Dear Springtime,

Since I tell every dog person I know about your product, I thought it might time to tell you! A few years ago, I noticed my then nine year old Havanese, Clover, starting to slow down. He'd been a great performance dog - obedience, agility, rally- and it looked like it was starting to catch up with him. I had him on glucosamine/chondroitin from the pet store and didn't notice a whole lot of difference. A professional handler friend I knew recommended Fresh Factors, as all of her show dogs are on them. I looked at the website and decided that for my small dog, I'd spring for Longevity.

I could have sworn I saw a difference in him within days, but being slightly cynical, I thought it was my imagination. After two weeks on it, I was gone a long day and dropped off Clover with my parents for the day. They had no idea he was on anything new, and went on and on about how he was having "such a good day," wanting to play ball and bounce around. At that point, I knew the Longevity was making a huge difference. A few years later, I moved and switched vets. She gave him a routine physical and commented that his eyes looked cloudy for his age but he was otherwise in great shape. I asked how old she thought he was and she guessed him to be at a little more than HALF his age! Suffice it to say, she then said his eyes looked normal but the rest of him was unbelievable!

I've since added Bug Off Garlic Granules (also amazing) and am switching from the fish oil I had been using to your new Omega 3-6-9 product. I also put all of my show dog clients on Longevity. You can literally see the line of new coat growth and the huge difference it makes.

One of the first hurdles I had with Longevity is that feeding it as you recommend meant my white dog had bright green all over his face after every meal. I got tired of washing his face. I eventually started throwing a spoonful of "loaf style" canned food (not in gravy) in the bowl, then the Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules. I mix the powders into the canned food then mix it in the dry food. Problem solved - no more green face!

Attached is a photo of Clover on his 13th birthday. People meet him and are blown away when they ask his age, because he's still running and bouncing around. He had a cruciate ligament repaired in his knee last December (because he was running laps with my aunt's one year old Havanese!) and he boggled the vet with how quickly he recovered, especially give the severity of his injury and his age.

Thank you for such an amazing product!

Kat Smith, Rhode Island