Real Letters - Ahiflower® Oil for People
Real Stories Nadine and her beloved Leonberger.

"Ahiflower Oil gets a big thumbs up..."

Dear Springtime,

I have been using Springtime's Ahiflower Oil for People for the last few months because I was frustrated about my sore joints. I am 51 years old, and between horse riding, running and other sports, my feet and knee joints have taken much abuse over the years. I have been going to doctors to find out what my options were. Nothing seemed to be helping.

I am very pleased to say that my knees and feet are feeling healthy with Ahiflower Oil. I have slowly gone back to jogging and I am hoping to get back on my horse. Ahiflower Oil gets a big thumbs up from me. Thank you for providing this new supplement.

-Nadine Love-Filer, WI