Springtime Bully Sticks

Most supermarket dog chews are a processed, molded, dyed concoction of mystery ingredients. That's why Springtime created a new line of natural bully sticks, which are made in the U.S.A. from 100% U.S. beef with no added dyes, preservatives, or chemicals. A safe alternative to chemically laden and potentially dangerous products like rawhide, our bully sticks are 100% digestible, low in fat, gluten-free, and a good source of protein.

Product Highlights:

• Made in the U.S.A. from 100% U.S. beef
• 100% digestible protein
• Low in fat & gluten-free
• Minimal odor
• Triple-washed naturally without any chemicals.
• Satisfies the dogs' natural chewing behavior
• Keep gums and teeth healthy without additives or sugary carbohydrates.

Bully Sticks - Braided Bully Sticks - Choice Bully Sticks - Curly
Braided Bully Sticks for triple the fun! Three top grade, tasty bully sticks wound together make one tantalizing treat. Best value! Top grade braided bully sticks.

Oven baked bully stick for best taste. Long lasting chew for all size dogs! Extra flavorful bully stick with all the trimmings.

A top-quality bully stick — with a twist. A tasty challenge for dogs that love to chew.

Bully Sticks - Jumbo Bully Sticks - Premium
Jumbo Bully Sticks for big dogs and heavy chewers! Top grade beef bully stick. A 100% natural, low-odor chew treat that will last for hours, keeping your dog satisfied.

Denser and longer lasting than our Choice Bully Sticks, the Premiums Bully Sticks are hardy enough for the big chewers, yet still chewable for smaller mouths. Food-grade, triple-washed and hung to dry, for minimal odor.