Dear Springtime,

This letter is long overdue. We started giving our chocolate Lab, Herschel, your products about four or five years ago when he was nine, in hopes that it would help stave off the joint problems that were starting to affect his hips and hind legs. He suddenly could not walk upstairs without help, and would bark at us to help him. Within six weeks of taking Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors, he was able to walk up the stairs and jump on the bed again. In addition, his coat was much shinier than any of the other dogs in the neighborhood and he seemed to have more zip. Although the problems in his spine and neuropathy are now catching up with him at age thirteen and at 90 lbs, we truly feel that Springtime supplements have allowed Herschel to live a longer and more energetic life. We will continue using your products for him, as well as for future pets.

In addition, your customer service staff is always helpful and friendly, which adds to the positive experience. Thanks for everything.

Patti and Tom Hare (and Herschel the brown dog), New Jersey
Note: Sadly, Herschel passed away on November 6, 2007.