Dear Springtime,

I have a 7-year-old, 55-pound Labradoodle named Leia. Every August she gets terrible ragweed allergies, to the point where she takes two extra-strength Reactine, four Benadryl, plus cortisone shots and spray. She wears a cone all day, every day and wears a T-shirt to lessen the damage she does to herself by constant scratching. This dog would rub her eye sockets on the concrete patio to scratch herself until all the fur was gone and they were bleeding (hence the cone) from late August until the first frost!

We have tried everything under the sun to help her, including changing her food multiple times, even trying kangaroo food. Three weeks ago, a coworker recommended your Fresh Factors for dogs. I was reluctant to order ... however, being at my wits' end and left with no further options, I decided to try it.

I am happy to report that after 6 days on this product I took off her T-shirt. After 7 days, the cone went as well. After 2 weeks, I stopped giving her both the Benadryl and the Reactine and cancelled her cortisone shot. Her wounds have scabbed over. Leia is no longer chewing her paws raw, and she does not scratch herself to the point of bleeding. She no longer destroys her eyes on the concrete, and she has stopped panting constantly.

I have no idea what this product does, or how it works, but it really works!

I give her three chewables in the morning and three at night. The cost is much less than the drugs and vet visits costs I previously incurred (allergy pills alone were about $3/day). I never ever write reviews, but I am amazed. This product gave me back my dog! For three months a year, Leia was an itchy, infected, bleeding, miserable mess. Now she is back to being a dog. Thank you!!!

Karina Zwaan-Fragomeni, Ontario, Canada