Dear Springtime,

In May 2008, I moved my horse, Bud, to Tennessee. In order to have transportation for him, he made the move four days before me. I didn't get to Tennessee permanently until June 1.

In those four days, Bud was attacked by more ticks than I had ever seen on one horse. It was horrible. I had never dealt with a tick problem of this magnitude. I went to the internet for information and found you and your Bug Off Garlic product. I ordered it immediately. You shipped it quickly and I truly appreciated that.

I immediately started feeding him the maximum dose. Bud ate it readily, so that was not an issue. But we still had massive numbers of ticks and sores to deal with until the garlic built up in his tissues. I got some Corona salve and some Swat. I mixed a scoop of your product with a handful of the Corona, and I applied this liberally to all his sores. I mixed another scoop with a handful of Swat and rubbed his ears and face with that. We both smelled like an Italian restaurant, but the ticks started dying or dropping off. Each day there were fewer and fewer for me to try and remove.

Once the Bug Off Garlic built up in his tissues, I hardly ever found a tick on him. The pasture he is in has lots of cedar trees, so we have a huge population of ticks. Once the tick season slowed down, I reduced his dose. He has a great hair coat and looks great.

My husband was feeding him early spring and decided not to feed the garlic because there weren't any ticks. Well, as soon as it warmed up, Bud had ticks in his groin area. I said something to my husband and that is when I found out he had quit feeding it to him. I immediately started Bud on it again, and the ticks are gone. I might find one on him, but once it bites him, it dies. I rub a little Corona and Bug Off Garlic in his groin area just to make sure he is protected. He is a much happier horse today than he was in June 2008. Thank you for a wonderful product. I have recommended it to several of my horse friends.

Sarah Schade, Tennessee