Springtime Supplement's BOGO Springtime Supplement's Ahiflower® Oil for Horses and People. Not from fish. Better than flax. Non-GMO. Maintain Mobility. Enhance joint funtion.  Springtime Supplements Figuring out ways to save money? Upgrade your order with Springtime Supplements. Get Free Bonus Items when you spend $150 or more. Springtime Supplements's treats and chews. Treats that are both delicious and healthy. No fillers. No preservatives. No dyes. Leila is the current Alabama Junior Rodeo Queen. I give much credit to your Springtime Performance Paste as it did a wonderful job of helping Leila's mare maintain her calm and concentration. We also use the Performance Paste on our other barrel horses. It gives them the extra edge needed to compete. We love your products!

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Since 1979, Springtime Supplements has been dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and horses (and their owners, too!) with the Springtime line of natural supplements for horses, dogs and people. Using only the highest-quality, naturally sourced ingredients, we offer supplements for joint health, immune support, insect control, general wellness, and more. We are also proud to introduce our new line of healthy dog treats and chews. At Springtime Supplements, we believe that people who love animals gotta stick together!