Real Letters - Joint Health Formula for Dogs
Real Stories Ryder (left) and Bubba enjoy exploring the backyard. Real Stories Bubba rests with his brother, Ryder.

"He is the happy-go-lucky pup he was before!"

Dear Springtime,

Thank you so much for the wonderful products you make for our fur kids. Our GSD mix, Bubba, developed issues with his hips at the age of 3 1/2. We were devastated. I researched just about every option for him I could find.

I found Springtime, and was recommended the Joint Health Formula. We received our order and had some difficulties getting Bubba to eat his food with the Joint Health Formula in it but we finally found a routine that works. We use high quality canned food with a few of his favorite treats and add crushed freeze dried liver on top. I want to tell everyone who has a finicky pup like Bubba to NOT give up!!

Bubba did amazing on the Joint Health Formula- success! I cannot say enough good things. I tell everyone I know to check out Springtime Supplements. At one point, we went to an orthopedic surgeon just to get Bubba checked out. But, the vet said he wouldn't suggest surgery at this point, to just "keep doing what you're doing, Bubba is in great condition!" Bubba is chasing balls again and rough housing with his younger brother. He is the happy-go-lucky pup he was before. We can never thank you enough.

With much gratitude, Scot & Sara Field, Wisconsin

Real Stories Romie is back to running & jumping!

14 Year Old Romie Turns Back the Clock!

Dear Springtime,

My vet was out of solutions for my 14 year old dog, Romie. Nothing helped her, and now we were at the point where I had to lift her up to bring her outside to pee and lift her up again to bring her back inside.

I tried the Joint Health Formula for Romie as I had nothing to lose... After less than 2 weeks on the maximum dose, my Romie was standing and walking! After 1 month she was running and could jump on and off the bed (and she hasn't done that since she was 1 year old!)

Now I give her the maintenance dose for her weight to keep her good. Joint Health Formula was very effective and cost way less than any other solution my vet had given me. And without the side effects! Keep it up! And most of all, thank you for my Romie, who has been with us since she was almost a year old!

Geneviève Côté, Quebec, Canada

Real Stories Sasha, 15 years old and going strong. Real Stories No more itching for Diesel!

15 Year Old Shepherd Still Uses the Stairs!

Dear Springtime,

I have been using your Joint Health Formula for YEARS. The proof is my German Shepherd, Sasha. She is now 15 years old and still uses the stairs!

Anyway, I noticed my other dog, Diesel, was starting to lose the color in his fur at the base of his tail. Also, he was scratching that area a bit. I ordered the Skin & Coat Oil and started him (and, actually, all my dogs) on it. Diesel has stopped scratching and his coat is just beautiful! This oil is awesome! It doesn't have any kind of odor, and my dogs eat all their food right up!

Thank you for another tried and true product! I recommend Springtime to ALL of my friends!

Susan Quick, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Bailey & Peyton, looking and feeling good!

"BOTH of them have improved dramatically…"

Dear Springtime,

I don't often have a reason to email a company about their products. However I have to compliment you on two of your supplements.

The first is Joint Health Formula which I started both my dogs on about a month ago. Peyton is a 9 year old German Shepherd with the beginning stages of arthritis. Bailey is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog showing signs of limping in her rear legs. BOTH of them have improved dramatically--very noticeable difference. I am very happy with the Joint Health Formula, as it lasts a long time and I will continue to purchase.

I also began using the Skin & Coat Oil for them and even my vet commented on how shiny their coats are!!!

Thank you again,
Isabel Souchet, Florida

Real Stories Out for a run! Real Stories Rebecca & Jacob.

"The Joint Health Formula really helped relieve the stiffness and inflammation…"

Dear Springtime,

My husband and I have been raising and working with sled dogs in interior Alaska for over 30 years. The card I sent was our Christmas card for 2010. That's Jacob on the cover with me. At eight years old, he's one of our younger dogs.

Our dogs are older now, as we are. We currently have 15 dogs, and most are 8-13 years old. We've been using Joint Health Formula for 10 years now. At the time, several of our dogs were having back problems. The Joint Health really helped support the stiffness and inflammation they were experiencing. We've used it ever since. We buy it 10 lbs. at a time and put two big scoops in their breakfast bucket. Your catalog markets the 10 lb size for horses, but it's an economical way to buy it for a dog team as well.

The "runs" with our younger dogs are more like "walks" these days and the distances we go are closer to five miles than the 50 mile days we did in past years. The Joint Health Formula really helps our dogs continue to enjoy this sport we all love so much. They still jump around like puppies when it is time to go.

Thank you,
Rebecca and Doug Bowers, Alaska

Real Stories Vicky and Simba.

" surgery required for Simba."

Dear Springtime,

I volunteer with Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue, Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue, Cane Corso Rescue, and a local Pit Bull Rescue, Good Dog Adoption Agency. My Bordeaux Mastiff, Simba, had some knee problems and the vet said he would most certainly require surgery. The other knee was not quite as bad. In any event, I started him on the Joint Health Formula, giving him two scoops per day. Within 10 days the knee maintained healthy function and that was almost seven months ago. I now give it to all four of my dogs and to date, no surgery required for Simba.

Vicky Hoffman, Pennsylvania

Real Stories Guinness, happy once again.

"He is now a bouncing giant..."

Dear Springtime,

This is a letter of thanks!

I recently changed my Great Dane's regimen to include your Joint Health Formula. I have had him on other forms of glucosamine forever since he has had bilateral TPLOs (one of which required multiple revisions) but felt he wasn't feeling as well as I thought he could. He is now a bouncing giant who races us on the driveway, wags his tail like a puppy, and is generally a happy boy. People who come to our farm have commented on the change in his general approach to life and note how happy he seems. We will be customers for life!

Val and "Guinness" Helfrich, Maryland

Real Stories Amigo, official Estonian mail carrier!

Rear Leg Tremor – "…it's gone!"

Dear Springtime,

My eleven year old Golden, Amigo, had developed a tremor in his rear leg, and it was getting worse. With Fresh Factors it's gone! We're both relieved and delighted! Thank you for a good product!

Amigo and I are currently living in the small Baltic country of Estonia (my son and grandchildren are there). There are thousands of dogs here – mostly German Shepherds and other guard dogs – but, of course, no Springtime, Inc.! …Thus, we have been depending upon kind family and friends in the States to receive them from Springtime and forward to me.

In fact, I recently added Joint Health Formulato his regime. I am in the process of completing a book about life, including six moves, with Amigo, and since he doesn't die in the end, I really need to keep him healthy! I have referred to Springtime in the text, and should the book find a publisher, you would be approached for permission to include the company by name. I hope you will hear from us again!

Enclosed, a photo of a midwinter shaggy-coated Amigo, auxiliary Estonian mail carrier! He insists on carrying packages home, including a recent one with his Fresh Factors, but he dropped the box before I could grab the camera! This will have to do.

I look forward to continuing to use and spread the word about your fine, life-sustaining products.

Marguerite S. Oetjen, Estonia

Real Stories Miss Dorie, tail held high, ready to chase rabbits!

"Within ONE WEEK…she was running…"

Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you for your wonderful products and share a story with you. We recently adopted Miss Dorie, a ten year old Beagle, on her last day at the animal shelter. For three months she had been there, lying on a cement floor, and her time was up. We took her home and noted that she had severe stiffness in her back legs, and she could hardly walk.

As we discussed ramps and future problems, I started her on a double dose of Joint Health Formula powder. Within three weeks Miss Dorie was running up the hill, jumping on her hind legs, and playing with the other dogs!

I kept her on the Joint Health Formula for a few weeks more. But I thought that perhaps it was just the cold cement floor that caused her issues, not joint problems, since her recovery had been so quick. So I stopped the Joint Health Formula.

Within two weeks poor Miss Dorie had her tail between her legs, couldn't walk or navigate the steps. Worse than she was when we adopted her, maybe because she had begun to feel so much better and then it was gone. What a terrible disappointment to her.

Now the thing that brings me to write you is this. I started her back on the same double dose of Joint Health Formula. Within ONE WEEK Miss Dorie's tail was held high, and she was running like a Beagle should, chasing rabbits UP the hill, howling in glee with the others.

I knew your products are good. I could give testimonials on your products for the others in my ten dog pack. But the change in Miss Dorie in one week's time was phenomenal. She will never be without Joint Health Formula again for the rest of her now happy life. She also gets Bug Off Garlic Granules and Bee Pollen.

Thank you, Springtime! I remain your faithful customer.
Sheila Danish, Nevada

Real Stories Bethamm's Thunder Hawk looking for mischief.

"…he is once again galloping around the yard…"

Dear Springtime,

In late October of 2005, my over 10 year old male Doberman had a fall down the deck steps while chasing a stray cat. He seriously injured his rear but no fractures. Due to his age, I didn't want to give him meds, but tried other joint catalog products with very little results. By the end of March, he was to the point that at times his rear legs gave out and he couldn't get up on his own. I was forced to face the extremely difficult choice of euthanasia. I then heard about your Joint Health Formula in powder form, and after reading the testimonials from horse people, I decided to give it one last try.

After being on it for five weeks with totally miraculous results, I just recently placed a second order. By the first week in May of 2006 and my guy now reaching the age of 11 years and three months, he is once again galloping around the yard and getting into mischief. I thank you so very much, Springtime, for this wonderful product, and giving me extra time with my beloved companion. I've tried others, but found no other to match the results obtained by this product. I have since recommended this to Doberman people friends, and one of them already is getting the exact same results with her own now advanced aged Doberman afflicted with joint problems.

Joan E. Forsythe, Wisconsin

Real Stories Playtime at the Gaulke household.

"…my 'kids' are living to ripe old ages."

Dear Springtime,

I've been a customer for a few years now. My dogs like your products. Thanks to you, my kids are living to ripe old ages. My Mastiff lived to be 12 years old. My oldest Dobe is 11 years old. The vet is guessing that my Akita, a rescue several years ago, is at least 12 years old. And I'm starting my two youngsters Zupan (Dogo Argentino, eight months) and Chutzpah (Pit Bull, seven months) on the road to living a very long, healthy life with your products (Joint Health Formula, Bug Off Garlic Granules).

Thank you for giving me happy senior moments,
Elizabeth Gaulke, Ohio

Real Stories Keiko – saved from surgery!

No Hip Surgery!

Dear Springtime,

This is our beloved Keiko. She is a four year old Rottweiler-Chow mix. Six months ago we learned she had severe hip problems and would need a hip replacement. I immediately started looking for alternatives. We tried the vet's pain relievers plus glucosamine, then a couple of other brands we found online but nothing worked. I got desperate to relieve her pain so I went online to see if she could have ibuprofen or other painkillers. I was glad to find someone glowingly referring your product and decided to try it. Your personnel helped us decide which product she needed and it has helped tremendously.

We started her on 1-1/2 scoops daily and within a week, she was up and around without limping. By the end of the month she was out playing with "her" horse ('Dancer' – our adopted wild Mustang)…she is pain free and a much happier dog. I am so glad to have my dog saved from the knife and a life of pain and restrictions…

Thank you for a super product that gave our loving pet back!

Steve and Cheryl Massengill, Tennessee

Real Stories Beloved Ky-Czar.

"...11 memorable years with our remarkable Ky."

Dear Springtime,

My Kuvasz, Ky-Czar, had been on Joint Health Formulaa since he was two years old. I started him on it after he had four major orthopedic surgeries to rebuild his right arm after a horrible accident. I have referred many clients to your product line with outstanding results. Sadly, I had to put down my beautiful Ky-Ky down last Tuesday, August 17, 2010. But I know that without your Joint Health Formula we would not have had almost 11 memorable years with our remarkable Ky. Thanks for a great product line.

Sandy Bos, Illinois

Real Stories Debbie surrounded by an adoring pack of rescued Greyhounds.

"It has helped tremendously with rehabilitation..."

Dear Springtime,

I am involved with the rescue and adoption of retired racing Greyhounds. Many of these wonderful dogs come off the track with injuries; some serious. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with the results I have gotten after using your Joint Health Formula for Dogs. It has helped tremendously with the rehabilitation of these injured dogs making more of them available for adoption. Not only has it helped my Greyhounds, I have seen a huge difference in my old Great Danes with joint issues. Thank you very much for such a top quality product and thank you for being such a great group of people to do business with.

Living in Florida is an endless, year round battle with fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, etc. Most of the toxic and dangerous products on the market are useless. I tried the Bug Off Garlic Granules and cannot get over how well it works! Not only does it work, but it enhances the flavor of their food and they love it!

Debra Prather
Elite Greyhound Adoptions, Florida

Real Stories World Trade Center veteran – beautiful Tsunami. Real Stories Marilyn and Tsunami sitting by her statue. Real Stories Being honored by a Saber Team.

"...allows her to move fluidly..."

Dear Springtime,

This photo was taken September, 2010, and Tsunami will be 11 years old in March. Isn't she a beauty? Her first mission after Search and Rescue certification was the World Trade Center in New York City – she never flinched and attacked the job like a pro. We still do little searches because she loves it.

She has joint issues in her left elbow from Lyme disease, but the Joint Health Formula allows her to move fluidly and pain-free.

Semper Fido,
Marilyn Wilson, New York

2012 Update on Tsunami

Dear Springtime,

Tsunami is aging. She was the product of traditional veterinary medicine for half of her life. Over vaccination, numerous treatments of antibiotics and steroids, commercial dog foods were her bane. And a search dog works hard and many times in hostile environments. She suffered from tickborne diseases, arthritis and heart disease. Fortunately, with the help of alternative medicine and fine holistic veterinarians like Margo Roman, DVM, Tsunami is enjoying her retirement.

On the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, Tsunami and I attended a ceremony at Liberty State Park ( honoring the work of the K9 SAR teams, and so many more rescue and recovery workers who shed sweat and tears during the exhaustive search and recovery operations following September 11, 2001.

Marilyn Wilson, New York

Real Stories Ann & Mason out for a walk.

"No more limping."

Dear Springtime,

My dog has bilateral elbow dysplasia and moderate joint disease. At 10 months old he underwent orthoscopic surgery. He was a little better, but still in a lot of pain. He was limping and unable to make it around the block. Now that he has been onJoint Health Formula and Longevity, he is full of energy and in no pain. I have to say thank you for an excellent product. He has so much energy and so playful I send him to doggy daycare and he loves it! No more limping. Thank you!

Ann Aschiero, Massachusetts