Dear Springtime,

Suddenly it seems we are a family of "elders." My little gal, Jessie, is twelve years old and was getting a bit grumpy and having trouble keeping up with us. I put her on Fresh Factors and once again she's swimming and running with the big kids. My second elder is Isaac, a white GSD who is nine years old. When he was a two year old, he broke a hind leg in several places, and thanks to a very skilled surgeon, he's all put back together. As you can imagine, by now his leg "should" be giving him some trouble, but, again, the Fresh Factors have delayed the onset of any problems. In fact, he's still jumping gates like a youngster! Wolf, my SAR dog, has been experiencing some back problems which led to joint problems. Fresh Factors came to the rescue again - he's moving beautifully and we don't have to retire him anytime soon! Many thanks there! And last but certainly not least is Cooper, a combination of, I'm sure, of little black bear and black Lab. She was a found in the National Forest one bright and sunny morning. Alas, she was most likely culled from her litter as she has very bad hips and elbows - those legs seem to go in all four directions when she walks. But Fresh Factors has made all the difference with her ability to keep up with her pack - she runs and plays with the best of them! So thank you for a superb product. I tell all my human patients (I'm a nurse) to go to your website for their dogs and themselves... I'm so happy to have found you.

Joanne Goodhue, South Carolina