Joint Health Formula for Dogs


Joint Health Formula for Dogs

An effective hip and joint supplement for dogs of all ages.

Superior joint lubricants reduce stiffness, promote ligament and tendon health, and help prevent cartilage wear and tear. Powerful ingredients; boswellia, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and MSM.*

Real Letters JHFD Cote Genevieve

14 Year Old Romie Turns Back the Clock!

Geneviève Côté, Quebec, Canada

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• Promotes strong joints and bones*
• Restores bloom in older dogs
• Healthy hips and joints in growing dogs*
• Promotes a mobile lifestyle
• Supports the body's anti-inflammatory response*
• Best value powdered joint product on the market!

Product Summary

Ever since Springtime started to supply joint health products in the early nineties, we have received enormous positive customer feedback concerning their effectiveness. Joint Health Formula, using the popular ingredients MSM, glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate and boswellia extract, represents a highly evolved effort to present the best product possible. We are confident that you will find this product superior to any other on the market.

Good: One scoop (≈ 1,800 mg) per 40 lb. body weight daily.
Better: Two scoops per 40 lb.
Best: Three scoops per 40 lb.

Best dose is recommended for older dogs or dogs with infirmities.
Recommended: For best results, start out with just a sprinkle
for the first few days and increase gradually.
Doses may be repeated morning and evening (preferably).

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Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
per 1,800 mg serving
Boswellia serrata extract, 65% 444 mg
MSM, 99% (methyl sulfonyl methane) 444 mg
Carrot Powder 340 mg
Glucosamine HCL, 99% (shellfish extract) 318 mg
Chondroitin sulfate, min. 90% purity
(cartilage extract)
254 mg
Information on Boswellia Serrata

The gum resin of the Boswellia serrata tree has been used medicinally for centuries, particularly in India, the Middle East, and in Northern Africa. Traditional healers used the Boswellia resin to treat arthritis, colitis, sores, coughs, asthma, and even snakebites.



Boswellia serrata, or frankincense, has long been renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that boswellic acid reduces inflammation by blocking the pro-inflammatory enzyme 5-lipoxygenase which then inhibits the synthesis of leukotrienes. Both of these enzymes are thought to contribute to chronic inflammation found in certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, cancer and asthma.


Modern Uses
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory
  • Herbal Support for Comfort Issues
  • Healthy Natural Alternative
  • Helps Prevent Breakdown of Connective Tissues
  • Dog Studies with Chronic Joint Disease
  • Extremely Safe - Low Risk of Minimal Side Effects
  • Improves Blood Supply to Joints
  • Ongoing research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Dog Study

"Dietary support with Boswellia resin in canine inflammatory joint and spinal disease."

In Switzerland in 2004, a veterinary clinical trial was conducted comparing conditions of dogs with osteoarthritis and degenerative conditions before and after treatment with an extract of Boswellia serrata. The extract was given once a day with food at 400 mg/10 kg of body weight for six weeks. After just two weeks, researchers noted that 71% of the dogs showed improvement. By week six, significant positive changes were shown in increased smoothness of gait, and reduction of lameness and discomfort. A few dogs had brief, reversible episodes of loose stools. Data suggested that a standardized extract of Boswellia serrata could be recommended for symptom relief in dogs with osteoarthritic disease.

Reichling J, Schmokel H, Fitzi, Bucher S, Saller R. Web. 5 December 2010, PMID: 14994484.


Sap from the Boswellia serrata tree has been used for thousands of years by traditional herbalists.

Other Boswellia Information & Resources

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elephantWild elephants graze on Boswellia serrata. Natural herbal support for comfort issues?

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A Scientific Overview of… Chondroitin Sulfate
Powerful Natural Support for Joints and Bones

Found Throughout Nature

Chondroitin sulfate (CS) is one of six related substances called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are also referred to as mucopolysaccharides. GAGs occur widely throughout the animal kingdom — in vertebrates and invertebrates, terrestrial and marine organisms, and mammals and non-mammals. Six kinds of GAGs have been found in the tissues and fluids of vertebrates: chondroitin sulfates, keratin sulfates, dermatin sulfates, hyaluronic acid, heparin, and heparin sulfate.


Found in Connective Tissue

CS is widely found in the connective tissues of animals. It occurs in three slightly different forms: CSA, CSB, and CSC. CSA and CSC are found in nasal and tracheal cartilage, articular cartilage (joints), bones, sclera, leukocytes and blood platelets, skin, and umbilical cords. CSB has been found in skin, umbilical cords, and cardiac valves.


Vital for Joint Function

Adequate amounts of CS are vital for normal joint function and maintenance as well as many other self-healing mechanisms. The following list of activities have been proven in numerous scientific studies.


1. Osteogenesis: CSA is an important participant in bone calcification and CSC in bone integrity maintenance (Paroli, 1991; Maurau, 1988).*


2. Analgesic and restorative effect: A very important property of CS is its ability to stimulate the chondrocite (cell that synthesizes the proteoglycans in the articular cartilage), which is conducive to the proper maintenance of the cartilage matrix (Serni, 1991; Vacha, 1994).*


3. Enzymatic inhibition: The capacity of CS to inhibit the action of destructive enzymes of the articular cartilage protects joints and helps maintain harmonic balance of healthy enzyme activity. This in turn helps avoid degradation of hyaluronic acid, a necessary molecule for the maintenance of hydration and viscosity of synovial fluid (Avila, 1976; Marossy, 1981; Pipitone, 1991; Videla Dorna et al., 1994).*


4. Anti-inflammatory effect: (Paroli, 1991; Pipitone, 1991; Rashmir-Raven, 1992).*

Real Letters

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Real Letters 2010 Joint Health Formula Hoffman V
Vicky and Simba.

" surgery required for Simba."

Dear Springtime,

I volunteer with Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue, Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue, Cane Corso Rescue, and a local Pit Bull Rescue, Good Dog Adoption Agency. My Bordeaux Mastiff, Simba, had problems with a luxating patella and the vet said he would most certainly require surgery as the knee was going out at least once a day. The other knee was not quite as bad. In any event, I started him on the Joint Health Formula, giving him two scoops per day. Within 10 days the knee no longer went out and that was almost seven months ago. I now give it to all four of my dogs and to date, no surgery required for Simba.

Vicky Hoffman, Pennsylvania

Real Letters JHFD Cote Genevieve
Romie is back to running & jumping!

14 Year Old Romie Turns Back the Clock!

Dear Springtime,

My vet was out of solutions for my 14 year old dog, Romie. Nothing helped her, and now we were at the point where I had to lift her up to bring her outside to pee and lift her up again to bring her back inside.

I tried the Joint Health Formula for Romie as I had nothing to lose... After less than 2 weeks on the maximum dose, my Romie was standing and walking! After 1 month she was running and could jump on and off the bed (and she hasn't done that since she was 1 year old!)

Now I give her the maintenance dose for her weight to keep her good. I'm the first to be skeptical about "miracle" cures, but Joint Health Formula was very effective and cost way less than any other solution my vet had given me. And without the side effects! Keep it up! And most of all, thank you for my Romie, who has been with us since she was almost a year old!

Geneviève Côté, Quebec, Canada

Real Stories
Out for a run! Real Stories
Rebecca & Jacob.

"The Joint Health Formula really helped relieve the stiffness and inflammation…"

Dear Springtime,

My husband and I have been raising and working with sled dogs in interior Alaska for over 30 years. The card I sent was our Christmas card for 2010. That's Jacob on the cover with me. At eight years old, he's one of our younger dogs.

Our dogs are older now, as we are. We currently have 15 dogs, and most are 8-13 years old. We've been using Joint Health Formula for 10 years now. At the time, several of our dogs were having back problems. The Joint Health really helped relieve the stiffness and inflammation they were experiencing. We've used it ever since. We buy it 10 lbs. at a time and put two big scoops in their breakfast bucket. Your catalog markets the 10 lb size for horses, but it's an economical way to buy it for a dog team as well.

The "runs" with our younger dogs are more like "walks" these days and the distances we go are closer to five miles than the 50 mile days we did in past years. The Joint Health Formula really helps our dogs continue to enjoy this sport we all love so much. They still jump around like puppies when it is time to go.

Thank you,
Rebecca and Doug Bowers, Alaska