Dear Springtime,

My oldest Bearded Collie, Frankie, was 15 in October of 2009. She had a great life, but was not aging with the quality that we felt was right for her. When I saw the material on Longevity, it wasn't a choice, we had to try it.

We wanted the quality of her life even towards the end to be as full as we could make it, and it wasn't going that way. So we carefully evaluated our first month on Longevity.

She can once again get on the couch. Maybe not a big deal for our other four dogs, but huge for her. She wanted to go on walks with the other dogs now. Prior to this the thought of going beyond the mailbox was way out of her ability. She trots again, not far but often into the house, where she used to walk really slowly.

None of these things are unusual, but for this dog, they were giant steps back towards life like we knew her. She has been taking Longevity for more than three months now, and we will continue using it.

Not everything with Longevity has been easy. She doesn't like the taste, wet, dry, or mixed in yogurt or other mediums. But we continue getting it in her, and being blessed by her daily dog smile, her participating in small house rituals, and the knowledge that life is still good for her. That is all we asked for.

So even though we aren't the average Longevity purchaser, I felt that I should share our story.

Gail Romine, BS, RN, LHCRM, South Carolina
Bardmoor Bearded Collies