Joint Health Capsules


Joint Health Capsules

Supports the body's normal inflammatory response.

Contains the therapeutic anti-inflammatory and joint lubricant ingredients; chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, MSM and vitamin C. Excellent support for reducing stiffness, and cartilage wear and tear.*

Real Letters Joint Health Capsules Shackelford L

"I've been walking four miles a day…"

Linda Shackelford, Maryland

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• Ingredients are widely accepted by mainstream medical professionals as legitimate & therapeutic*
• Superior joint lubricants reduce stiffness*
• Promotes ligament & tendon health*
• Helps prevent cartilage wear & tear*
• Supports normal anti-inflammatory response.*
• Promotes capillary health & general circulation*
• Purity assured - every batch independent lab tested!

Product Summary

Ever since Springtime started to supply joint health products in the early nineties, we have received enormous positive customer feedback concerning their effectiveness. Joint Health Capsules represent a highly evolved effort to present the best product possible. We are confident that you will find this product superior to any other on the market.

Good: One per 100 lb. body weight.
Better: Two per 100 lb. body weight.
Best: Three per 100 lb. body weight.
Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
Chondroitin sulfate, min. 90% purity (cartilage extract) 450 mg/capsule
MSM, 99% (methyl sulfonyl methane) 150 mg/capsule
Glucosamine HCL, 99% (shellfish extract) 120 mg/capsule
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 50 mg/capsule
Citrus bioflavonoid complex, 40% 30 mg/capsule
Hesperidin, 85% 20 mg/capsule
Rutin (vitamin P) 5 mg/capsule
A Scientific Overview of… Chondroitin Sulfate
Powerful Natural Support for Joints and Bones
Found Throughout Nature
Chondroitin sulfate (CS) is one of six related substances called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are also referred to as mucopolysaccharides. GAGs occur widely throughout the animal kingdom — in vertebrates and invertebrates, terrestrial and marine organisms, and mammals and non-mammals. Six kinds of GAGs have been found in the tissues and fluids of vertebrates: chondroitin sulfates, keratin sulfates, dermatin sulfates, hyaluronic acid, heparin, and heparin sulfate.

Found in Connective Tissue
CS is widely found in the connective tissues of animals. It occurs in three slightly different forms: CSA, CSB, and CSC. CSA and CSC are found in nasal and tracheal cartilage, articular cartilage (joints), bones, sclera, leukocytes and blood platelets, skin, and umbilical cords. CSB has been found in skin, umbilical cords, and cardiac valves.

Vital for Joint Function
Adequate amounts of CS are vital for normal joint function and maintenance as well as many other self-healing mechanisms. The following list of activities have been proven in numerous scientific studies.
1. Osteogenesis: CSA is an important participant in bone calcification and CSC in bone integrity maintenance (Paroli, 1991; Maurau, 1988).*

2. Analgesic and restorative effect: A very important property of CS is its ability to stimulate the chondrocite (cell that synthesizes the proteoglycans in the articular cartilage), which is conducive to the proper maintenance of the cartilage matrix (Serni, 1991; Vacha, 1994).*

3. Enzymatic inhibition: The capacity of CS to inhibit the action of destructive enzymes of the articular cartilage protects joints and helps maintain harmonic balance of healthy enzyme activity. This in turn helps avoid degradation of hyaluronic acid, a necessary molecule for the maintenance of hydration and viscosity of synovial fluid (Avila, 1976; Marossy, 1981; Pipitone, 1991; Videla Dorna et al., 1994).*

4. Anti-inflammatory effect: (Paroli, 1991; Pipitone, 1991; Rashmir-Raven, 1992).*

Real Letters

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Real Letters Joint Health Capsules Fender B
Becky with her farm pals, Alex and Risky.

"My back problems were so bad…"

Dear Springtime,

Thank you again for such high quality products like Joint Health Capsules! I've tried different ones and they do not compare. My back problems were so bad; I was wondering why I even had a farm. DMG 5,600 and Springtime GL worked very well on my two senior horses (respiratory problems and lameness) that four different veterinarians had suggested euthanizing. We are all happy now and living a quality life on the farm!

Becky Fender, Wisconsin

Real Letters Joint Health Capsules McKeeB
Barbara and Bubba

Joint Health Capsules for Finger Suppleness

Dear Springtime,

Your product has been magical for us! It had become really painful to fuss over my three cats without real discomfort in bending my fingers to scratch and pet them. What a nuisance! As a musician, too, finger suppleness was becoming a difficulty. It was a real quality of life issue, until my husband and I began taking your Joint Health Capsules at the advice of an older friend. Now all the nuzzling and purring are back, and so is a houseful of music. We can both really tell the difference within a week if we forget to take the wonderful stuff. There are no side effects, and I cannot thank you enough for a second wind! This is Bubba, getting a good tickle from a Joint Health Capsules fan!

Barbara McKee, Colorado

Real Letters Joint Health Capsules Baker L
Lois is now able to enjoy her precious granddaughter, McKenzie.

Feeling Comfortable

Dear Springtime,

The Cartilage Concentrate and the Joint Health Capsules are keeping me off pain meds. Due to kidney damage from long term use of anti-inflammatories (I've had two back surgeries) the only thing offered for my pain is narcotics. Since using Springtime products I don't have to take any other pain meds and my kidney functions are continuing to improve.

Thank you, Springtime!
Lois Baker, Georgia

Real Letters 2011 Joint Health Capsules Ericsson J
A very elated Janie and her husband Eric welcome their grandson Toby for a visit.

" joints were no longer bothering me."

Dear Springtime,

Two or three weeks ago I realized that I was reaching the end of my supply of chondroitin sulfate capsules after taking them for, I think, twelve years. I was prompted to do so by my Tae Kwon Do teacher who had seen what chondroitin sulfate did for one of her elderly horses. She took it herself after seeing the horses' enormous improvement. I followed her example and the pain in my ankles, prompted by walking on Maine's rocky beaches that summer, gradually died away and my joints were no longer bothering me.

I stopped recently because, at 87 years, I was taking a dizzying number of pills for so many things and I'd had no joint pain in years. When I suddenly felt a pain in my knee, I realized how foolish I'd been to abandon them. I started them again immediately and will never abandon them again.

Within two weeks of resuming the Joint Health Capsules, I was restored to my former comfort.

Yours very sincerely,
Janie C. Ericsson, Virginia