stories Linda with two of her much happier horses.

Flies, Fleas & Ticks - "Your products are wonderful!"

Dear Springtime,

I know you have heard this before, but your products are wonderful! My horses usually have crusty ears and bellies from fly bites, but not this year. I have not seen the first flea or tick on my three dogs either.

Linda Mather, Georgia

Real Stories You’re never too old to love a little filly!

Safe & Effective

Dear Springtime,

I just had to write and let you know how satisfied I am with your product, Bug Off Garlic. I've used your product for two years now and finally other horse owners are noticing my horses aren't bit up by bugs. I have six different families from Minnesota ordering your product, Bug Off Garlic, now. I have 20 horses so, of course, I use a lot more. But the horses love it and are happy and content with Bug Off Garlic.

I am enclosing a picture of my 25 year old mare with her filly, out of my 25 year old stallion. What a surprise. Everyone is doing very good. I also have had 10 other foals this year. The mares and foals are all on Bug Off Garlic.

Shirley O'Hara, Minnesota
P. S. Also, I bought Bug Off Garlic Chewables for my dog. No bloody, fly-eaten ears. Works great.

Real Stories Karen waving for the camera on her fly free horse, Buddy.

No More Sprays "…hassle free fly control."

Dear Springtime,

The photo of me and Buddy was taken when we lived in Texas. It was in Palo Dura Canyon, the second largest canyon in the U.S.A. He's an excellent trail horse, going everywhere and anywhere. So naturally, we run into flies, mosquitoes and horse flies. Since using Bug Off Garlic, no biting flies and no need to re-spray after he sweats or goes in the water. Bug Off Garlic is worry and hassle free fly control.

Buddy is a 14 year old Percheron/Quarter Horse. He has also been on Hoof & Coat Formula with great results for his bacteria imbalance and DMG 5,600 when he was working six hours a day, six days a week for three months with great stamina results.

Karen Cockshutte, New York

Real Stories Two happy, tick free horses ready for competition.

"Tick Free Horses"

Dear Springtime,

I had great luck with Springtime Bug Off Garlic. My horse Bentley had Lyme's disease in 1999. I began feeding him Bug Off Garlic in the spring of 2000. My friend also gave it to her horse. They were the only tick free horses in a barn of 25 horses! We also noticed a decrease in flies around them. I have great faith in this product and will continue using it.

Susan Newbury, Connec

Real Stories The donkeys are grateful for Bug Off Garlic

Flies - Raw, Bloody Sores

Dear Springtime,

Donkeys have a unique problem that seems to affect only them. Flies will literally eat their lower legs raw and bloody in a very short time. We spend most of fly season trying various creative ways to repel these pests from their legs while at the same time trying to heal the sores. Since feeding Bug Off Garlic, we have noticed that the flies are still there, but not biting their legs raw. The old sores are healing and hair is growing back. How easy that was! Just feed Bug Off Garlic no wraps to change, no sprays or salves to buy, and then apply and apply and apply! The Bug Off Garlic keeps working during rain, a roll, etc. It's always active!

We have also noticed that we do not have the usual gnats and flies attracted to the manure, either. All in all, from our experience so far, I would recommend that if you've been thinking about feeding Bug Off Garlic for fly control, DO IT! A big thanks and lots of thankful brays from Diamond Jim's LongEars Acres!

Lorie and Jimmy Black, Florida

Real Stories Some very happy animals!

No Ticks

Dear Springtime,

I have used the Bug Off Garlic for my horses and dog all summer and they never picked up a tick even though it's heavily wooded behind their pasture… Let me say how much we like your products.

Beverly Murray, Maine

Real Stories Karen with Dude, now welt free.

No more welts from bug bites. No more fly sprays.

Dear Springtime,

Thank you so much for your great product, Bug Off Garlic. My Buckskin horse, Dude, gets welts all over his body from bug bites. Since using Bug Off Garlic, Dude is welt free. His coat is beautiful and I know that he feels better. I don't even have to use fly spray on him. It has also cut back on the flies in my barn. Dude and I are very grateful. I have told all of my friends about your great product… they can all see how well Dude is doing on it.

I have also started my dog, Keylee, on Bug Off Garlic for her flea problem. I have been using Frontline on her but it doesn't work. She stays inside most of the time, but as soon as I let her outside she gets fleas. I hope it works as well as it does for my horse, Dude.

Thank you,
Karen Anderson, Florida

Real Stories Happy trails for Kristina and Cruiser once again!

"…ticks are not a problem for any of the horses.".

Dear Springtime,

I first purchased your products early summer of 2003. A friend of mine gave me one of your catalogues after I told her the terrible problem I was having with ticks and how they were a chronic problem for my 5-year old Missouri Fox Trotter (we had recently moved to Oklahoma). The tick bites were causing a severe reaction, which resulted in sores over his body, tail, ears and mane. He was in very bad shape. I had tried repellent sprays and ointments recommended by vets and nothing was helping him. The Bug Off Garlic really worked for him. Not only did I put this in his feed, but I also made a salve of water and Bug Off Garlic, which I applied to the sores.

At present time he receives a double dose and my other two horses receive a single dose. Although the horses are around trees and on pasture during the day, and the fact that we had a mild winter and very wet summer, I feel confident in saying, "ticks are not a problem for any of the horses."

Kristina Kippenberger, Oklahoma

Real Stories Tamal and Buck.

"I didn't even need fly masks."

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for Bug Off Garlic. We live around a couple of dairy farms, so the flies get pretty thick at certain times of the year. About three years ago I tried Bug Off Garlic on my three horses and the flies didn't get as bad. The second year I had very few flies. I didn't even need fly masks. Last year I forgot to buy Bug Off Garlic and the flies came back with a vengeance. This year I started them around April 1st and so far I haven't seen any flies. Bug Off Garlic is wonderful. I found if I start the horses off with a little garlic and mix granulated stock salt, they will scarf it up. They look forward to feeding time.

I thank you again and my horses thank you. Keep up with the wonderful products… I just bought Fresh Factors for my dog and I can't wait to see the results.

Debra A. Vanous, Washington

Real Stories Beau doesn’t suffer with hives any longer.

"No hives this year since he's been on Bug Off Garlic."

Dear Springtime,

Beau is allergic to no-seeum flies and breaks out in hives. No hives this year since he has been on Bug Off Garlic.

Kathie Tasovac, Illinois

Real Stories Katherine and Caroline riding Guy and Casey is happy riding her Link.

Fly Free

Dear Springtime,

My last purchase came with a trial size of Bug Off Garlic and it seems to be keeping the flies away. It smells like an Italian restaurant when we feed each day. I believe it is also reducing the flies at the barn and in the pasture. I am really impressed with the quality of your products and with the helpfulness of your staff. I share your catalog with horse and dog friends whenever they mention problems with their pets.

Carol Lowe, North Carolina

Real Stories Rochelle’s mare, Eclipse Engle, now calm and relaxed.

No more fly spray – "…amazed at how well it works for my horse."

Dear Springtime,

I have recently ordered Bug Off Garlic and Daily Calm for my Warmblood/Percheron mare. I am truly amazed at how well they work for my horse. I have read everyone's testimonials and I didn't believe that it would work that well. Bug Off Garlic has surprised me. This is the first time that I don't need fly spray. The Daily Calm keeps her calm and relaxed now that spring has arrived. Other years it would take me at least an hour to catch her. Now she comes to me right away and we are able to get working on our training routine.

Thank you,
Rochelle Engle, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Belle and Molly.

"We've cut down on fly spray…"

Dear Springtime,

Your products are wonderful and your service (phone and online) is exemplary. We have five horses (two older that we still ride) plus three others that we ride and show. Thanks for keeping them in great shape. Our oldest paint horse is 24 years old and looks and moves like he's a 4 year old. Three of the others are Rocky Mountain horses and we use them for trail and show. We're in Tennessee on 30 acres with woods and a river in the back. Needless to say, everyone is on the Bug Off Garlic plus Spirulina Wafers. We've cut down on fly spray and the barn smells somewhat like an Italian restaurant but who cares? Your products really work and have made our life and our horses' lives easier. Thank you!

Kathy Veatch, Tennessee

Real Stories The young ladies of Returning Glory going out to halter their fly-free horses.

"…we hardly use any fly spray…"

Dear Springtime,

Returning glory has used Bug Off Garlic on all of our horses for many years and it is wonderful. When the at-risk children come out to do activities with the horses, it is so much better for all. The horses are not as bothered with all the flies, and so they can be better teachers for these kiddos. And, we hardly use any fly spray, which is much better for the horses and even better for the kiddos, because they do not have to take the time spraying the horses, nor will they need to take the risk of any allergic reactions that may occur with some of the sprays.

On His Trail,
Roxanne Van Riessen, Missouri
Returning Glory Equine Assisted Learning Center

Real Stories Beautiful coats and parasite control!

Parasite Control

Dear Springtime,

To save money in my budget one year, I didn't order the Bug Off Garlic. I noticed quite an increase in bot eggs on the horses' coats. Immediately I ordered a supply of the Bug Off Garlic and used the product since. In Southern Maryland, I did foster care for the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. Along with the foster care horses, my horses received Bug Off Garlic. I relocated to rural NY, bringing four rescued horses with me. My horses are extremely important to me. I like seeing remarkable improvements in the horses' coats, parasite control and a few to no visible bot eggs. I want to thank you, Springtime, for your dedication to produce quality products for both animals and humans!

K.S.W., New York

Real Stories Therapy horse opening the fridge for an afternoon snack.

"My minis love the Bug Off Garlic!"

Dear Springtime,

My minis love the Bug Off Garlic! Here is a photo of one of my miniature horses (who is being trained as a therapy horse) opening the fridge.

Shirley Atkins, Oklahoma

Real Stories Barbara with Asti the Arabian and Blackie the dog.

Bug Off Garlic since 2003

Dear Springtime,

I looked back to see when I started with your company – it was 2003. I have used Bug Off Garlic since then and I use it on both my Arabians and my Flat Coated Retriever. I've also used Omega 3-6-9 and Fresh Factors on my dog. She is 14 and is running around like a puppy. The Fresh Factors have really kept her going! I really like Bee Pollen on my 15 year old horse. It really helped him. Thank you for sending the products as fast as you do. Thank you for all the products that I use.

Barbara Treisch, Ohio
Iberia Arabians

P.S. As I am 77, I will probably get into the people products soon!

Real Stories Second Fiddle keeps her leg and survives a flood!

Deep, Unstitchable Wound – Bug Off Garlic used as a dressing

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for your unsurpassed products and service. Last autumn, we survived our first National Disaster as Rocky Mount, including 50 acres of our farm, was flooded. One week before the hurricane and floods, my 27 year old Thoroughbred mare almost amputated her right hind leg on a high tension wire after a deer ran through our fence line. Muscle, tendon, bone…she looked like she'd been caught in a meat grinder. Two veterinarians deemed the wound unstitchable – the best we could do was use pressure bandages until the perimeter healed enough to surgically remove the dead skin and tissue.

A week later our pastures were under three feet of dirty river water, down river from the waste treatment plant, hog farms, and other lovely pollutants. For 32 days we were an island with no power, no running (i.e. clean!) water, no phones. When the antibiotics ran out on the second day, I was frantic – all that dirty water and no way to even clean her wounds or keep them dry. All we had was ten pounds of Bug Off Garlic, one dry bag of grain, and what bottled water we could scrounge up (our own supply plus what we could wade out and borrow). I packed her wounds twice daily with the garlic and prayed a lot. By the time my vet could get back to the farm her wounds were almost completely healed. No proud flesh, no infection, no surgery! Minimal scarring and she is 100% completely sound! Both veterinarians call her our miracle mare, and I am convinced that the Bug Off Garlic literally saved her life and her leg.

Debbie Womble and "Second Fiddle", North Carolina
P.S. Picture is from 60 days after the floods – trees in the background were blown down by the high winds; jump standards, etc., still wherever they floated!

Real Stories

No More Abscesses or Horse Flies!

Dear Springtime,

Your Bug Off Garlic is amazing. I have always fed the garlic to my young four year old female (her name is Kenya, she's my baby). Anyways, Hawk used to be tormented by the horse flies and he used to get bitten especially on his privates. He would stomp his two hind feet, put his head down almost to the ground like he was going to pass out. But now with the Bug Off Garlic, he is so much happier and grazing is much easier for him.

Sabata Dupuch, Virginia

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