Dear Springtime,

My name is Kate Bacon. I'm 16 years old and ride an 18 year old Thoroughbred/Appy gelding named Jack. When I was 12, I decided that I wanted to begin a career in rodeo. After just one fall of rodeos nearly every weekend, Jack was stiff and sore after each long ride to and from the rodeo. My mom and I thought that this was natural because of his hard life as a ranch horse and his old age (16-17 years old at the time). Then a friend told my mom about J-Flex Concentrate . We thought it was worth a try. WOW! We started Jack on J-Flex Concentrate late in winter. I was amazed at the difference in him. He ran better and was maintaining healthy mobility.

Jack is 18 years going on 19 now and we are still running competitive barrels and poles. He looks great and is healthy and happy. He will be my official mount this summer as I am the queen of the local rodeo court. Thank you so much for developing a product that is so wonderful.

Kate Bacon, Oregon

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J-Flex Concentrate for Horses
J Flex Concentrate for Horses

An economical, single-ingredient product to support healthy joints and cartilage and to maintain a normal inflammatory response.

• Helps support healthy cartilage & joint tissue
• Cost-effective, single-ingredient product
• Supports joint lubrication for healthy mobility and flexibility
• Supports normal inflammatory response for comfort issues
• Easy-to-administer powder (virtually tasteless & odorless)
• Can be used with Springtime Glucosamine & MSM for faster results


J-Flex Concentrate was Springtime's first joint health product, and today it's still the most cost-effective joint health product on the market. J-Flex is pure, high-grade chondroitin sulfate — a natural ingredient for healthy joint lubrication and a normal inflammatory response. J-Flex supports mobility and comfort. As a natural horse supplement, J-Flex Concentrate is tasteless and odorless powder that is easy to administer to horses.

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