Real Letters - C-Complex
Real Stories Corgis Callie and Cooper.

"I am astonished..."

Dear Springtime,

Months back my Corgis, Callie and Cooper, needed digestion support. We had struggled for months and had done lab testing, food changes and so on with very little difference. Then finally, we tried C-Complex, and within a few days, I saw normal stools! Wow!

Later, we stopped the C-Complex, and all other supplements for a while…. However, both Callie and Cooper had injured themselves while playing, and were pretty uncomfortable. I decided to start sprinkling C-Complex, on their food one Saturday morning, and did it again that night. We got up on Sunday morning to both Callie and Cooper running through the house! Both were totally putting their weight on all four legs! I am astonished.

I am sharing with my fellow Corgi owners. Thank you!

Lori Haskett, Illinois

Real Stories Great Apollo.

"…he looks amazing!"

Dear Springtime,

I show one of my Great Danes, and with his raw diet, the C-Complex, and all of the other supplements from you guys he looks amazing!! Here is a photo of my boy that shows your supplements at work! His call name is Apollo and his registered name is Daynakin Lucien Logan- Star Soleil. He is an 8 titled dog in the USA, Canada and internationally. I'm so particular about what my Great Danes eat.


Victoria Elkins, Washington

Real Stories Lunchtime!

"Eight year old Dam, five healthy pups"

Dear Springtime,

I don't know how to thank you for such a great supplement. My Irish Setter who is 8 had her last litter of puppies. Now she can retire not only as a show dog but as a mom. I started giving her C-Complex when I learned she was having pups. She had five very healty, chubby pups as you can see. I believe C-Complex supported her during her pregnancy. She is wonderful mother and has more than enough milk.

Thank you again,
Anne M. Pellette, Meadow Run Irish Setters, California