• Hoof & Coat Formula for Horses
    A blend of naturally occurring electrolytes, trace minerals, B vitamins, and biotin to replenish & maintain mineral balance, hydration, and healthy hooves.
    $38.25 - $295.25
  • Fresh Factors® for Dogs
    Fresh Factors are tasty chewables that support healthy joints, coat, and digestion with natural ingredients, including chondroitin sulfate, bee pollen, yeast culture, kelp, biotin, and beef liver.
    $25.50 - $263.00
  • Longevity for Dogs
    Powerful supplement blend, including chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine HCl, spirulina, and bee pollen, in a powder formula, to support multiple health functions.
    $59.50 - $363.00
  • The Combo for Dogs
    An economical combination of two of our best products: Fresh Factors for wide-spectrum nutrition, plus Joint Health Chewables to support joint health.
    $51.00 - $263.00
  • Tonic Blend
    A great way to add natural antioxidants & adaptogens into your diet to help the body's processes function normally during physical and emotional stress.*
    $50.75 - $247.50