Real Letters - Bug Off Garlic Granules for Dogs
Real Stories Shiela and her Australian Shepherd rescue, Riz.

"Ticks and fleas are in my yard, but not on my animals."

Dear Springtime,

I love Springtime's Bug Off Garlic Granules. I live in rural Oklahoma where ticks are plentiful, as well as fleas, flies, mosquitoes, etc. I have Lyme Disease, so it's extremely important to me to protect my fur family.

I worked at a vet for 10 years and used the commercial products with not much control of the pests. I even lost two of my precious pets to issues that came up where the drops were applied to the back of the neck. I said, no more. I now use your Bug Off Garlic Granules for my horses and dogs. It works!

I wish I had found your company and great products earlier, but I am thankful to have them now. I actually have another order on the way now. Ticks and fleas are in my yard, but not on my animals. Flies and mosquitoes keep their distance as well. Thank you, God Bless, and please keep up the good work!

Shiela Miller, Oklahoma

Real Stories Bo, Duke and Max are tick and flea free!

Not One Flea or Tick!

Dear Springtime,

I've used Bug Off Garlic Granules for almost 10 years. Currently where we live, our neighbor on one side has 2 dogs and 9 cats, all flea infested. The neighbor on the other side has picked 2 ticks off her dogs, and I'm happy to say that we have not had one flea or tick on any of ours.

Our dogs are happy, healthy, and itch free thanks to Bug Off Garlic Granules. I've attached a photo of our dogs (L to R) Bo Cephus, Duke, and Max. Bo has been taking Bug Off Garlic Granules for 10 years!

Thank you!!

Tinetha Weeks, Michigan

Real Stories Tick & Flea Free!

"…never had a single tick…"

Dear Springtime,

I've been using Springtime products for at least 5 years now. This boy here has been on Bug Off Garlic Granules ever since he was born. First, he got it through his mother, then, when the pups were weaned, the Bug Off Garlic Granules went onto their puppy food.

He is now two and a half years old and never had a single tick or flea in his life.

Sandra King, New York

Real Stories One of Cathy’s beautiful Shar Pei. Real Stories No more ticks (or chemicals) for this Jack Russell! Real Stories Cathy’s Great Pyrenees is tick-free.

"…not one flea on any of them."

Dear Springtime,

I started feeding the Bug Off Garlic Granules over four years ago to my dogs for flea protection. I was told about it at a show we were at (the fleas there were eating the dogs alive - even those who had chemicals on). As I was complaining about the problem, a stranger mentioned your product and told me how to find you. I knew garlic was good but I had never found garlic to work the way your Bug Off Garlic Granules does. I am proud to say that not one of my Shar Pei show dogs has had chemicals on them for the last four years now, and I have found not one flea on any of them.

Better yet - we have 240 acres of woods and fields that our Great Pyrenees and Jack Russel Terrier roam. The summer I started feeding your garlic, the Jack Russell had come down with tick poisoning due to all of the ticks he had on him. I was forced to go to the strongest possible chemical to keep them off which made him sick for the first 24 hours. He had to endure two applications of it that summer.

The next summer I decided to wait until he started bringing in ticks before subjecting him to the chemical but he never did. I did daily checks on him for ticks and would find an occasional one to remove. I started checking the Great Pyrenees and she also was basically tick free. Thank you! I no longer have to use chemicals on any of my dogs and I am loving it.

It took me a bit longer to start my horses on the Bug Off Garlic but in January 2015, I bit the bullet and put them on it. I did not have to spray them one time for flies last summer. Both are healthier because of it. Recently we purchased two miniature mares, one which is pregnant. Both were immediately started on the Bug Off Garlic and I am hopeful the foal will have enough garlic in his/her system to keep flies off.

Thank you for all of your wonderful products!

Cathy Mall, Missouri
Catren's Shar Pei
Catren's Show Leather Accessories

Real Stories No ticks at the Dogs of First Friends Animal Rescue!

"…Bug Off Garlic Granules makes our dogs tick-free."

Dear Springtime,

We are a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue, no kill facility who has residence in the north woods of Wisconsin. We have a huge tick, sand flea, and biting insect problem until we were introduced to your products. All of the rescue dogs, as well as my personal dogs, are on Bug Off Garlic Granules. We did a testing of various other well-known name brand dog pesticide products and found that Bug Off Garlic Granules makes our dogs tick-free.

Up until we had implemented Bug Off Garlic Granules at our rescue I was pulling ticks off of our terriers non-stop. We have a vast amount of senior dogs who want to feel comfortable in their later years, including my Jack Russell Terrier who just turned 14 this year, Fast Eddie. Your Bug Off Garlic Granules makes them feel secure and comfortable.

We are incorporating your Springtime catalog into each Adoption Book that goes with our dogs. Thanks so much for making such a great product without any trace of chemicals -Paws and Kisses!

Penny Wagner,
The Dogs of First Friends Animal Rescue Inc., WI

Real Stories Tricia with Lucy, her best milker! Real Stories Tricia & Molly, her bestie!

Wonderful for Goats, too!

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience with Bug Off Garlic. I have been using it for my dog and my goats since March. The longer my goats and Molly, my dog and besty, are on the Bug Off Garlic the more amazing things I see in their health, and I am just so in love with this stuff!

First, I want to say that I was a little concerned about using it for the goats because we drink the milk. I thought it would have a garlicky taste. Well, to my surprise, it does not have the least little bit of garlic flavor! Even better, my girls (and boys) love it! I first gave it to them free choice alongside their minerals, just so they could get used to the smell and taste. Then I started adding it to their feed to make sure everyone gets some. I bought the Bug Off Garlic for horses and use about a tsp. per 60 pounds.

I haven't had any problems with flies biting them. The numbers of flies in the barn have been drastically reduced to the point that I thought they actually hadn't really arrived yet until I talked to a friend who said otherwise (I then recommended Bug Off Garlic to her!). I usually also have mosquitoes because we have a lot of woods and they are constantly landing on my goats and biting. Not this year!

I found one dead tick so far on one of the goats. I haven't found any ticks or fleas on Molly, which is just amazing to me because we are in a wooded area and in previous years, I have picked ticks off her daily. We also get chigger mites on both the goats and Molly, and I haven't seen any at all on them this year either.

In regard to the goats, I'm noticing how silky their fur is becoming in the adults. All the babies have always been born with very soft fur but it never stayed that way, I just thought that was the way it was. Now all my adults' coarse fur is becoming smooth and silky. I could really go on and on.

Every goat I sold this year has gone home with a recommendation for Bug Off Garlic and a catalog. I really think people need to know that goats can benefit from this too, not just horses and dogs. Thanks so much for this awesome product.

A very happy customer,
Tricia Hoover, Pennsylvania

Real Stories The King clan ready to play!

"…tick and flea free…"

Dear Springtime,

We have been feeding Bug Off Garlic Granules for quite a while to our four dogs now and so far we are very pleased with your product. We have three German Shepherds (two three year old females and one nine year old male) and one two year old Belgian Malinois. They love the Bug Off Garlic Granules and can't get enough of it. We have not had a single tick or flea. I have also noticed an improvement in their coat and overall health. We are working towards Wilderness SAR certification and go into places that are highly contaminated with ticks, but we have not had any issues. While Lyme is very prevalent this year, our dogs are tick and flee free, have a full, shiny lush coats and have an overall great health.

Because of our positive experience we've decided to try some of your other products (Fresh Factors, Spirulina Tablets and Joint Health Capsules) as well.

Best wishes from our dogs:
Indra, Nala, MaDeuce and Yukon

Sandra King, New York

Real Stories Rosann surrounded by her bug free kids!

"...bug and flea free..."

Dear Springtime,

I started using Bug Off Garlic granules back in the middle of June. My dogs have been bug and flea free since that time. When I sit outside with my five "kids," I am the one bothered by mosquitoes and other bugs, but not the kids! I haven't even had to put a chemical flea treatment on them – this stuff is great! We haven't had to battle with ticks this summer and I really feel that it is keeping them healthier!

Rosann Belasco, Pennsylvania

Real Stories B’Linda with Buck & Chess.

Bug Off Garlic – "…tested negative…"

Dear Springtime,

Chess, the Rottweiler-cross of indeterminate years, and heartworm-positive, almost died due to an allergic reaction to immiticide. Yet, after six months follow-up with Bug Off Garlic Granules, tested negative and remained healthy.

Thanks for your excellent products,
B'Linda Bethel, Texas

Real Stories Sandy & Chris with a few of their gorgeous, attentive, bug-free Labradors.

No Problems With "... Fleas, Ticks, or Mosquitoes."

Dear Springtime,

As the breeder of Labrador Retrievers I look for the best in health and nutrition for my dogs. I prefer to raise my Labradors as naturally as possible and avoid topical applications and oral medications for pest control. Bug Off Garlic granules is a wonderful product. Since adding Bug Off Garlic to my Labradors' diet, I do not have problems with fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes. Thank you, Springtime!

Sandy Stokes, West Virginia
Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC.
Breeding & Training

Real Stories Joyce. Real Stories Real Stories Real Stories A few of the homeless dogs that Joyce takes care of.

Rescues - "… no ticks and flies were to be found"

Dear Springtime,

I would like you to know that I have been feeding stray dogs since 2006. I became concerned about one of my strays being affected by ticks and flies. I talked to my vet-tech and she told me to check you out. So I started buying Bug Off Garlic granules for dogs. (Everyone in the house knows I'm working with the dog food because you can smell it throughout the house.) Hehehe! I saw the dog a week and a half later, oh my gosh, he looked like he took off his coat and put on another one. His coat was so shiny. What I could see, no ticks and flies were to be found. Thanks to my vet-tech and you! I've been meaning to write you but, sometimes life happens, we all get busy.

I called this dog Purple because he happened to have a purple collar on. I haven't seen him in about two years. Life is hard without a home. I wasn't taking pictures of the dogs at that time but I do of the dogs I feed now.

"Cans for K-9s" (Joyce's Project) has been going on since 2006. We collect and recycle aluminum cans to help feed homeless and abandoned pets, kind of a twofold project. I have a lot of people that give me cans, that truly helps, God bless them.

I can't help but tell others of the benefits of your product. I told my brother-in-law and his wife about the garlic for their horses and livestock. We may have you some more customers. When I go to the adoption shows I hand out samples of your Bug Off Garlic Chewables for dogs with info on how to use it and where they can get it.

Thanks again,
Joyce E. Reimler, Oklahoma

Real Stories Maggie Mae.

"...she no longer gnaws at her tail..."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to say that we switched our rescue dog, Maggie Mae, over to your products (Bug Off Garlic Granules, Bee Pollen, Fresh Factors, and Joint Health Chewables) when we got her in November. Now, she no longer gnaws at her tail (she was eaten up with fleas apparently, when the rescue group got her) and she has lost that fetid breath and body odor! We are beyond thrilled with how well the products work on our dogs and will continue to recommend you to everyone who we come across who has dogs. In fact, my husband, who works in pest control, tells his customers with dogs about your products regularly, even though he could earn a commission for selling a flea job!

Darlene Dean, Georgia

Real Stories K.C. Sunshine and Susan

"...we've had no tick or flea Problems..."

Dear Springtime,

I just had to let you know that your Bug Off Garlic Granules and Longevity products are totally awesome. I have a 13 year old Golden Retriever. I started her on Longevity about a year ago. I swear, it took two years off of her. Due to financial reasons, I didn't reorder. K.C. went downhill really fast. At Christmas, I bought her more. It only took about three days for her to feel better. Now she is acting like an 11 year old again. My husband has been skeptical about the benefits of Bug Off Garlic Granules and Longevity, but here in northeastern Pennsylvania, we've had no tick or flea problems and K.C. is living a much more comfortable senior life.

Thank you so much,
Susan Nester, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Sam, age six, and Shelby, age four, are the picture of good health!

"Today, skin, ear and eye problems are a thing of the past."

Dear Springtime,

I would like to thank you for such great products! Attached is a picture of my two rescue Australian Shepherds, Sam and Shelby. Both dogs were in very poor condition when I got them. They had dry, itchy skin, thin, harsh coats and both were malnourished. Sam suffered from chronic ear infections, and Shelby's eyes were inflamed and always leaking yellow gunk. In addition, Sam has a deteriorating spinal condition and both have hip problems. I immediately put them both on a high quality diet supplemented with Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules. Today, skin, ear and eye problems are a thing of the past. Their coats are thick and lustrous. We walk four to six miles a day with the dogs running and jumping over logs and shrubs the whole time and they are ready for more when we get home. At their recent spring physical, my vet had to be reminded that they had any joint problems, because they move so soundly. I have used your products for years and have always been very happy with the results. Thank you for making products that helped to restore these dogs back to good health.

Very sincerely yours,
Kristine Rines, New Hampshire

Real Stories Kadan ready and willing for some fun in the snow!

Longevity & Bug Off Garlic - Great Taste!

Dear Springtime,

I received my order yesterday, and when I was opening the box, my Akita, Kadan, was standing there trying to sniff inside. I took out a container each of Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules to read the labels, and Kadan would not stop licking the labels. I was amazed because I had been worried that he might not like it. I personally cannot stand the smell of garlic, but the rescue group I work with swears by these two products. Well, I gave him a sprinkle of each in his food as the directions say and he had no problem eating his meals. Amazing!

S.G., Ohio

Real Stories Capone is all grown-up, but still bug-free!

"...bug and flea free!"

Dear Springtime,

Hello! I have been a customer for almost three years and continue to be very pleased with the Bug Off Garlic Granules granules. My 100 lb German Shepherd, Capone, will be three on April 29th and continues to be bug and flea free!

When he was about a year old, he appeared in your catalog and website; attached is an updated photo of him. He is enjoying the winter time in Ohio in this picture.

In fact, I just placed another order for the Bug Off Garlic Granules granules. Thank you for supplying a wonderful product that is easy to administer and a great way to prevent bugs! I recommend this product to everyone!

Tami Mazzella, Ohio

Real Stories Eric takes a few members of his family for a stroll.

" more fleas to be found anywhere."

Dear Springtime,

Several years ago we had a serious flea problem. We have nine dogs and one cat. Springtime Bug Off Garlic Granules granules for dogs were recommended and we tried it. After using the product for a couple of weeks there were no more fleas to be found anywhere. Even Taz, who has the personality image of Garfield, has benefitted because there are less insects in the yard and no fleas on him. My vet is impressed because without any other flea treatment the kids are clean.

I have also recently noticed that with the latest batch of Bug Off Garlic Granules the kids can hardly wait for their bowls to be put in front of them. Feeding nine at once has become more difficult, but more fun. They all go and lick each other's bowls to make sure there is nothing left behind.

Thank you again,
Eric Engstrom, New Hampshire

Real Stories Gino von Schlobgabohen.

"Never has had a flea or tick."

Dear Springtime,

"Cathy del Mare Adritico" is from Germany and has been a Springtime girl for seven and a half years! Since she arrived as a puppy at nine weeks she has been on Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables, and Bug Off Garlic Granules. She plays like a puppy, and has had four large litters of gorgeous pups. My ideal Shepherd as it should be.

"Gino von Schlobgabohen" is from Germany. At seven and a half years old is more like a four year old male. He has been a Springtime boy for years on Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables, and Bug Off Garlic Granules. Never has had a flea or tick. He is very ambitious playing with puppies. He does schutzhund therapy and obedience work. He never quits and is our senior breeder male. Top dog! Springtime keeps him healthy and happy.

Patricia Schrecengost, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Otis and Forrest with no worries about ticks.

"Bug Off Garlic for ticks – works better than spot on"

Dear Springtime,

I ordered Bug Off Garlic Granules for my dogs, Otis and Forrest, for the first time. I have had a terrible tick problem in the past with my dogs even though they received the 1x a month drops on their coat as recommended by my vet. The drops did not seem to offer any repellent properties because I was daily removing multiple ticks from my pets. I have been amazed that your Bug Off Garlic Granules has been the answer. If your product can deter Eastern North Carolina ticks, I believe it can work anywhere. Thanks for a great product.

Nancy Calhoun, North Carolina

Real Stories Lilah after playing in one of her favorite fields.

"…flea and tick free…"

Dear Springtime,

I have been using your products for my dog for almost a year. She uses Fresh Factors daily and Bug Off Garlic Granules spring through fall. My holistic vet said Fresh Factors are a good multivitamin. My dog stays flea and tick free using Bug Off Garlic Granules. I have enclosed a picture of my three year old Lab named Lilah. She is in one of the fields that she loves to run in. Now I am confident when we come out of the field she will not be covered in ticks. In the past, if I allowed her in the field, she would come out covered in ticks. Thanks for making an effective alternative to chemical flea and tick protection.

Alyssa Ryan, Massachusetts

Real Stories Some of Robin's beautiful boys: Tony, Drummer & Zi.

"...happy and flea free."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your products. I have been using the Bug Off Garlic Granules for several years and all seven of my Borzoi boys are happy and flea free.

We go to a lot of field trials during the fall and winter on the east coast, and I have never had a problem with ticks or fleas since using your wonderful product… Here on the coast of Georgia, fleas were horrible, but not anymore.

Keep up your good work.
Robin Schemel, Georgia

Real Stories Rosann surrounded by her bug free kids!

"...bug and flea free..."

Dear Springtime,

I started using Bug Off Garlic Granules back in the middle of June. My dogs have been bug and flea free since that time. When I sit outside with my five "kids," I am the one bothered by mosquitoes and other bugs, but not the kids! I haven't even had to put a chemical flea treatment on them – this stuff is great! We haven't had to battle with ticks this summer and I really feel that it is keeping them healthier!

Rosann Belasco, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Amalia and Maureen making good time.

"...she's even picked up speed on the agility course!"

Dear Springtime,

I've been using the combination of Longevity, Omega 3-6-9, and Bug Off Garlic Granules. My five year old Rottie, Amalia, loves it! She has so much energy; she's even picked up speed on the agility course! So much that I have to keep up with her now…This is a great combination and you've got good products. My holistic vet says you're a very reputable company and a lot of her other clients buy your products.

I'm sold! Thanks for making a healthy product that, together with the raw and holistic food I give Amalia, should help her live a good quality life!

Maureen Keller, Illinois

*Photo courtesy of Kevin Devine Photography

Real Stories Sanduskey and Azore, the Springer Spaniel.

"Bug Off Garlic is a marvelous pest preventative..."

Dear Springtime,

My pets have been enjoying your products for about five years now. My Springer Spaniel thrives on Joint Health Chewables, Fresh Factors, and Longevity. The Bug Off Garlic Granules is a marvelous pest preventative for our horses and dogs. We remain fly-free in a horse neighborhood.

Linda Hutmacher, Colorado

Real Stories Pretty girl Osa smiles for the camera.

"Osa has been flea and tick free ever since."

Dear Springtime,

I was referred to your company by a friend about a year ago after I told her that all those topical flea treatments made my dog break out with a rash. I have tried them all and she reacts to them all. I was hoping Bug Off Garlic Granules would work. I was amazed at how well it worked! Osa has been flea and tick free ever since - even during my road trip across the southern states last summer. You have a customer for life!

Thank you, Springtime!
Melinda Fuller, California

Real Stories Gabrielle’s happy “Fur Kid,” Ace.

"He's healthy, happy and just plain handsome."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to let you know how great your products are. I have a nine month old West German Shepherd named Ace and he is vibrant and healthy thanks to Springtime, Inc. His breeder recommended your products to me and I have used them since Ace was just a tiny tot at eight weeks old. The results are amazing. He's healthy, happy, and just plain handsome. Your Bug Off Garlic Granules granules keep him bug free and the Longevity product keeps his coat shiny, his health strong, and his energy level at its peak. Thank you for providing such terrific products for our "Fur Kids"… Sincerely, Gabrielle Carney, New Jersey

Real Stories Beth, a friend, and Boogie.

"...I have only seen one tick on her..."

Dear Springtime,

Boogie, my red Cattle Dog, has been on Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules since she was a pup. Since then I have seen only one tick on her and it was racing down her back to get off as quickly as possible. She still retrieves like she did when she was two and is still a bundle of energy. Who would think she is 11 years old? Thank you so much for your wonderful products, Springtime.

Beth Pinter, Wisconsin

Real Stories Rinnie & Cathy.

Relief from Fleas

Dear Springtime,

I don't like all the chemicals out there especially being put in or on our dog. Well, after five years of trying just about everything (including some chemicals I did not care for) I came across a post in another forum about Springtime Bug Off Garlic Granules and Bug Off Garlic Chewables. I never really thought it would work because I had tried a garlic/yeast tablet which sort of helped but the fleas were still winning. We live in a damp area and when it gets wet, it stays wet and it doesn't get cold enough in the winter to freeze anything so we had fleas 11 months out of the year. I truly thought I would have a breakdown! I was exhausted from flea combing her (Chow Shepherd mix) but she loved it because after each session she got a treat! So, she has been taking this for about three months and while she has a flea or two taken off of her now & then, but that is it. I forgot to mention that she gets flea bite dermatitis when she gets overpopulated, so this is a great relief to both of us. She is seven years old and prides herself on being "pretty," well, everyone says so.

Cathy Pechin, Kansas

Real Stories The Conservation Canines Pack.

Repels Deer Flies

Dear Springtime,

My name is Jennifer Hartman and I am a dog handler for a fantastic non-profit with the University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology, called Conservation Canines (learn more at I'm writing to let you know that we love your products!

A little about us: Conservation Canines adopts shelter dogs of all breeds and trains them to find the scat of other species. This method is used by agencies such as the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service, and conservation groups like World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy to monitor at risk wildlife around the world. Our dogs are high energy, active dogs who love to play ball in reward for finding a scat. We've traveled with the dogs to places like Brazil, Cambodia, and Canada and locally to California, Montana, Washington and many other states looking for species such as the orca whale, puma, tiger, grizzly bear and spotted owl. We were in Wisconsin last year, for example, and your Bug Off Garlic Granules supplement was elemental in warding off pesky deer flies and mosquitoes as we searched the landscape for bobcat.

Currently we have 18 dogs in our program. We've been purchasing your Longevity supplement because we love feeding our dogs only the best. We also love yourBug Off Garlic Granules Bug Off Garlic, Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables to keep our dogs happy and healthy.

All the best,
Jennifer Hartman and the rest of the Conservation Canine Pack, Washington

Real Stories Tommie, Catcher & Levi.

Amazing results in a bug-infested area...

Dear Springtime,

I'm amazed. I have had two of my dogs on your product Bug Off Garlic Granules and now just started a young dog on it, all obedience competition Border Collies. No fleas and only an occasional tick! No side effects either. I'm in bug-infested Florida.

Claudia Van Gee, Florida

Real Stories Beloved Spooky. Real Stories Sweet Magic.

"Flies just plain avoided us…"

Dear Springtime,

Have I got a Bug Off Garlic story for you! I just got home from the Australian Shepherd Club of America 2014 National Specialty. My two Aussies and I compete in Obedience and Rally; I've used Springtime products for the last 7 years or so with my 11 year old male, Spooky, and started my 5 year old female, Magic, as soon as she came home.

This year's Nationals presented some challenging conditions for folks competing in Obedience and Rally. Our rings were under cover, but the sides were open and the flooring in our building was concrete covered with dirt that had previously been used in livestock stalls with ALL the usual smells and byproducts of stabling animals. But the biggest distraction for most dogs was the FLIES. They were EVERYWHERE - landing on the equipment, buzzing around dogs as they worked, and being a horrible nuisance that caused many normally excellent performing dogs to fail exercises they usually aced under other conditions.

In talking to other handlers after the first couple of pre-trials, I noticed my dogs were not being pestered by all those flies. Flies just plain avoided us - they buzzed around me, but my dogs never had one land on their faces, ears, or anywhere. Other handlers tried using all sorts of fly and bug sprays (which seriously interfered with the utility dogs that had to use their noses for the scent discrimination exercises) but they gave no perceptible relief from the fly attacks. It dawned on me why my dogs weren't bothered by the flies at all - they have been eating the Bug Off Garlic Granules for years as a deterrent to the ticks we always seem to find on our walks along the Chattahoochee River National Park. I'd never dreamed Bug Off Garlic Granules would mean the difference between earning placements in our sports, versus non-qualifying scores due to obnoxious flies bothering dogs as they tried to do their jobs. Thank you, Bug Off Garlic Granules!

Also, with the intense amount of jumping in the top levels of Utility Obedience, Spooky developed back muscle cramps when he was around 7 years old. These reminded my holistic vet of the cramps he'd seen race and cutting horses get. He suggested 325 mg dose of DMG based on Spooky's age and weight, initially formulating a tablet supplement. The tablets worked GREAT, but were really expensive. I noticed the DMG 5,600 for horses in the Springtime catalog, and brought it to his attention - and he suggested giving it a try. One container of DMG for horses has lasted me for more than two years. I believe I have seen DMG tablets advertised on various web sites - but nothing compares to the economics of that whopper horse-sized container in your catalog!

Pat Pierce, Georgia
(A happy Springtime customer with two amazing canine teammates!)