Real Letters - Spirulina Tablets
Real Stories Cindy & Jim with their dogs, Jacob & Abbey.

Keeping Healthy with Good Nutrition

Dear Springtime,

My husband and I have been taking Spirulina Tablets, and we feel it is a great product. I volunteer at a nursing home with my dog, Jacob, and it is important for me to keep healthy. Since it has worked so well for my husband and myself, I now feed Spirulina Tablets, to my four dogs. Keep up the great products.

Cindy Mack-Kish, Ohio

Real Stories

"...nothing helped like Spirulina Tablets has!"

Dear Springtime,

I have been a customer for a while now using your products for my dog and for myself. I just wanted you to know that I had been suffering tremendously from foot issues, and nothing has worked! I decided to start taking Spirulina Tablets again, and I noticed I was able to maintain a normal inflammatory response. After three days I started not only feeling better but my feet were back to normal! Believe me, I tried all the tricks, and nothing helped like Spirulina Tablets has!

Thank you,
Bridget Ripley, Texas