Real Letters - Daily Calm
Real Stories Rita and her pal, Moose, relaxing down on the farm.

"…changed the mood in my barn for the better."

Dear Springtime,

Daily Calm has actually changed the mood in my barn for the better. Most of my horses are racehorses who are post-surgery patients or "on vacation" from the track. The adjustment period from a high-stress, extreme conditioning atmosphere to the quiet, low-key barn in the country often took weeks. Now, those who need help with the adjustment get Daily Calm and in days they are in "vacation mode!"…

Enclosed please find two photos of "Bronx Connection" (AKA Moose), a Standardbred Pacer, and me. Moose had been at my farm for three days (following a training session at Freehold Raceway in New Jersey) when the photos were taken. Without Daily Calm, it would have taken another week before he would have stood still for a "photo shoot." Thanks to Daily Calm, the vacationing racers get to relax for the full time that they reside at "Moody Hollow."

Rita Bauer, New York

Real Stories Monet. Real Stories Go Boy.

Rescued Horses – "...quiet and content..." and "...string halt free..."

Dear Springtime,

We wanted to share our experience with using Daily Calm on one of the rescued horses. A group of Paso Finos came to Horse Protection Association of Florida after they were seized in a cruelty case involving a number of horses. Not all of the horses survived.

Monet, an underweight two year old filly was very sweet and liked people when handled gently and enjoyed being groomed. However, she was panic stricken to be confined in a pen, stall, or pasture. All of the horses here at the HPAF farm are turned out in large pastures all day and night except when they come in for feeding. The pen Monet went in was 40 x 20 and she had her pasture mates on both sides of her for company while in for feeding. As soon as she finished eating, even with a hay bag full of rich orchard and alfalfa hay in front of her, she would frantically run the length of the pen back and forth and would only stop when we physically stopped her. When turned out in a 25 acre pasture, she would run the fence line by the gate, back and forth, incessantly. We started feeding her Springtime Daily Calm as her only supplement in December. Through January she improved and did not run the fence as often. By the end of January she was a new horse. She is quiet and content in her pen for feeding and now when turned out in the pasture she goes right off to play and graze with the other horses. Daily Calm has worked wonders for this lovely filly. With her improved state of mind she has now begun ground training and should make a lovely horse for some lucky adopter.

Also, we have been using Joint Health Formula for years on a number of the horses and recommend it to everyone. Go Boy, a Tennessee Walker who came to us with severe mechanical issues six years ago, maintains beautifully with Joint Health Formula and has been able to maintain normal mobility for three years.

Thank you for your wonderful products. We are very grateful to have them for the horses that we take in that are victims of starvation and neglect. Springtime products help us to improve their quality of life and get them on the road to a new life.

Most Sincerely,
Morgan Silver
Executive Director
Horse Protection Association of Florida

Real Stories Mia and Carolyn.

"...SO much better under saddle."

Dear Springtime,

I don't usually write to companies but I just have to tell you how my Thoroughbred mare, Mia, improves when she is on Daily Calm. I have had her for five years. She is very hot and, of course, was abused when I got her. She can be frustrating to work with but has improved so much since I have owned her. She will most likely never be able to show (too bad, because she's gorgeous) since she just so easily gets stressed. I have had her on the Daily Calm for about four to five years.

Several months ago I ran out of Daily Calm so I decided to see how she did without it. Horrible! This the third time I have tried to go without and the third time I've put her right back on it! You'd think I'd learn! Without it she is almost unrideable, just totally agitated and hyper. I rode her last evening after being back on the Daily Calm for about three days. Wow! She was so sweet, loving, and SO much better under saddle. We were able to canter, go over cavaletti, and a small jump; things she absolutely cannot handle without the Daily Calm. I do find though, that she does best on a larger dose than what you suggest. I give her two heaping scoops two times a day.

Just thought I'd pass this along,
Carolyn Miele and "Mia," Illinois

Real Stories Linda with June Mardi Gras. Real Stories Ahmad with Link & Brody.

"I give June Daily Calm when she is in season."

Dear Springtime,

Just a word of update that might be interesting and because I am so grateful for your products...

The first photo is of my husband, Ahmad, along with Link, our Papillion, and Brody, our Brittany. Link and Brody are both almost eight years old, and full of life and good health thanks to Longevity, Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors. Both have beautiful, thick, soft coats.

The second photo is of me with June Mardi Gras. She is an 11 year old American Saddlebred. June's glow is from Bug Off Garlic and Hoof & Coat Formula. I also give June Daily Calm when she is in season. We used to get a shot from the vet several times a summer, but now the Daily Calm does the same thing, and for a lot less. Also, I can give it to whichever horse may be having a bad day if needed, as it has no other effects on their capabilities.

Linda & Ahmad Kangarloo, Virginia

Real Stories Max & Blade. Real Stories Rex & Brutus.

"Daily Calm has really helped my horse focus..."

Dear Springtime,

My horses have been using the Bug Off Garlic, and I give my Palomino/Quarter Horse the Daily CalmDaily Calm. He is very high strung and anxious. I have been using these products for a couple of years and I love them. The Bug Off Garlic works wonders, with no more bleeding legs. The Daily Calm has really helped my horse focus and has taken the edge off while riding.

Rex, my German Shepherd, is a very nervous and high energy dog even though he is five years old. I started him on Stress Free Calmplex and saw immediate results. He is now much calmer and less nervous. Brutus, my eight year old, Great Dane/Lab mix, was having trouble getting up and down. I started him on Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors, and now he has no problems getting up and down, and doesn't limp after he runs anymore.

I intend to keep all my pets on your products, because they work so well.

Thank you,
Donna Harpster, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Aramis and Jan are best buddies now.

"I no longer have to go in the trailer with him when loading…"

Dear Springtime,

On November 5th, 2006 I went to a horse sale with my friend…found a light gray Arabian, 14 hand gelding with almost black mane, tail, large black eyes, pink nose…My heart took a leap! I knew I had to have him… I won the bid… I found later that he had belonged to a 13 year old girl who was intimidated by him. He was quite pushy, and arrogant and did not want anyone in "his" stall. I get your Springtime, Inc. catalog and read a testimonial about how Daily Calm had helped other problem horses and decided to try it. WOW! A product that actually does what is claims to do. "Aramis" is a changed horse. He just needed some calming down so I could gain his confidence. He has become a good trail horse. I no longer have to go in the trailer with him when we are loading. I only give Aramis Daily Calm if I have not ridden him for a while, more for my self-assurance to keep from starting a bad habit.

Thank you for making a product that "REALLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO!"

A satisfied customer,
Jan Dean, Ohio
P.S. By the way, I'm 75 years young and still trail riding hundreds of miles each year. Aramis is one of seven horses in my barn.

Real Stories Rita's good care and

Daily Calm – "…first lifetime win!"

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to give you an update on "Bronx Connection" (AKA Moose). Following his vacation at Moody Hollow Farm (care included
Daily Calm with his feed each morning), Moose returned to racing, and on October 19, 2006, enjoyed his first lifetime win at Freehold Raceway!

Thanks again, Springtime!
Rita Bauer and "Moose," New York
*Photo by John Pantalone, courtesy of World Wide Racing Photos

Real Stories

Daily Calm for Competition.

Dear Springtime,

What a good day! First time showing Loafer's Lodge Mystique and she gets High Point Novice Pony Championship. That Daily Calm kept her mind on me and not what was going on around her. What a nice pony to work with!

Linda Shackelford, Maryland

Real Stories Arctic Foxx with trainer Diane Dodd.

"…what a difference in his ability to relax, concentrate, and perform…"

Dear Springtime,

Our four year old American White stallion (pure white with black eyes) is starting a course of 'Hollywood' tricks and is doing well, but he's young, still growing, and stressed due to it all. Your C-Complex and Daily Calm has helped him. His trainer, Diane Dodd (pictured), comments what a difference in his ability to relax, concentrate, and perform since he's back from after a stay at home. I told her it is the powders she's putting in his food. She was surprised and very pleased with Arctic Foxx's improvement. Foxx is very rare – he is not albino but is pure white – not a speck of color.

Wanda Berry-Hill, California

Real Stories Diane with her great partner, Friday!

"…calmed my dressage horse without making him dull."

Dear Springtime,

I really love the Daily Calm – it has calmed my dressage horse, Friday, without making him dull. And the Bug Off Garlic has been terrific. We've had two bad fly summers in a row – but not in my barn. Thank you for your wonderful products.

Diane E. Burgess, Alabama

Real Stories A mellow Dakota with Joan’s son.

Nervous, Jumpy, Grinding Teeth

Dear Springtime,

I have a 13 year old Appaloosa and for six years, he would get worked up every time you put a saddle on him and cinched him up. He would pull back, throw himself to the floor, rear up, walk around and not stand still, cross both feet over each other, almost tripping himself on purpose. Very nervous on trails. When I finally got the saddle on, he would walk with heavy feet, walk tall, grind his teeth, jump at everything in sight. He was extremely dangerous on busy roads. I almost got hit by a car twice! He would race home. I tried everything I could think of. I've had him for sale several times only to change my mind when someone was interested.

He's a beautiful, friendly horse when he is not ridden. He's great trailering, with the vet, and farrier. I've heard everyone's advice and nothing worked till I tried your product, Daily Calm! He's only been on it for a month and I can't believe how he has improved! He doesn't pull back when I am cinching the saddle – he stands still! What an improvement. He is calming down on the road and he no longer freaks out with traffic. He doesn't walk around with his head held high, grinding his teeth. He doesn't race home either. He is a changed horse.

I am so glad I bought this product. I love my horse and I would hate to see what would have happened if he ended up with someone else who had no patience with him. I was told he has been like this his whole life. Thank you for putting together a product that helps our best friends.

Joan Stone, New Hampshire

Real Stories Kaylee & Elizabeth.

"we have successfully saved a beautiful horse..."

Dear Springtime,

I run a horse boarding stable in Pensacola, Florida. In 2008 I took in a new boarder – a 7 year old, 14-hand Paint mare, Kaylee. The horse had never been ridden, could not even be led very well, and was nervous and jumpy. Her owner had just rescued her from a very bad situation and she wanted our help here at the stables. Right away we could tell this horse had many problems to deal with – training alone would not be enough for her. So, for the sake of the lady (who needed a quiet horse) and the horse who desperately needed solid, knowledgeable help – I bought the mare.

I put her on Daily Calm twice a day with lots of groundwork. It has now been four years that I have owned her. She will always have her nervous nature, but with Daily Calm, good training and care, we have successfully saved a beautiful horse and gave her a job. She is now productive. We trail ride together and use her to ride when I give the public rides. Thanks Springtime, for such a good product. I also use your Bug Off Garlic for all my horses here at the barn. Any new ones that come in – it is mandatory for them also. We have enjoyed the break from flies and mosquitoes other stables might have. We ALL notice the difference.

Elizabeth Nobles, Florida