Dear Springtime,

I have been using Springtime products as long as I can remember. For 20 some years, I have also been part of a number of geriatric dog rescues. Although I am no longer formally involved, Longevity and your canine joint products remain an important part for my own personal elder pooches daily regimen. I wish I had known about them when I started rescue!

Sam, my rescued yellow Lab, came from a horrific situation (owner surrender-neglect) in April 2011. The vets deemed him a 1 on a scale of 1-10 with little chance of survival mostly because of his malnutrition (42 lbs) and his age. His physical issues included: severe emaciation, mysterious wounds, rotten teeth, hip/leg issues, lack of muscle mass, and within two months of intake, bloat (which almost killed him). His coat/hair was like straw where it covered his body, and his stomach and nose had no hair on it at all (see pictures). His head was sunken, and you could see every rib and his spine.

Sam's a miracle dog surviving all odds. He weighs 64 lbs now! I can attest that the combination of love, quality food and Springtime products helped in making a difference! One of the standard products he consumes is Longevity which has not only helped him retain mobility, but has helped his coat and overall body weight as well as his fickle digestion. During his rehab, all of his hair/fur fell out and has grown back soft and beautiful. Sam eats small meals three times a day, and each meal he gets two scoops of Longevity.

Sam is now technically a failed foster, and will live out his life with me. I have truly enjoyed every minute with this special dog. I love him to death and because of your products, which have been a life saver for my boy... I know that his life and quality for however long he's here with me is much improved as a result!

Here are some before and after pictures. Look at how wonderful he looks!

Thanks, Springtime!
Liz Nicholas, Georgia