The Evolution of the Springtime Logo.


Since our beginning in 1979, Springtime Supplements has grown and evolved as a company, but our logo has remained mostly unchanged. As we hit “the big 4-0,” we felt the time was right to give the Springtime logo a bit of a facelift, if you will. It was a tough process, but we are proud to present our new logo, which artfully represents our long-standing mission to help our customers in their quest for a happier, more active lifestyle. The lotus flower is the perfect icon, because it symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and revitalization. It is a flower that has the ability to rise out of the darkest of waters to reveal its full beauty and potential. Like the lotus, Springtime is always growing to meet the needs of our customers and their animals, but we remain rooted to our core principles of providing the highest quality health products at a reasonable cost and with unparalleled service. Because, as our founder Dennis Hampt has said since the ’70s, “People who love animals gotta stick together.”

The Springtime Difference...

At Springtime Supplements, we offer products for joint health, immune support, calming, performance, insect control, and much, much more. But perhaps our most important offering is expertise. Since 1979, we have been dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, horses, and people with our own brand of supplements and a focus on delivering those products with excellent service.

We make all our products in our FDA-inspected facility in Maryland, which gives us the unique ability to offer the highest quality at the best value. We go above and beyond the highest testing standards, to ensure quality, purity, and safety. That’s why dog and horse owners, vets, trainers, farriers, farmers, breeders, rescues, and human and animal athletes alike swear by Springtime Supplements. They choose Springtime because they trust Springtime.

Plus, when you call Springtime, you’re always talking to people who love animals and know animals. We’re here to listen to your challenges and goals to provide knowledge to help you craft an innovative solution.

Our 40 years in the industry and our complete control over manufacturing give you the best possible products at the lowest cost. Our team has the experience and shared love of animals, which means you always have an expert resource to help you. When passion meets expertise, that’s the Springtime difference.