Real Letters - Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables
Real Stories Little Reggie, aka Reginald van Snootington.

"To anyone who's on the fence about this, please give it a try! "

Dear Springtime,

I just want to thank you so much for the Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables. I've got to say, he has been in great shape since starting on this formula. His back was arched up and he was having a really hard time playing or walking or even lying down. Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables has been a God sent for him! Thank you so very much for this miracle. It has helped my 14-year-old Beagle to become his old active self again.

To anyone who's on the fence about this, please give it a try! My Reggie's back is so much better and it is great to see his old bones back in action, racing like the wind! He's 14 now and acting like he's 3! Thanks Springtime!!"

Little Reggie thanks you too!

-Hillary Miller, Florida

Real Stories A Chipper Chihuahua.

"It seems like a small miracle…"

Dear Springtime,

A pet-sitting client recommended Springtime products to me for my 13-year-old Chihuahua, after trying several products that didn't work. I'm an admitted skeptic, but felt I had nothing to lose, so I contacted Springtime. I was greeted with professionalism, and it was recommended I order Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables. To my pleasant surprise, in just four days, our Chihuahua is now comfortable. I can't be happier. I'm so grateful that I feel obligated to share this amazing product!

Robin Young, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Gus & Hank taking a breather after a good run.

"…racing together like the wind"

Dear Springtime,

We have been using the Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables and the Fresh Factors on our older dog Gus for about a month now with some pretty amazing results. He was really having some bad shoulder problems, was sluggish and overweight when we got him about two months ago. Diet changes we made and your supplements have improved his quality of life. You can read more about Gus on -- he has a diary called "Gus moves to the mountains." We heard about your products from someone on We are also giving them to our young dog, Hank, to keep him in good health. Both boys were racing together like the wind on our walk last night -- we are happy because they certainly are.

Bonnie Towlerton, Colorado

Real Stories Griffin and Clifford enjoying the good life!

"…more spring in their step…."

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to thank you for responding to my e-mail. I truly appreciate your response. I have increased them gradually and we are up to 4 scoops of Longevity and 4x Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables and will increase their dose again today. There has been a difference in both Goldens with a little more spring in their step. Griffin is 12 and Clifford is 11. Thank you again!

Janice Trabucco, North Carolina

Real Stories Birka, the Norwegian Elkhound.

"…back to racing up the stairs and jumping with ease…"

Dear Springtime,

Once again, Springtime came to the rescue! I have used a number of Springtime products with my dogs over the years, always with good results. So when my eight-year-old Norwegian Elkhound, Birka, recently started barking at the foot of the stairway and didn't want to come up the stairs, I knew it was time to supplement. In the past, she took the stairs with leaps and bounds, and had always been a very active dog.

After just a few days of giving her Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables, she was back to racing up the stairs and jumping with ease.

Thanks to Springtime, she is my energetic happy girl again, able to run and play with our other dog.

Kari Olson, Wisconsin