Bee Pollen for Dogs


Bee Pollen for Dogs

The original bee pollen for dogs.

A miracle food powerhouse. Contains powerful whole food antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and growth factors potentiated by massive amounts of live enzyme activity. Excellent support for muscle, skin, coat, digestion and breeding. *

Real Letters Bee PollenLongevity 2014 King Debbie

"… like a miracle for Max's life…"

Debbie King, Oklahoma

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  • • Contains powerful, whole food antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & hormones potentiated by massive amounts of live enzyme activity
  • • Natural food- totally safe & beneficial for performance, breeding, and high stress situations
  • • Helps keep blood count healthy*
  • • Pollen (male germ cell of plants) builds muscle & improves condition with natural plant sterols & growth factors*

Product Summary

Bee collected flower pollen was the first medicinal food marketed by Springtime back in 1979. Not only is it our oldest product, but the one we still respect the most. We sell top grade, whole granules. Each batch is hand picked for freshness and flavor. We are very serious about this product. After 30 years it is still the single most powerful rejuvenator we have experienced.

Good: One scoop (≈ 7g) per 40 lb. body weight daily.
Better: Two scoops per 40 lb.
Best: Three scoops per 40 lb.

Best dose is recommended for older dogs/dogs with infirmities
or for performance, breeding, or high stress situations.
Recommended: For best results, start out with just a sprinkle
for the first few days and increase gradually. If stored at room
temperature, best used within 6 months after opening.
(For longer storage, please refrigerate).

3 lb. 192 23¢ $15.00 $45.00
12 lb. (4 x 3 lb. jars) 768 16¢ $10.00 $120.00
1. Calcium
2. Phosphorus
3. Potassium
4. Sulphur
5. Sodium
6. Chlorine
7. Magnesium
8. Iron
9. Manganese
10. Copper
11. Iodine
12. Zinc
13. Silicon
14. Molybedenum
15. Boron
16. Titanium
17. Selenium
1. Amylase
2. Diastase
3. Saccharase
4. Pectase
5. Phosphatase
6. Catalase
7. Disphorase
8. Cozymase
9. Cytochrome systems
10. Lactic dehydrogenase
11. Succinic dehydrogenase
12. 24 oxidoreductases
13. 21 transferases
14. 33 hydrolases
15. 11 lyases
16. 5 isomerases
17. Pepsin
18. Trypsin
1. Isoleucine
2. Leucine
3. Lysine
4. Methionine
5. Phenylaine
6. Threonine
7. Tryptophan
8. Valine
9. Histidine
10. Arginine
11. Cystine
12. Tryrosine
13. Alanine
14. Aspartic acid
15. Glutamic acid
16. Hydroxyproline
17. Proline
18. Serine
1. Provitamin A
2. B1 Thiamine
3. B2 Riboflavin
4. B3 Niacin
5. B4 Group
6. Pantothenic acid
7. Biotin
8. B12 (cyanocobalamin)
9. Folic Acid
10. Choline
11. Inositol
12. Vitamin C
13. Vitamin D
14. Vitamin E
15. Vitamin K
16. Rutin
1. Nucleic Acids
2. Flavonoids
3. Phenolic acids
4. Tarpenes
5. Nucleosides
6. Auxins
7. Fructose
8. Glucose
9. Brassins
10. Bibberellins
11. Kinins
12. Vernine
13. Guanine
14. Xanthine
15. Hypoxalthine
16. Nuclein
17. Amines
18. Lecithin
19. Xanthophylls
20. Crocetin
21. Zeaxanthin
22. Lycopene
23. Hexodecanal
24. Alpha-Aminobutyric acid
25. Monoglycerides
26. Diglycerides
27. Triglycerides
28. Pentosans
Bee Pollen for Dogs™
Bee Pollen – A True Metabolic Stimulant
Concentrated Live Food – Enzymes in Bee Pollen
Pollen contains greater concentrations of living enzymes than any other part of the plant. Scientists state that enzymes are absolutely essential for every biochemical function of the body. Enzymes are perhaps the most important of the health-giving plant factors. They are completely destroyed by high temperatures (130 degrees) – cooking! Enzymes are the essential triggers for the metabolic machinery of every living thing from daffodil to buffalo. The enzymes in raw foods are important because they help support the body's own enzyme systems. Enzymes are the life principle of every living cell.

Fresh Factors & Joint Health Chewables Fresh Foods Are Vital for Peak Health
Dr. Henning Karstrom, a Swedish expert in raw food therapy says, "Even though you get all 50 known nutrients in your diet (i.e., vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) your health will still suffer unless you also include large quantities of uncooked and unprocessed foods."

Fresh, live foods are essential to health and well-being.
As Dr. Karstrom has stated above, diets including fresh, live foods are essential to health and well-being. Because they are enzyme active, and have not had their nutritional substances destroyed or altered by heat, fresh foods can be utilized by the body in such a way that is chemically balanced by nature.

These fresh foods affect positive results, giving tissues, bones, and organs the necessary vitamins and minerals to function at their highest levels, as well as healing and strengthening the body as a whole.

Cooked or processed foods, however, are often unbalanced. A good example is the typical dog food diet which is often processed for long term storage requirements. Because of this, many of the vitamins and minerals in these diets have been destroyed or altered. Live enzymes are totally lost.

While these foods may stimulate one body system for the good, they often harm another. Therefore, we have dogs who seem to age prematurely because while their requirements for sustenance are met, their nutrient needs for peak health are not.

Scientific study shows that dietary intake has a direct correlation with health.
Francis M. Pottenger, an American physician, provided an excellent illustration of these facts.While working on a study of the adrenal system of cats, he began to notice that the animals' dietary intake had a direct correlation with their health.

His study group consisted of a colony of 900 cats with which he experimented over a course of 10 years. Pottenger fed the first group pasteurized milk, cod liver oil and cooked meat. He reported that these cats had a high incidence of allergies, sickness, and skeletal deformities which were passed on from generation to generation. As each new litter was born he also noted that there were fewer and fewer kittens per litter, and each had a significant drop in birth weight.

The second group of cats Pottenger worked with was fed only unpasteurized milk and raw meat. The difference between these cats and the first group was remarkable. Healthy, strong, good skeletal structure, and hardly any trace of sickness or allergies characterized this second group, and like the first, they passed these traits on to their offspring.

Beware of diets consisting of 100% cooked or processed foods.
Clearly, we can see from this study the inherent danger of a diet consisting of 100% cooked or processed foods, as well as the incredible benefits that fresh, live, and nutritionally saturated foods can bring.

Springtime's unique formulas can provide concentrated live enzymes and live food factors for your pet.
We hope the information in this catalog has given you suggestions for a healthier and happier pet. Since our animals have become an integral part of our lives and families, our goal at Springtime is to keep you aware of the supplements available to you, such as Fresh Factors. Also, we give you the assurance that only the finest and purest ingredients possible are used in all of our products.

Springtime Bee Pollen Selection

Springtime Bee Pollen

Current batches of Springtime Bee Pollen are exceptional!


Experience Counts

Bee Pollen has been our business for over 30 years. We choose batches that are bright and fresh, properly dehydrated, good tasting and clean. When received, we test each batch thoroughly for pesticides, heavy metals, biological contaminants, etc. Pesticide testing covers 132 different types and our raw materials must pass each and every test or we will not allow it into our products. The testing process generally takes up to 30 days to perform and there are very few companies in the industry that go to these lengths!

Springtime Bee Pollen

Reserve inventories of Bee Pollen and Hawaiian Raw Spirulina are stored in sub-zero frozen storage to maintain highest potency!

Springtime Bee Pollen

Real Letters

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Real Letters Bee Pollen Youngblood C
Bear pausing for a scratch behind the ears from his best buddy, Christine.

"Now he is running and jumping again."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. My dear Pyrenees/Lab mix, Bear, was having trouble getting up and when he walked, you could tell he was in pain. Now he is running and jumping again. I put him on your Joint Health Chewables and Bee Pollen in the fall of 2007 and it has made a world of difference. I knew I didn't want to take him to the vet and have them put him on some type of steroidal medication. I am so grateful for your natural supplements.

Thank you!
Christine Youngblood, Texas

Real Stories
After - Kona now has soft and silky fur! Real Stories
Before Fresh Factors and Bee Pollen -

Mange – "Within two weeks, her scabs had healed…"

Dear Springtime,

Dear Springtime, I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful products. We adopted Kona from a shelter at eight weeks of age. After two weeks we noticed she started to lose her fur and developed scabs on her head. She was diagnosed with demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection. She eventually lost almost all of her fur.

Frustrated with a lack of progress in her recovery we took her to a new vet who put her on an anti-parasitic medication. It was that time that our new dog trainer recommended your products as a way to boost her immune system and overall health. I started her on Fresh Factors and Bee Pollen for Dogs every day. Within two weeks her scabs had healed and to our delight, we spotted some fuzz growing on her head. After five weeks her fur had almost completely grown in and she looked like a normal dog again. Even the vet was amazed at how good she looked. He originally told us she might never get better and he had to admit he did not expect her to look so good so soon.

I'm sure her recovery would have taken much longer without your products. Her coat is now so beautiful and we constantly receive compliments from people about it. She also has not had hot spots or any other problems that dogs with "sensitive skin" like her usually have. I recommend your products to everyone. We will be lifelong fans of Springtime! Thank you so much!

Tracy, Mike and "Kona" Dacey, Massachusetts
P.S. These pictures speak for themselves as to the quality and effectiveness of your products!

Real Letters Bee PollenLongevity 2014 King Debbie
Max enjoying a little fun in the sun with Debbie and his sister, Sally Ann!

"… like a miracle for Max's life…"

Dear Springtime,

This is our big boy, Max. He is five. But since he has been one years old he has suffered terribly from allergies. We tried a couple of vets, shots, allergy testing, new foods, home made foods (mostly "raw") - anything to save him from pure misery. Latest was was a nightmare, as he had infections and mange that would not heal. His entire immune function was gone! I prayed and cried for him. He was sad and hid from us. As if to say "I'm miserable, don't touch me!"

So one day, after much looking for natural answers, I found the Springtime company. I can't tell you enough how this is like a miracle for Max's life. Four years of suffering GONE! It's like we have a 'puppy' in our home. He grabs toys now and runs around the house with our other Lab teasing and wanting us to chase him all over. He crashes on our bed in the morning as if to say, "Good morning! I'm alive and love you and I love life!" We are in awe and want to thank you!

If you have a miserable dog like ours, please order ASAP and see the change happen. For Max, it was in about a week of solid use of the following: Longevity, Fresh Factors, Bug Off Garlic Chewables andSpringtime Bee Pollen. I think the secret ingredient here in this story is Bee Pollen! I googled and found that Bee Pollen gets rid of allergies. Max was tested positive for: mold, dust mites, grass allergies and more. Max lost almost all of his gorgeous fur of honey and beach sand colors. He was vomiting blood and throwing up often. Complete sadness. And, yes, thoughts of putting him down came upon us, but I could not breathe those words without crying. No drugs or any vet did what these products could do for our Max. His fur is coming back full and thick and his joy level is off the charts. Can you imagine how we feel?

Debbie King, Oklahoma

Real Letters Bee Pollen Tallman M
Happy, energetic LuLu and her human, Madelyn.

"...all of our Dachshunds seemed perkier..."

Dear Springtime,

I would like to share with you my Springtime Bee Pollen for dogs' story. I purchased this hoping it would mainly help my Dachshund, LuLu. I adopted LuLu when she was 10 years old, and I believe that the extra weight she carried (40 lbs) before she went into rescue and her age caused most of her joint problems. I have been maintaining her with the Joint Health Chewables, the Fresh Factors and the Longevity.

After about a week on the Bee Pollen we noticed all of our Dachshunds seemed perkier, but it was LuLu who exhibited the most energy. One night she joined in with the other Dachshunds during one of their running through the house romps. My husband asked what had gotten into LuLu, and that was when I told him that I had started her on the Bee Pollen. He laughed and said she acted like a bee had stung her the way she was moving so fast.

Because of the results with LuLu, I decided to order the Springtime Bee Pollen for people for myself and can understand personally now just how great LuLu was feeling. It's not often that people have their pets recommend something for their human! LuLu weighs in a svelte 19 lbs, and turned 14 this past January and we treasure every moment.

Thanks again for your great products,
Madelyn Tallman, Georgia