Dear Springtime,

Dear Springtime, My daughter uses Performance Paste for her horse. I ordered some and had it on hand. It's much easier for her to use because it does not have to be given daily. I bought it thinking it would be something natural that we could use before horse shows to calm her down a bit. My daughter did not think it worked until she stopped using it. When she used it, she was placing in every event, but as soon as she stopped, her horse was more nervous and did not do as well. She was no longer winning. This went on for a while and she was becoming very frustrated. As soon as she began using Performance Paste again, her horse began winning. You made a firm believer out of her! She did so well, she was one of two people in her age group selected to go to State show based upon her riding. Her equestrian team now gets to go on to represent our district in the Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship Association! What a fine product you've made. We both can say it really works!

Nancy Sahli, Michigan