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Breather Powder


Breather Powder contains tienchi, a rare herb, best known for maintaining healthy blood circulation and oxygenation, capillary wall strength, and respiratory function.

Real Letters Breather Powder 2007 Schriver L

Breather Powder: Seasonal Allergies – Stopped Coughing

Lynn Schriver, Maryland

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  • $49.50
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• Herbal adaptogen for health blood circulation
• Maintains healthy oxygenation, endurance
• Supports capillary wall strength />

Product Summary

The active ingredient in Breather Powder is tienchi, a somewhat rare botanical that has been used for hundreds of years. Historically, it has been used for a number of health benefits, but is best known for supporting the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Directions: Feed between one slightly rounded spoonful (≈ 4,000 mg)
and one heaping spoonful per day. Dose may vary from horse to horse.
Not recommended during pregnancy.

Pre-Event: Mix two heaping spoonfuls into feed the evening before
and the morning of event.

10 oz. 70 71¢ $49.50
30 oz. 210 61¢ $129.00
60 oz. 420 57¢ $240.00
120 oz. 840 49¢ $410.00
Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
Tienchi 266,716 mg/lb

Real Letters

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Real Letters Breather Powder Gillies J
Jennifer and Nugget are back to riding five days a week.

"…she can finally breathe."

Dear Springtime,

The Breather Powder has saved my horse's life. She is a 17 year old Quarter Horse named Nugget. We have been battling heaves for six or seven years. She was on inhalers for a long time and they started getting very expensive and not working for her. At one point, I thought that there was no hope for her, until we found your product. She has been on Breather Powder for almost a year and she can finally breathe. I am riding her five days a week now and am not having to use inhalers. Usually she has problems breathing in the spring, but not this year. Thank you for saving my horse's life. Nugget and I can't say thank you enough.

Jennifer Gillies, Vermont

Real Letters Breather Powder 2007 Schriver L
Saniba and Lynn enjoying a brisk winter day.

Breather Powder: Seasonal Allergies – Stopped Coughing

Dear Springtime,

My 11 year old Hanoverian mare, Saniba, (my new horse) gets seasonal allergies starting in October that run throughout the winter months. I have tried every product imaginable – from prescription medication from my veterinarian, to numerous over the counter products. I recently received a 10 oz Breather Powder from Springtime and started putting it in her food, and the results were immediate. The coughing decreased by 95%, and this in only two days. I plan on keeping her on this for the duration of the upcoming winter months.

Lynn Schriver, Maryland
P.S. My older Lab is doing great on Joint Health Chewables.

Real Letters Breather Powder Brown D
Oprah and Darlene’s friend, Kari, are first place winners in easy gaited pleasure.

"I consider it a life saver." – Heaves

Dear Springtime,

Last year due to the drought, heat and dusty conditions in our part of the country, my favorite horse, a 19 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Oprah, developed a severe case of heaves. We tried syrups, shots, medications, wetting her hay and every remedy we could find – to no avail. She continued to cough and heave. It broke my heart because she was the best horse we have ever owned. She is loved, ridden and shown by many children as well as adults. She could do anything. In February, I received one of your catalogs and decided to try the Breather Powder. I used it along with the shots and cough syrup for about a month. She stopped heaving and coughing. I brought it to my husband's attention. He thought it was a combination of everything that helped, so we stopped giving her anything but the Breather Powder >. She never had a relapse until I ran out. I quickly ordered it again and put her back on it. She doesn't have any problem at all. You would never know she had the heaves. I consider it a life saver. Thank you so much for your products. I have told all my friends and believe in your products.

Thank you again,
Darlene Brown, Ohio

Real Letters Breather Powder KizerK
Kaci and Dallas in the ring.

"…she has not bled again."

Dear Springtime,

I have been a loyal customer for the past three years after discovering Breather Powder. I thoroughly believe it has done nothing but help my now 22 year old barrel racing mare named "The Right Signal" aka Dallas. After competing one night several years ago, I noticed that there was a small trickle of blood from one side of her nostril. She had been making good runs, but was not firing the way she normally did. So after discussing the options, we decided to put her on Breather Powder, which was recommended to us by someone else who had success with it. We chose Breather Powder because of it being an all natural herbal product compared to giving a shot of Lasix which I was against. I am happy to say that in three years of competing consistently, she has not bled again. I would recommend this product to anyone that was in a similar situation. I just wanted to share my story. Thank you for your time and a great product.
Kaci Kizer, Arkansas
Photo courtesy of Fessler Photography

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