Dear Springtime,

For the last several years, I have been using Bug Off Garlic on my horses, and it works unbelievably well. I have owned horses all my life, and started riding when I was approximately two years old. Since then, I have taken part in many equine activities… fox hunting, jumping, pleasure riding, and competing in many different horse shows. Please keep in mind that I am a mature senior at age 71, so, as they say, I've been around the track a time or two. During those earlier years with my horses, just about the only fly protection we had was the fly spray. Of course, that usually didn't last very long, and had to be repeated several times a day. Since using Bug Off Garlic, the fly population on my horses is almost nil. No worry about swatting big horse flies, or having to carry a leafy branch to ward off pesky flies when trail riding.

I'm glad to say that our horses and donkeys are eating Bug Off Garlic with their feed knowing that they will not be bothered so much by the flies this summer. Here is a photo of me with my Quarter Horse gelding, Cody. Please give credit to my wonderful friend and neighbor, Julie Brown, for taking the photo.

By the way, we started our dogs on Fresh Factors about three months ago. They are doing great. We have four Labs (the oldest will be 15 in July) and Chelsey, the 'rat' dog in the other picture I sent. She is a Rat Terrier mix and came from Randolph Animal Shelter, rescued from a bad hoarding situation. Chelsey was trained in the New Leash on Life program at the minimum security prison here in our county. She goes weekly to the hospital as well as other places. The picture of Chelsey was taken at the hospital around Halloween. Thought you would enjoy seeing her ... she does lots of tricks; perhaps her best known one is to pray.

Keep up the great work!


Anne P. Evans, North Carolina
Duckback Labradors (