Ginseng is probably most well known for its ability to enhance mood, vitality, and rejuvenation.

Panax ginseng has been used for thousands of years
to help the body manage physical and mental stress.

Ginseng (panax ginseng) is a member of the ivy family that is renowned for the powerful health properties of its roots. Ginseng is the most widely used of the botanicals referred to as adaptogens, which help the body combat mental and physical stress, including during athletic activity. Ginseng was used by the ancient Chinese and by Native Americans, and it has been used for thousands of years for a variety of health benefits. In fact, "panax" is Greek for "all healing."*

Ginseng is probably most well known for its ability to support a healthy sense of well being and vitality. In traditional Chinese medicine, panax ginseng has been used for centuries to maintain a sense of calm. In the West, ginseng is becoming increasingly popular and is being studied for a variety of benefits, including supporting a sense of calm, concentration, a healthy immune system, and normal blood sugar, among others.*

Panax ginseng is native to cooler climates in Asia and North America. A mature ginseng plant will have five leaves, red berries, and long stem leading to a fleshy, gnarled root system. Cultivated ginseng varies in quality, based on many factors, and wild ginseng, which is very rare, is often regarded as superior. Ginseng's value and popularity has led to over-harvesting, making it more difficult and more expensive to obtain quality ginseng.

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What Our Customers Say About Springtime's Ginseng Products...

Don't just take our word for it! Read what our customers have to say about their own experiences with
Daily Calm for Horses, Stress Free Calmplex for Dogs, Tonic Blend for People, and Performance Paste for Horses.

"...we have successfully saved a beautiful horse..."


Dear Springtime:

I run a horse boarding stable in Florida. I took in a new boarder,
a 7-year-old, 14-hand Paint mare, Kaylee. The horse had never been ridden, could not even be led very well, and was nervous and jumpy. Her owner had just rescued her from a very bad situation, and she wanted our help here at the stables. Right away we could tell this horse had many problems to deal with. So, for the sake of the lady (who needed a quiet horse) and the horse, I bought the mare.

I put her on Daily Calm twice a day with lots of groundwork. It has now been four years that I have owned her. She will always have her nervous nature, but with Daily Calm and good training and care, we have successfully saved a beautiful horse and gave her a job. We trail ride together and use her to ride when I give the public rides. Thanks, Springtime, for such a good product.


Elizabeth Nobles, Florida

1Excerpted from the paper "Plant adaptogens. III. Earlier and more recent aspects and concepts on their mode of action."
in Phytomedicine [6 (4): 287-300 by Panossian, A.; Wikman, G.; Wagner, H. (October 1999).