Real Letters - Joint Health Formula for Horses
Real Stories A happy Annie with a healthy coat. Real Stories Annie and Helen happily grazing.

"She seems to get stronger and stronger and more beautiful everyday..."

Dear Springtime,

I own and operate a horse rescue in Massachusetts by the name of Smokey Chestnut Farm. Two years ago I rescued Annie and Helen, a bonded pair of blind Belgian mares who were on their way to slaughter. 25-year-old Annie was much older than Helen, and struggled physically. It was very difficult for her to get up from a resting position. Even when she was standing she would continuously shift her weight from back leg to the other back leg. I knew I needed to give her something other than quality food to help her build her strength and integrity.

Your product, Joint Health Formula, was highly recommended to me by my sister, Jeanne. Within a short time, approximately several months, of giving Annie Joint Health Formula, I started to see a difference in her. Her comfort level started to increase and she was able to get up more easily after lying down to rest. She had been on your product for about two years and I can honestly say she seems to get stronger and stronger and more beautiful everyday. Thank you for making quality products and for caring about animals!

With gratitude, Heidi, Annie, and Helen.

Real Stories Moving Merlin.

"Having actually felt the difference in Merlin's movements...I can attest that the Joint Health HAS made a difference."

Dear Springtime,

Last year my farrier had mentioned to me that my 21-year-old Quarter horse, Merlin, had a hard time keeping his hind legs up when getting his feet trimmed. In fact, he was afraid that Merlin was going to fall. Fortunately, that did not happen. Around the same time, one day while we were out riding down a paved driveway, I noticed that Merlin dragged his left hind foot for a number of steps, but then he was ok.

I mentioned this to Margaret, the owner of the barn where Merlin is boarded. She said that the owner of an older pony had just given her a container of Springtime's Joint Health Formula that she was trying out, and to offer it to anyone else that was interested. The timing was perfect, and we started Merlin on it right away.

Weeks later, the farrier told me that Merlin was maintaining normal function when he trimmed his feet. I also noticed that Merlin was much smoother, and less hesitant when we rode down hills. This made me realize that age related issues had been creeping up on Merlin, and I hadn't really noticed until I felt how much smoother he was, on the Joint Health Formula.

Having actually felt the difference in Merlin's movement while riding him and with the feedback from the farrier, I can attest that Joint Health Formula HAS made a difference. Merlin will be on this formula from now on. I recommend anyone with an older horse to try this formula to see if it makes a difference for them.

Donala Wallace, Maryland

Real Stories Ranger (right) is ready for a ride!

"…he could remain sound"

Dear Springtime,

I used to have a horrible time trying to keep my horses free of bot fly eggs. I am happy to report that the Bug Off Garlic granules really works!!! Ranger, a Buckskin Paint, is on your Joint Health Formula. I was thrilled to discover he could maintain soundness – thank you! I appreciate what you do for my animals.

In the photo I sent, the gentleman is my husband Albert. He is riding Ranger (Texas Ranger), and I am riding my oldest horse, Charlie (Charlie Brown).

Mary K. Olivares, Texas

Real Stories Sabata and Hawk. Real Stories Kenya and Hawk fly-free!

No More Abscesses or Horse Flies!

Dear Springtime,

I don't normally leave feedback but I had to say something about your product, Joint Health Formula. I have always liked this horse named Hawk since I first saw him four years ago at my trainer's ranch. Just last year in 2015, the trainer decided to let Hawk go and I asked for him.

During the summer when I got Hawk, I noticed that with just a little rain he would get an abscess in his right hind hoof and become lame. He would stay lame for two weeks, heal up, but then another rain would come and in just a few hours he would again get the abscess.

However, I read that the Joint Health Formula helps with inflammation and I thought I would give this product a try. Hawk no longer is inflamed on his hoof, and the best part is yet to come. For the past three weeks this year we have had steady rain, and Hawk has not been lame from a single abscess. He had an abscess one time earlier during the rainy spring, but it was not a bother for even two days.

I am happy to say that Joint Health Formula supports my "flat foot" horses' natural healing process and abscesses and lameness are better managed. He will be on Joint Health Formula for the rest of his life. I stand by this product whole heartedly. This is by far the best formula for him and any horse for that matter with abscess problems.

Your Bug Off Garlic is also amazing. I have always fed the garlic to my young four year old female (her name is Kenya, she's my baby). Anyways, Hawk used to be tormented by the horse flies and he used to get bitten especially on his privates. He would stomp his two hind feet, put his head down almost to the ground like he was going to pass out. But now with the Bug Off Garlic, he is so much happier and grazing is much easier for him.

Sabata Dupuch, Virginia

Real Stories No lameness for Cabot!

"…he got a clean bill of health."

Dear Springtime,

Just want to let you know that I quadrupled the regular dose of Joint Health Formula for my horse, Cabot, that is here on a 30 day trial. He's a big guy at 1,350 so I felt it was appropriate. It's easily hidden in molasses and corn oil mixed in his regular grain ration. After a week on the increased dose, he got a clean bill of health.

No lameness. The vet said, "No supplement is going to mask a serious problem. If he has a little hitch and this supplement makes him comfortable, I feel confident clearing this horse for purchase."

He will never replace my beloved Thoroughbred that passed but Cabot has already made a new space just for himself in my heart.

Thanks so much for the quick response, advice and having products I can depend on for my family members of all species.

Jenelle Lewis
Smiling Dog Farm, Texas

Real Stories Dolly ridden by a family friend!

Dolly ridden by a family friend

Dear Springtime,

My 28 year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Dolly, gaits the trails of Palos Verdes like she is 12. Since the day Dolly came to live in our barn at age 26, she has been receiving a scoop of Joint Health Formula as part of her daily supplements.

In the early spring of 2015, we had several days of rain, which meant that we could not ride for over a week. When we decided the trails were safe, we tacked up, left the barn, and Dolly took a few bad steps. So back to the barn we went, and I immediately called the vet. It turned out that because she had missed her regular three-times-per-week, two-hour trail rides, the ligaments around her stifle were stiff. The vet recommended an anti-inflammatory drug, which I used, but I also increased Dolly's dose of Joint Health Formula to one heaping scoop per day. She has not taken a bad step since. I plan to continue this dosage, because at 28 and going strong, I want to keep her sound and comfortable for as long as possible.

Thank you Springtime.

Marlin Sue More, California

Real Stories Gerri - now completely sound.

"He hasn't been lame since…"

Dear Springtime,

I am a longtime client of your horse products. There are many choices of joint products on the market, and I've tried the others, but always come back to yours. The value and quality are unsurpassed.

I'm passionate about this product because it literally saved my horse. In April of 2012 my dressage horse "Gerri," a 12 year old Warmblood, was diagnosed with three injuries in his right hind leg; bone bruise in the foot, strained suspensory and crushed cartilage in the fetlock. I was told that the crushed cartilage would never heal. The vets gave him less than a 40% chance to recover.

I had been struggling to reach Grand Prix dressage for twenty-five years. Gerri went lame two months before my first show at Grand Prix. It was absolutely devastating, almost unreal. I was so close, and now it appeared it was over. To see a dream such a long time coming become squelched in an instant was difficult to accept.

The vets said to give him six months off. He would either be sound, or lame for the rest of his life. He had to be in a stall for three months, then three months in a small paddock. Before leaving the clinic, his suspensory was injected with anti-inflammatory. About two months into his rest, I started him on Joint Health Formula. The only other treatment was special supportive shoes.

I started him back to work after six months. He was completely sound. Every day when I went out to ride, I expected him to be lame. But then the months kept going by, and he stayed sound. He hasn't been lame since.

Finally, I realized my dream of qualifying for and competing in the regional finals at Grand Prix. Gerri and I came in fourth place.

I credit Joint Health Formula for giving me back my horse. I don't think this horse would be sound without it. He will be onJoint Health Formula for the rest of his life.

Thank you, Springtime,
Jeffie Pike, Washington

Real Stories Joey's 1st Christmas at Forever Home Ranch.

Joint Health Formula - Help for Abused and Neglected Horses

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to tell you about a horse named Joey who enjoyed his final 21 months because of your products, especially the Joint Health Formula.

My husband and I retired and moved to Texas where we built a new barn and took in horses that have been seized by law enforcement because of neglect or cruelty – Forever Home Ranch.

Joey came to us in June, 2009. At age 23 he was about to be put down because he was in terrible shape. Three of four knees were shot from his previous owners using him too long as a cutting horse. He was missing most of his teeth but no one checked why he couldn't eat so he was down to skin and bones when he arrived. No one expected him to see Christmas.

We were using Joint Health Formula (and Bee Pollen, Gamma, and Bug Off Garlic) with most of the horses we have (14 of 18 are currently on it) but our vet told us to use triple the amount for Joey. He thought it would help and that amount would still be safe.

By October, Joey was trotting. By the next January, we saw him canter several times and the trotting was a daily event to both breakfast and dinner meals. Joey was doing well. For almost two years - and two Christmases - he enjoyed his time to the fullest.

This winter was a cold and hard one in central Texas. We lost one of the horse elders in February and Joey declined as well. His trotting was not as frequent and he had more down days than up days. Joey's body finally betrayed him in April and we had to make the tough decision because his spirit was still strong although his body was giving out.

It is hard for me to think about Joey without getting upset but I have wanted to write to thank you for having a product that made his last months mostly pain-free.

We have had a lot of success with Joint Health Formula and the other Springtime products and have recommended them to people who ask how we keep the elders in such good shape. We have only lost four equines in the three years since we moved here and although their average age is late twenties, most of the others are going strong and are much healthier than when they arrived.

A syndicated Texas television show called The Texas Country Reporter did a feature on our ranch's horses which, after it ran on their show, they put on YouTube. I thought that you or someone else at Springtime who has an interest in old horses might be interested in seeing the video.

Believe me, none of the horses looked this good when they first came to us. Your supplements have helped tremendously, especially the Joint Health Formula since their average age is 26.

Your phone folks are also informative and helpful and that is something that is, unfortunately, becoming rare these days. Thank you for the help you have given us over the years.

Peggy Neaves, Texas


Real Stories Joanne and Picasso having a ball.

"Picasso is a changed horse."

Dear Springtime,

The love of my life for the last 11 years has been my 21 year old Pinto, Picasso. Over the years, he and I have won many hunter/jumper divisions together. As time went on, a hitch that he had for years worsened, his coat started looking dull, and he had zip energy. Sadly, his "get up and go" had "gone up and went."

I tried other supplement products but didn't notice any changes. Out of desperation, I ordered Joint Health Formula during the winter, and all I can say is thank you! Picasso is a changed horse. Within weeks his gait became much smoother, and I could ride for longer periods of time without him having to rest. He is able to do a course of fences with no problem and no hesitation. He acts like he enjoys working now. On long trail rides the younger horses have to keep up with him! I have attached a picture of him and you can see he is having a ball... I have also noticed his coat looks great and his mane, which NEVER grew, is suddenly growing like crazy! He is now acting like a 10 year old horse again! Picasso and I can't thank you enough!

Joanne DeGiovanni, Ohio

Real Stories Yomba feeling good and full of life!

"...severe allergies, heaves and aging joints."

Dear Springtime,

I have a 19 year old BLM Mustang, Yomba, with severe allergies, heaves and aging joints. I had already been giving Yomba the DMG 5600 DMG 5,600, and now he gets a half scoop of Joint Health Formula morning and night. I am happy to say that he hasn't had a steroid tablet since the Saturday after I started the Joint Health Formula. His breathing has remained normal and his neck doesn't have the "creaks" it used to have. Even with the sudden, cold weather changes we have had in Wisconsin, he is great, and that used to really cause a flare up. If I am seeing this kind of improvement in a week, I can only imagine how great it's going to be in the future.

I can't tell you how happy I am with this product. It's a lifesaver! Yomba is the best little man and taught my daughter and numerous other kids to ride. He is still full of life when he is feeling good!

Thank you again!
Tanya Micoley-Severson, Wisconsin
Photo courtesy of

Real Stories Cowboy aka

Fractured Pelvis - Amazing Recovery

Dear Springtime,

I'd like to comment on how good the Joint Health Formula is. My 16 year old, 16.3 hand endurance Quarter Horse fell last year and fractured his pelvis. It was a bad fall. A friend recommended the Joint Health Formula. Immediately, I started him on it. At his two month check-up after his accident, my vet said that in almost all the cases he had ever seen he would have had to put the horse down at the two month mark. However, he was amazed at how well my "Cowboy" was doing. It has now been nine months later and he is doing great – even get a little buck out of him every once in a while. We still aren't riding him, but if anything, he is a retired, happy, comfortable horse. Thank you, Springtime!

Pamela Cherry, Arizona

Real Stories Karina and Bella.

"...she has been helped..."

Dear Springtime,

As per our phone conversation today, enclosed is a check for Joint Health Formula supplement for horses.

Also enclosed is a photo of my horse Bella, a 13 year old Hanoverian mare who is training in dressage. She has been helped with this supplement to stay relatively pain-free from her left hock problems.

Thank you so much,
Karina Courtmanche, Connecticut

Real Stories

Retired Show Jumper Sound at 27!

Dear Springtime,

Wow, what super service! I just got an email confirming shipping and my shipping number, and I only put the order in a couple of hours ago. My horse thrives on your products. His registered name is Snappy Count. We call him Snappy, but at times we refer to him as "Count Snappy" when his Thoroughbred blood leads him to act like royalty that I am to wait on hand and foot! Actually he's a very fine old gentleman. He would not be sound at 27 and still enjoying trail rides if it were not for Joint Health Formula. He's a retired show jumper that has severe joint issues, but you would never know it. We have had a very tough summer with poor hooves so I am hoping your Hoof & Coat Formula will give him stronger hooves. Deciding whose product to try first was a 'no brainer.'

Michelle Eppinga, North Carolina

Real Stories Dawn & Treasured Dash out for a ride.

"...within no time he was running around with no lameness or pain."

Dear Springtime,

I am very happy I found your supplements. My eleven year old gelding, Treasured, and I have a very special bond as most horses and owners have… I have been using the Joint Health Formula on him for a year, as he has joint pain in his right front knee. I have tried many supplements over the years (he has had this since he was two and a half years old due to an injury prior to me buying him) and many worked for a short time. The injury caused a lot of pain. I even had to stop riding him. In the winter time the pain would get worse and nothing would work. My friend, Audrey, told me about the Joint Health Formula and within no time he was running around with no lameness or pain. I also noticed the swelling went away. Even the vet was impressed and asked what I gave Treasured. He is so different now. I love to watch him run around again like he is two. It is also a joy to be able to ride him again, as I thought I would never be able to again.

Having a natural way to help my horse has been a blessing - thank you!

Yours Truly,
Dawn Brent, North Carolina

Real Stories Peggy’s handsome gelding, Charley.

"…now stands tall and straight."

Dear Springtime,

Thank you for making Longevity for dogs. We adopt retired greyhounds and one of ours developed joint problems late last year at about age nine and a half. She started limping every time she got up from a nap. In our opinion, she was too young to take the usual vet drugs that can end up destroying their liver and other organs. We had used Springtime products that helped our Cairns' coat health years ago and were looking in the catalog for something that might help us with this other problem. We decided to try Longevity. Within a few weeks, the limp was gone. It has been half a year now and there is no sign of any problem. All the dogs are getting it and they just passed their senior dog blood work and annual vet checks with flying colors.

Since then, we have ordered Joint Health Formula to give to our horses. We have seen a noticeable improvement in the 11 year old Quarter Horse, Charley. He used to slouch and now stands tall and straight. He appears to have grown half a hand and we don't think that is possible at his age. We acquired his last filly before he was gelded and started her on Joint Health Formula even though she just turned two. We just purchased a 10 year old Belgian and when he arrives at our stable you can bet we will start him on Joint Health Formula. I have highly recommended your products to anyone who is experiencing similar problems with their animals.

Thanks for your help!
Peggy Neaves, Florida

Real Stories County fair winners, Emilee and Echo, working the ring.

"She hasn't had a lame step since."

Dear Springtime,

I have a 14 year old Paso Fino mare, El Dorado Echo, which had foundered for the second time in December before I purchased her. She did really well until this summer, and then Echo was lame for more than a month and even bute didn't help relieve her pain. She could hardly walk at all, but after a week and a half on your Joint Health Formula …we started seeing dramatic improvements – no more stiffness and she was a lot less creaky and cranky. She hasn't had a lame step since. My daughter, Emilee, has barrel raced with her and shown her in pleasure. Emilee and Echo did go on to win 2nd place in showmanship at the county fair which is an accomplishment when we couldn't get her to walk hardly at all a month before. It is so wonderful to see my Echo back. Thank you so much for a great product.

Kelly Keller, Michigan

Real Stories Laura & her little black mare, Baylee, riding once again.

"…the joint swelling stopped"

Dear Springtime,

I have a well-loved little black mare named Baylee of no known breeding and uncertain age. She was purchased from a difficult situation approximately three years ago. Since buying her, I had been able to, until this last fall, ride her anywhere without problems. However, in the fall she began to show generalized joint soreness. It began with a front pastern, then it shifted to her hock, and then I began to be able to hear her joints creak when she walked. She no longer ran around in the pasture and she got very, very grumpy. It was obvious that she was hurting and riding was out of the question. We did liniments, massages, wraps, and just about everything one can do for joint issues short of putting her on permanent pain medication. It all helped somewhat, however, nothing really fixed it.

Then I remembered your Joint Health Formula from your catalog. In hopes of helping her, I sent for your Joint Health Formula and proceeded to load her up…. It took about two weeks of a moderately large dose to stop hearing her walk. Then the joint swelling stopped. Then I noticed she was walking much more freely. She has been on the standard dose now for about three and a half months and is now running in the pasture. She steps out beautifully and I am again riding her. Yesterday, when I went out to the pasture to visit the horses, she came running up to me at full speed. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have her going sound again. She is beautiful little mare with a great deal of personality, and she is a great ride to boot. Baylee is the little black horse I always wanted when I was a child. And now that she no longer has any joint pain, she is back to being the empress of the pasture and she is no longer grumpy. This is great stuff! Thank you very much! You have a permanent customer.

Laura Brooks, Ohio

Real Stories 40 year old John Boy still trots!

40 year old John Boy still trots!

Dear Springtime,

This spring, my getting close to 40 years old horse, John Boy, started limping really bad and his front legs were breaking down. I bought him when he was 16 and he has been solid all these years.

I have never used any joint supplements, but received your catalog and decided to try your Joint Health Formula on Johnny. I thought maybe I shouldn't expect too much because he was getting bad and because of his age. Within three weeks I started to see he wasn't creeping out of his stall in the morning, he was walking out. Then, at about five weeks he trotted out a few times. Then, one day he must've remembered he could lope and off he went outside. He's sooo much better now, not perfect, but he trots when he wants to, and if he feels like a little buck or lope, he doesn't hesitate.

Johnny says, "Thanks, Springtime!"
Me, too!
Ann Pendleton, Maine

Real Stories Roswell is in stride now - no problems

"His gait is now free, no more pulling, grinding his teeth,or throwing his head."

Dear Springtime,

In December of 2002, I traveled to Canada and bought a 17.1 hand, 11 year old Thoroughbred, Roswell. He had some issues with pulling on the bit and shaking his head but I thought this was nothing compared to my last horse. Months went by with no improvement, so I put him up for sale. I told my trainer I could not ride this animal. Roswell's gaits were too rough; I felt I had to be adjusted after every ride. I put him in 90 days of training to help sell him, but buyers were still having the same issues that I had. …I was very frustrated… One day, I noticed a catalog I had never received before…I started reading the testimonials and thought, yeah, sure, whatever, but for some reason…I decided to order the Joint Health [OA +]. Your customer service was wonderful. I placed my order and it was on my door three days later… A few weeks later I decided to take Roswell for a lesson. As I was working him, my trainer approached us and said, "What do you have that horse on now?" Now that was gratifying. Roswell and I started our eventing career last year and have been getting a ribbon every time. His gait is now free, no more pulling, grinding his teeth, or throwing his head. He is getting in stride without a problem. Thank you, Springtime, you saved Roswell, surely.

Sarah VandenBerghe, Michigan

Real Stories Gold Cedar enjoying his senior years.

31-Year Old – Pain and Stiffness Gone After Three Weeks

Dear Springtime,

This year, my 31 year old Palomino/Quarter Horse, Gold Cedar, became very stiff. He would lay down at night to rest his weary body and stay down until I went up to the barn in the morning. Because he was laying down for so long and he was so stiff and sore, I had to put a halter on him and encourage him to get up. I felt so bad that I started to get up between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. every morning and went up to the barn to get Cedar up on his feet. Sometimes, I could encourage him to get up with a carrot, and other times I had to put his halter on and pull him up.

Thank goodness I received your flyer about a new supplement called Joint Health Formula. After having Cedar on this supplement for three weeks, I had a much different horse. Ninety percent of the time, he is up before I go to the barn and the other ten percent of the time, he gets up as soon as he sees me at the door. He stands for a few minutes and walks in for breakfast. I no longer have to make my nightly visit to the barn. Cedar and I are so pleased with this product.

Cedar taught me how to be a good rider. He has won several year-end awards in the western division, he has participated in parades, in trail riding for the handicapped, and most of all, he is my buddy. He has always given unconditional love. So now that he is a senior citizen, I want his senior years to be all they can be and Joint Health is helping to make this happen.

Beverly Hockenbury, New Jersey

Real Stories Barbara Jean and Brown can ride again.

21-year old – Aches, pain, stiffness gone!

Dear Springtime,

Brown, my big brown quarter horse, was overly used and abused for over twenty years until he came to his retirement home last year. Having more than his share of aches, pains, and stiffness, I put him on your Joint Health Formula this year. At age 21, with a year's rest and your supplements, he is once again enjoying racing the other horses in the pasture, and going for trail rides. Two of the horses in the barn were so upset that Brown was now beating them, they told their owners they wanted Joint Health Formula, which they now are on!

Thanks for my old Brown back, Springtime!

Barbara Jean Litman, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Woody is making the distance now!

Longer Strides – "I saw a difference in a week"

Dear Springtime,

Lately, my 12 year old TB gelding,Woody, has had a difficult time "making the distance" (strides) between fences at the hunter/jumper shows. A friend suggested I try Joint Health Formula after several competitor's products failed to succeed with improving Woody's suppleness and stride length. I saw a difference in a week. It was especially gratifying when my trainer commented on the increase in Woody's stride without knowing I had been using Joint Health Formula for only 10 days! Woody is a happier camper in the show ring and around the barn. He simply feels better and has been playing like a colt outside. Thank you for making showing fun again for me and especially for Woody.

Liz Messaglia, Indiana

P.S. I'm using Joint Health Formula as a preventative for my four year old chocolate Lab, Nestle, too.

(Photo by Michelle Humphrey-Davies, MHD Photography, 2002.)

Real Stories Dudley's got the spring back in his step.

30 Year Old with Ringbone. Better Range of Motion. Happier!

Dear Springtime,

I have a 30 year old Quarter Horse gelding who is the love of my life. "King's Jet Bailey," otherwise known as Dudley, has been my equine friend for many years. In his mid-20s, he was diagnosed with ringbone above the front right hoof, had severe skin allergies from insect bites, and two years ago, had developed poor circulation resulting in edema in the sheath and belly area. My veterinarian attributed all this to "aging". To complicate these conditions even further, Dudley also contracted, and was treated for, Lyme's disease.

Over the years I have tried many different products to help alleviate these problems. The different supplements I tried helped to some degree, but not like Joint Health Formula! This summer I started using your Bug Off Garlic product along with Joint Health Formula. I figured that I have "experimented" with everything else, why not try Springtime. After three months of usage, I see a definite improvement in Dudley, both physically and mentally. My veterinarian indicated that Dudley does not look his age and she is very impressed with the quality of his coat. She says that Dudley's coat is better than some of the performance horses she works with! Dudley's ringbone has improved as well, gaining more range of motion in his front feet than he has had in years. As an added benefit, the edema in his sheath area is significantly less severe.

Over the years I have tried many supplements/natural remedies and consequently I have a collection of half-used containers of supplements that do not seem to work very well. I expect that the recently reordered containers of Joint Health Formula and Bug Off Garlic will not be in that category. Thank you, Springtime. Dudley's got the "spring" back in his step!

Karen J. Gardner, New Jersey

Real Stories Becky and her sweet seniors.

Prayed for a Miracle - Joint Health Formula

Dear Springtime,

Once again your products have stunned and amazed me. "Risky," my 28 year old mare has metabolic problems, joint problems, and laminitis issues. Her diet is challenging! Late fall I was praying for a miracle and I saw it with my own eyes. After putting her on Joint Health Formula this winter she kicked up her heels and was playing horse games with a younger mare! I am also blessed with a special needs 38 year old rescued Standardbred gelding. Every day is a gift with my seniors!

Thank you,
Becky Fender, Wisconsin

Real Stories North Shore Horse Rescue

Second Chance

Dear Springtime,

The rescue piloted a test run with the Joint Health Formula with two of our most symptomatic horses: "JoJo" – an ex-dressage horse nearing 25 years old and "Danny" – a seven year old Thoroughbred off the track, who sustained a shattered sesamoid injury. JoJo experiences difficulty with severe joint issues, which makes it difficult for him to rise in the morning and move forward into the day.

Since we have been adding the Joint Health Formula, we are happy to report that JoJo is having more good than bad days. On those good days he is able to come out and socialize with his paddock mate and greet the many visitors who frequent the rescue. He appears brighter and lighter on his feet and we're thinking he might be fit for a short ride. Danny is going longer without any Bute. He is now able to bear a rider and has begun to train in dressage, which we feel will teach him to use his hind quarters, thereby alleviating stress on his front injured leg. Danny has literally come out of what could be called a "depression" as he seems to have a huge smile on his face when he works.

On behalf of our four legged friends, we extend a huge 'neigh' for helping them have a second chance. And, on behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend our sincere thanks and acknowledgement for your commitment to animals and people.

Louise Abitbol, New York
North Shore Horse Rescue

Real Stories

No More Abscesses or Horse Flies!

Dear Springtime,

Your Bug Off Garlic is amazing. I have always fed the garlic to my young four year old female (her name is Kenya, she's my baby). Anyways, Hawk used to be tormented by the horse flies and he used to get bitten especially on his privates. He would stomp his two hind feet, put his head down almost to the ground like he was going to pass out. But now with the Bug Off Garlic, he is so much happier and grazing is much easier for him.

Sabata Dupuch, Virginia

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Real Stories 33 year old Quarter Horse, Zorro

"33 year old ... vet cannot believe how active he still is ..."

Zorro, our 33 year old QuarterHorse, has been on your Joint Health supplement for almost 15 years. We started him on your product because we were told he could possibly have some lameness issues. I feel with the help of your supplement, Zorro has stayed in great shape and still able to go for trail rides. His vet cannot believe how active he still is and that he can keep up with his 16 year old barn mate.

Jeff S., Oregon