Real Letters - Spirulina Chewables
Real Stories Alfie and Jenny love Spirulina Wafers! Real Stories Alfie's teeth are cleaner with Spirulina Wafers.

"I was giving him 2 a day for a general immune boost, but they are cleaning his teeth, too…"

Dear Springtime,

Just wanted to let you know that my dogs are receiving an unexpected benefit from eating the Spirulina Wafers. In a recent annual check up, the vet remarked how clean the teeth of my 9-year-old springer-lab mix were for his age. I started thinking, and all I could figure was that it must be from chewing the Spirulina Wafers!

I was giving Aflie 2 a day for a general immune boost, but they are cleaning his teeth, too! I couldn't be happier! I can't give him other edible hard chews for his teeth, because he chomps off large pieces that I'm afraid could get lodged in his digestive track.

So we have unexpectedly found that he can chew the Spirulina Wafers, they clean his teeth, and I don't have to worry about him digesting them. AND they boost his immune system. Brilliant! Now I give them to my 3-year-old corgie/beagle mix, Jenny, too!

Thanks, Springtime.

Kathi Fuller, IL

Real Stories Tanika.

"I do not plan on my dog ever being without them."

Dear Springtime,

I have always had great results with your products. I have used them, for quite some time now, and do not plan on my dog ever being without them. I give Tanika, my three year old Cocker Spaniel, Fresh Factors, Bug Off Garlic granules, and about Spirulina Wafers. I really feel this helps her stay healthy and I am sure it will result in her having a more comfortable and enjoyable life in the years to come. I want to do whatever I can to ensure she is healthy and strong in her senior years. I love her dearly and want her to be with me for many, many years, and I know with your products I can do my part to help this happen. Thank you! 

Grace Delong, Ohio

Real Stories Gage, a young Wolfhound with Panini the lamb.

"...Spirulina Wafers are a treat..."

Dear Springtime,

I have been ordering from Springtime for years now and have also taken every opportunity to tell others about your company and great supplements! I recently realized I have never told YOU how pleased I have always been with the products.

I have a small Rescue/Rehab for a variety of animals and many have been the recipients of your formulas. I currently have 17 dogs and one of my favorite additions to their diet is the Longevity. I raise all my giant breed pups (Wolfhounds and Danes) on this, as optimal nutrition is extra important for the fast growing guys. Nearly all my critters, dogs and otherwise, think the Spirulina Wafers are a treat, and really, anything I have ever ordered is top quality and well accepted by all.

I have most recently plugged Springtime on one of my forums and I know you have received numerous orders! I have attached a few pics of a couple of my "Springtime" guys also. I operate on a shoestring budget, but their supps are a priority whenever I can spare the cost. Thanks for being a company I can count on and recommend with pride!

Janice Wolf
Rocky Ridge Refuge, Arkansas